Splash And Party! The Best Spring Break Beach Vacations in the Southeast USA

Splash And Party! The Best Spring Break Beach Vacations in the Southeast USA

In many parts of the world, March means beautiful beach weather. Salty breeze, cooling waters, sounds of slow waves and a lounging you with a cocktail in hand, how perfect is that! Welcome the changing seasons with spring break beach vacations. But where to? The USA has some options lined up for you.

Best Spring Break Beaches In The USA

Hollywood has been making spring break movies with parties and beaches for ages now. It is time to take some inspiration from those movies, pack your bikinis and head out to the breezy parties. The Southeastern Coast of the United States Of America has always been the perfect escape each spring break from the freezing temperatures of the mid and the northern USA.

Here’s a roundup of the best beaches for vacations in the Southeast USA to soak up the sun, warm your feet in the sands and enjoy a cocktail. All while watching a family frisk in the surf!

Alabama’s Gulf Coast

beach vacation in southeast US

Move over Florida beaches because it’s sweet home Alabama! One of the best-kept secrets of Southeast US would be the pristine coast of Alabama of beaches situated along the Gulf Coast. Moreover, there’s much more to explore in Alabama. There are plenty of history, shopping and family-centric activities to get your vacation going.

Florida’s Punta Gorda and Englewood Beaches

One doesn’t have to dive deep to find nirvana. Beautiful shells are the key to beauty in Floridian beaches. Sarasota’s Siesta Key boasts some of the best beaches and shelling in the world. Moreover, camping by the marine ecosystem and feeling the fresh breath of care couldn’t get better than here. Florida in the USA has been one of the best beach vacations spots and all the reasons why it is a eco-tourism hub.

Miami’s Ocean Beach Drive

beach vacation in southeast US

Miami’s beaches are known for their exciting and wide-ranging crowd. Just across from those beaches are ten blocks of the best people-watching in Miami. Furthermore, you can take in the neon lights and characters as colourful as Miami’s art deco architecture. With the coast alignment of numerous options for shopping, nightlife and all the energy you can handle making up for some perfect beach vacations.

South Carolina’s Myrtle Beach

beach vacation in southeast US

Myrtle Beach’s Grand Strand boasts over 60 miles of beaches, a mile-long boardwalk, and endless family-centric activities and water-sports. There are a plethora of private ones for beach vacations located at The Dunes—a stretch of resorts and condos.
To add on, if you get tired of the sun and surf, you can head to enjoy the rides, dining and nightly activities at Broadway over the beach!

Tybee Island Georgia

beach vacation in southeast US

The tiny island in Georgia, Tybee Island, is a favourite beach spot for tourists and Georgians alike. Tybee Island is 18 miles from Georgia’s historic town of charming Savannah. You can take a stroll along its six miles of beautiful beaches or get up close and personal with dolphins. Furthemore, you get a chance to witness various fascinating marine lives with a cruise ride.

Florida’s Clearwater Beach

Clearwater Beach in Florida offers spectacular sunsets, white-powder sands and crystal clear waters. Hence, it offers the best of beach vacations in the USA and more reasons to be voted as the best in the country. Wondering where to stay in Clearwater Beach? Choose from the most luxurious resorts to family-friendly hotels, and make sure your beach vacation is one to remember. 

These top beach destinations are just the spot for a memorable spring break vacation. Whether you party like Selena Gomez and Venessa Hudgens or you just sip on your cocktails while sunbathing like the Kardashians, these beach vacations will soon be the best relaxation off your wish list.

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