Spreading Little Words Of Happiness – The Journey Of Terribly Dank Tales

Spreading Little Words Of Happiness – The Journey Of Terribly Dank Tales

In a cold night when you are feeling lonely, wouldn’t you love a few words that could make you smile? That’s what Terribly Dank Tales (TDT) has been doing for over four years over social media. An idea that popped into the minds of a few 18-years-old college kids by reading sad tales of love is this Facebook page that has become a changing force. With the banner of their motto, “Spread legs, not hate” flying high on their social media, they strive to make a little change in your lives. While some may find the content a little redundant, Terribly Dank Tales places itself for millennials who dare say to themselves, “Why so serious?”

terribly dank tales

While in talks with Aarsh Gupta, one of the founders of the page, he talks about the challenges he faced while fulfilling one of his bucket list dreams. The 22-year-old reminisces about the initial days and how they have grown over time. Perhaps, in the changing world of today, a little word of positivity and satire is all we need to keep moving forward. After all the challenges they have faced, we are sure that now TDT is one of the biggest Facebook pages doing something to change the grim lives little by little. A few words of irony, innocent sexual puns and lots of giggles that is what the page is all about. 

1. What Inspired You Start The Facebook Page?

I have been running Facebook pages for the last four years, and over time I realised there was a tremendous increase in the write-up pages which posted on how loneliness and sadness follow in love. Thousands shared it. However, I saw a void where no page was creating write-ups around ironical things and the funny things that happen in a relationship. So my team and I started this as a parody of clichéd write-up pages that only promoted sadness and depressing poems. That’s how ‘Terribly Dank Tales’ came into being.

2. Can you recall the moment when you crossed the first milestone on the page?

Of course! We crossed 100k followers on TDT within four days of launching the page and 200k in a week. It was a remarkable feat because no page or social media firm had achieved this feat before organically. Moreover, to this day, no one has been able to replicate or even achieved something near that.

3. What’s the objective of your Facebook page?

Our objective is straightforward. We want laughs. We want to provide people write-ups that are sarcastic and funny, so when they pick up their phone, they see something that makes them laugh.

terribly dank tales terribly dank tales

4. How was your journey to make the page a pathbreaker in its league?

It was fantastic. Although there were many challenges which came our way, many writers and activists would object to the kind of content we pushed out. However, thanks to our hard work and churning out content regularly a lot of other Facebook pages copied the trend set by Terribly Dank tales. Moreover, there were many pages which would post sarcastic tales and write-ups. 

5. What keeps you motivated to run the page amid your professional engagements?

Sometimes you have got to find time for the things you love, and the feedback we get from fans keeps us motivated. Besides, it is all about the people who follow the page and give feedback as well as criticisms. You can’t run a business without objections, and that’s what motivates us to do better.

6. How do you find engaging content daily and distinguish between good or bad content?  

 That’s where four years of social media experience comes into play. Most of ‘Terribly Dank Tales’ content initially was written by us and top fans. Nevertheless, we have been accepting community submissions since the past year. To add on, sometimes there is a clash because we are unable to find authenticity or the originality of submissions. In such cases, we re-credit the post or remove it altogether.

7.Do you interact with the top fans of your page? 

Sometimes, we do. We like to keep in touch who have followed us through and through. However, it gets challenging to keep track of all the comments and messages we get.

8. Have you ever received any hate comments?

Oh, we have received tons of hate comments! So as to speak, even death threats in initial stages. But the number of fans hugely outnumbered the hate comments. I guess not everyone can digest a little joke or sarcasm.

9. Would you call this page your ‘bucket list accomplishment’?

Definitely, it is! We are really proud of what we have achieved over such less time, and we grow every day. There is something new we learn every day while having fun. What could be a better bucket list achievement?

terribly dank tales terribly dank tales

10.  Lastly, do you have a message for your page’s loyal followers on Facebook?

I am indebted to all of my followers for their support and kind words. Moreover, the constructive criticism we have received from them for over two years. It is due to the followers of the page that we have achieved a huge following in such quick time. I love you all and keep writing! Write about and for what makes you happy.

Terribly Dank Tales has certainly ticked off their bucket list. Do you have a goal that you want to add to your bucket list? If yes, then all you need to do is download Woovly app or Sign Up here. Woovly will help you track your goals and connect with fellow bucket listers.

Wish it. Do it. Woovly! 

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