Bucket List Alert! Super Nintendo World Theme Park Opening in Orlando

Bucket List Alert! Super Nintendo World Theme Park Opening in Orlando

Super Nintendo World theme park is only about one or two years away from opening in Orlando, Florida. If you are already a fan of it, then let the countdown start, and if you are not a fan, then you should give it an advance entry on the Bucket list. The fans are speculating that it may take time to open. Nevertheless, the experience of the Super Nintendo World Theme Park is going to be on a whole different level. Super Nintendo World theme park is going to be open at Universal studio in Japan this year. There will be a Mario themed world in Universal’s upcoming theme park in Orlando, Florida.

Super Nintendo World Theme Park In Works

The Super Nintendo World Theme park may be a part of an upcoming theme park based on the sketches of Epic Universe. This theme park was announced by Thomas Williams, NBC Universal CEO of Universal Parks and Resorts in September. From then on, most of the Super Nintendo World enthusiasts are waiting for it to come to Hollywood and Orlando. Though it is not confirmed what the Super Nintendo World theme park in Orlando will have, fans are speculating that they are going to be similar to the Japan Universal Studios. They will have rides, games, merch, food, etc. This Nintendo theme park will be the fourth park at Universal Studios Orlando. It will definitely be a part of the more enormous expansion that is expected to double the size of the resort. As per the estimation, the area will be about 750 acres.

Epic Universe is expected to open in 2023, and that will include new worlds, restaurants, and games. Though it is not confirmed yet whether the Super Nintendo World theme park in Orlando is going to be open at that time or not. Universal did not reveal this information immediately. Universal Studio Orlando is trying hard not to reveal anything about the attractions of their Super Nintendo World Theme Park. However, this is something that is making the fans hyping about it more. 

Universal first worked out with their Wizard World of Harry Potter theme park. It is their next attempt to step ahead to create an entire world with unique properties. This time they have chosen Nintendo, whose various creations have captured the hearts of people and be a part of global popular consciousness since 1981. Given the worldwide popularity of Nintendo, the apparent excitement is assumable. This is only indicating the fact that the cost and nature of the said theme park are going to be grand. It will definitely attract more people to visit and enjoy it.

It is being speculated that just like the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, the entire area would be separated from the rest of the park. It is also done for the Japan Universal Studio. This will allow the fantastical vistas of the Mushroom Kingdom to stretch out as far as eyes can reach. It will most probably pose in such a way that people outside the Nintendo world will not be able to peer in. At the same time, those who will be inside will get a feeling that they are in a completely different world, away from reality.

Gigantic Piranha Plants, Gameplay Elements, and More

Although Universal has never wholly opened up about their theme park in Orlando, they have already said that the fans can expect gigantic Piranha plants and question blocks to dot the landscape. They have also revealed that there will be some ‘meet and greet’ events with the characters. They are trying to create an alternative reality, a separate world that will feature exclusive food and merchandise. According to Universal, the main attraction of the Super Nintendo World theme park will be “high degree of interactive elements.” They have promised, “interactive gameplay throughout the land.”

The enthusiasts think that the interaction will be related to some interactive wristbands that will be called power-up bands. The wristbands will feature the main characters: Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Toadstool, and Yoshi. These wristbands will be able to be connected with the smartphone apps that will keep track of the scores. Universal has also announced that its theme land will also have shops and restaurants to heighten the experience of the game world alongside the “incredibly fun rides.” 

It is time for the Nintendo kids to put down their consoles and enter the real world of the rainbow ride. It is more than good news to the game lovers who find the video game world to be an inseparable part of their childhood. Now they can enjoy the IRL Mario Cart experience in the Nintendo Theme park, Orlando. They will be able to be part of their beloved video game world. So, it is only a factor of time to reclaim the Mario throne while stealing the cart boost and sipping the themed cocktail! 

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