Work it up! Simple Exercises To Do At Home To Amp Up Your Fitness Routine

Work it up! Simple Exercises To Do At Home To Amp Up Your Fitness Routine

Being locked up inside, it is a stress for that body of yours. With the cities shut, so are its gyms along with treadmills, dumbells and your trainers are out of service. With the least of vitamin D intake from the sun, staying at home have made most of us lazy in our binge eating and laying there. However, with the panic of the virus circulating, there is no visible path for all that stress eating to leave your body. Or so you think. For someone who wants to stay fit and toned, it does not matter whether it is a gym or your home your workout routine can still take place. Moreover, don’t let your years of hard work and dedication to build those muscles and abs go to waste just because the world seems to be in a standstill. Being positive is not all about the mind and vibes but going about what keeps you happy and fit. What do you need a gym for if you can get your workout routine at home? We have a list of basic exercises to do at home.

Basic Exercises To Do At Home For Your Workout Regime

If you are a beginner then this is a brilliant opportunity to start working out. With no trainer, you can plan your own routine, diet and take help from online sources. Being mentally as well as physically strong gives you more confidence than you can imagine.


Exercises To Do At Home

An important part of fitness and workout is developing your core strength. Hence, for someone starting out with exercises, planks teach you balance, develop core strength and help you burn belly fat. The basic exercise requires you to lift yourself facing the ground with your arms and balance with toes. Keeping your spine straight, lift your hips, keep your quads tight and face down for stability. Furthermore, it is an important exercise to develop abs!


Exercises To Do At Home

You may have heard gym trainers or teachers yell at you to do push-ups in school. But, they are easier said than done. If you have mastered planks then all it takes to get this exercise right is practise. Traditional push-ups help built upper body strength and work on shoulders, pectoral muscles and triceps. To do this exercise place your arms at shoulder length and bend your elbows. Moreover, keeping your lower facing the ground, place your strength on your arms to pull yourself up and down. However, if you can’t get the traditional push-up right, you can start with your knees bent on the ground as well. This workout staple is beneficial in many ways other than just building strength and balance.

Bodyweight Squats

Exercises To Do At Home

Squats are the basics of a beginners workout routine and easy to try at home. This lower body strengthening exercise works on all the major muscles of your legs, especially working on quadriceps, hamstrings and calves. Further on, it one of the highly recommended exercises for anyone who wants to have a toned butt. Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart with heels flat on the ground. Facing forward, bend your knees and drop your hips to lower your body while pulling in your lower abs. Remember to keep your back straight and hold your arms out at shoulder-length for balance. Furthermore, for more advanced techniques, you can use weights and dumbells if you have them or substitute heavy objects for them. There are many variations for squats like barbell squat, pistol squat and more, but, this is the most basic form to start with.


Exercises To Do At Home

Another one of beginner’s favourite exercises are burpees that focus on full-body strengthening and flexibility. The muscle of focus in this workout are the quadriceps and the abdominals. Due to the intensity and speed of the movement, they will help you in weight loss as well as increasing your agility. Moreover, to do the fitness workout correctly, begin with a squat position with your hands on the floor, kick back to starting push-up position and return to the squat position. Then, jump as high as you can from the squat position and drop down to the starting pose. For advanced techniques, you can use a dumbbell or any home substitute of it.

Jumping Jacks

Exercises To Do At Home

Jumping jacks are pretty common physical jumping cardio exercises. Not only do they work on your muscles but heart, blood flow and lungs as well. Moreover, as for muscles, they particularly helpful in building up quadriceps, glutes and hips along with abdominal and shoulder muscles. For basic jumping jacks, start with standing straight with your arms on the sides. Jump up and spread your legs hip-wide bring your arms above your head, almost touching. Then, jump again lowering your arms and bring your legs back together. Remember to wear supporting shoes while carrying out this exercise.


Exercises To Do At Home

For a well-round workout routine, a challenging balancing sequence plays an important role. Lunges are exercises that do just that for your fitness. It is a single-leg bodyweight exercise that does wonders on your hips, glutes, hamstrings, inner thighs and core. Moreover, it helps you develop endurance on your lower body. All you have to do is position on leg forward with a bent knee and flat foot on the ground while you kneel with the other leg facing backwards.

Glute Bridge

A well-known ab toning exercise to add to your workout regime is the glute bridge. And, for a perky booty and a strong thigh as well! Moreover, it enhances the core stability as well. To do the fitness trick correctly, squeeze you butt and abdominal muscles together and lift your hips above the ground until your knees, hips and shoulders are in a straight line. Do remember to keep your heels firmly on the ground.

Standing Overhead Press

Utilising your joint muscles of hands and legs can certainly make you feel freer. Especially for your entire day use of hands and more, building up muscles of shoulders and stretching out the elbow joints are a necessity. Standing overhead press are the exercises you are looking for to do. Not only shoulders, but it also engages your core and upper back. To do it effectively, you need heavyweights to start with – 10 pounds of dumbbell. If you don’t have a dumbbell, you can use heavy packets of jars of water. Lift them while standing, keeping your hands overhead and parallel to each other. Slowly and eventually, extend your arms straight above your head and after a while, bring them back by bending your elbows and then lowering the weight with your arms to the sides again.

While these are some of the basics you can try, do make sure to stretch and warm-up to prepare your body. If you have a weak heart or knee, you might want to check out to the best exercises for you. Moreover, there are several variations of each that you can try to amp up your workout regime. All it takes is the motivation to start fresh.

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