Most Oddly Satisfying Videos On Instagram To Calm Your Soul

Most Oddly Satisfying Videos On Instagram To Calm Your Soul

Our lives have turned over a new leaf ever since Instagram came to be. From increasing our travel bucket list and discovering the best of eats to sharing art forms and cooking videos. However, some of the best videos to be found online are oddly satisfying videos. For no apparent reason, they soothe your eyes, calm your breath, and you can somehow keep looking at them non-stop. To add a little more to your list, we have made a list of some lovely accounts sharing the most satisfying videos on Instagram.

Best Of Satisfying Videos On Instagram

From the strange yet vibrant magnetism of kinetic sand, squishy yet odd fluid nature of slime or even the smooth ink twists in professional calligraphy makes you want to give it a try. The more you see it, the more you want to try your hand at one of those metallic paints, shaped slime, or even taking your doggo to a stylist. Wouldn’t you want to add these to your DIY bucket list?

Kinetic Sand

What’s kinetic sand? It’s sand! It comes in vibrant colours, and you can mould it into any shape. Moreover, it doesn’t stick to any object. Kinetic sand scooping, mixing and cutting are some of the most popular and satisfying videos on Instagram.


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Gooey sticky substances are usually disgusting but not slime. It maybe gooey and malleable but doesn’t stick! It comes in different shapes, colours and even glitters. Furthermore, most satisfying videos on Instagram featuring slimes make it in the form of popular food, toys and more. The calming part is when you crush it. You can even make it at home with glue to make it seem sticky or make slime more fluid in nature without it.


Calligraphy is an art and not everybody’s cup of tea. However, you can learn it! The stylised alphabets running smoothly as soon as the ink touches the paper is satisfying in nature. Most of the videos on Instagram shows calligraphy with liquid markers or shimmering ink.

Mixing Paints

Many like me actually love the smell of paint. As glistening as colours look, they are more satisfying when they combine. Nothing is better than watching these globs of colour mix or slowly spread in the water when you brush the watercolours. Furthermore, there are also marble paints or colourful nail paints that float on water without mixing. Don’t agree? Check this out.


Pottery is a form of art that takes years of practice and dedication to the wheel. As the potter’s hand comes in contact with the potter’s hand, the clay adopts the shape of the desired. It calms your heart when you see the coloured clay form layers to form a beautiful product. However, as beautiful as the end product looks, better is a look at the process in which it is made.

Bath Bombs

No matter how luxe it feels, the ultimate luxury is the feeling of letting a bath bomb melt in your bathtub. Bath Bombs are mixtures of essential oil and natural ingredients that are used for a refreshing bath. You can create fun bubbles in your water or just add scent to it. Nevertheless, the videos on Instagram suggest otherwise. Not only to your body, but they add calm to your heart too. Just dip a bath bomb and watch it fizz in water.

Pet Grooming

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Good morming 😉❤️ #maltese

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Pets are a charm to add to your lives. Our best friends and the proprietor of therapies, is there anything they can’t do to make your lives better? As much therapy as your little dogs gives you, they deserve the same back. Head to a pet grooming centre and watch in delight how they take care of your little buddy. A refreshing spa and a little grooming to their fur, the happiness in their face is utterly satisfying. However, it can be a bit of luxury to try out. If you want to feel the delight, though, browse through hundreds of satisfying videos on Instagram that show the careful grooming and styling of your furry friends.

Glazing Mirror Cakes

The secret to making a mirror cake is to make the surface of your cake clean and smooth. Add the baking of the cake to your bucket list! You will realise its importance as you add the glaze to it. Furthermore, the glaze is actually made with condensed milk, gelatin, chocolate and a few colours. You can make the glaze with a simple chocolate or a mix of colours to make the surface as shiny as possible. The idea is not to give it a different taste but to watch how satisfyingly it unfolds. Don’t believe us? Watch these Instagram videos to get your heart going “ahh”.

Rising Dough

Making of bread is a long process with fermenting yeast and letting it rise to the desired shape. Then comes giving it the desired textures. However, the fun part of the process is watching the dough rise and crack where you have cut the shapes. The less-dense the dough is the more it rises. If you are not much of a baker, you can always watch one of those Instagram videos on the same.

Cutting Soaps

Soap making has turned out to be art now. With a mix of unusual ingredients, you can get these in various shapes and colours. The aesthetics lie in the natural colouring that gives it an exotic look. Moreover, many people choose to provide the soaps with the form of transparent bars with textures, milky food items and more. One of the most satisfying videos on Instagram is the cutting if these soaps. The better the mix of the soap, the better it cuts. You can try it at home too! Furthermore, if you don’t want to waste, you can just use these thin stripes of cut soap in your bathwater.

Satisfying videos are known to calm anxiety and stress. Give it a try when you are stressed out in the middle of your work or homework. If you want to give it a try at home, add these hobbies to your bucket list, You won’t be able to stop once you start.

Wish it. Do it. Woovly!

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