Best Places To Visit Near Pune For a Weekend Getaway

Best Places To Visit Near Pune For a Weekend Getaway

Weekend plans are necessary. Why you may ask? Our lifestyle is becoming extremely fast-paced as well as stressful with each passing week. As a result, our livelihood becomes unhealthy as well as nauseous. It leads to various health and psychological adversities. Therefore, you need to use your weekends wisely. Understandably, you tend to spend your weekends mostly by staying home and giving your body some rest. It is necessary. But spending every weekend doing the same might even spawn further emotional and physical breakdowns. You need to go out and indulge yourself in activities to detox yourself from your day to day life stress. For people in Pune, we have picked some of the best places to visit near Pune for a weekend getaway

Places To Visit Near Pune On Weekend

In this article, we will be discussing how you can enjoy your weekend gateway from Pune. Pune is the second-largest city of Maharashtra following Mumbai, situating about two and a half hours southeast driveway from Mumbai. This article will be handy if you are new to the city. Why? Well, because we are going to mention a few places to visit in Pune, and near Pune, where you must visit to make your weekend fun. So stick till the end of the article.

Hotel Vaishali, Rupali and Goodluck Café

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Yes, I know. It’s a bit much to start the list thinking of nothing but food. But it’s indeed delightful to start your day in Pune with Vaishali’s breakfast, Rupali’s special tea, and delicious bun-omelets from Goodluck cafe. All of these hotels are located in the Deccan Gymkhana area. You will get South-Indian breakfast in both Vaishali and Rupali. And Good luck cafe serves Iranian breakfast. So, if you are wondering about fun and foodie things to do in Pune, then here goes the list.

OSHO International Meditation Resort

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This ashram situates the Goregaon area of Pune. Initially, it used to be on the outskirts of the city. But the expansion of the city itself has placed the ashram near about in the middle. Followers of Osho Rajneesh Bhagwan from all around the world come here to meditate. You will also find Osho Tirth Park not much far away from the resort. 

The garden here is gorgeous and calming in nature. It is astonishing to realize that such a calm and pacifying place exists right in the center of the usual noisy Pune. The flowing water body and a variety of plants will surely give you an aesthetic feel that contrasts with the spirit of the city itself. You can consider it as an important tourist place in Pune.

Tourist and Picnic Spots Near Pune


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Speaking of tranquility and natural landscapes, I’m sure you have heard of Lonavala at least once at some point in your life. The tropical travel destination is about 65 km west of Pune. The exotic hill station features a usual moist in its air when it is not raining, which is more than often.

It’s an excellent destination for a weekend casual hiking trip. If you are planning for a weekend one-day trip near Pune, then you can definitely have Lonavala on your list. Other than its picturesque landscape and natural enrichments, there are numerous forts for you if you are into historic structures.

  • Tikona fort
  • Koregad fort
  • Ghangad
  • Manoranjan
  • Tunga fort

Many of these forts are abandoned and taken by the greenery. It gives you a feel of those lost cities from the fairytales. A weekend spent on Lonavala will undoubtedly provide the refreshment you need to survive the stressful weekdays.

Kashid Beach

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Kashid beach is about 5 hour’s driveway west from Pune. Okay, it’s a bit far. But it certainly is worth the trouble. It is in the shores of the Arabian Sea. The beach town comes under the North Konkan region of Maharashtra. 

Contrasting the misty hill station of Lonavala, Kashid greets you with its bright blue sky and white sands. There are plenty of activities like horse riding, water sports, and horse carts. Moreover, you can also enjoy jet skis, banana rides, and even parasailing. Though it is nothing like Goa, it is a way cheaper alternative. 

Having said that, the cleanliness of the beach is no lesser than Goa itself. The lack of proper commercialization leads to a smaller crowd. This can be a good thing if you want a peaceful time gazing at the sparkling water.


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Lavasa is about 70.3 km southwest from Pune. It is a planned city with an area of 100sqkm, being built in the template of Italian town Portofino. It situates in the Mulshi valley of Western Ghat with an elevation of 360 meters of sea level.

As it sounds, the city will surely give you the feel of a foreign destination. Though the location of the place results in delightful weather throughout the entire year, visiting it, especially in winters and monsoons can reward you profoundly. Here are the attractions of the place:

Lakeside Promenade: It is a corner of Lavasa modeled after the European paved public walk in front of a clean water body. You can indulge in boating too. Cycling or merely wandering around can be pleasurable also. If you are hungry, multiple food joints are offering you various cuisines perfect for a weekend family meal.

Bamboosa: Here, you can witness the incredible craftsmanship of the native villagers surrounding Lavasa while they produce artifacts bearing the authentic stamp of Indian handicraft culture.

Temghar Dam: To conclude the chapter of Lavasa, here, let’s have a look at one of the most important constructions of the city. Temghar Dam is built on the river Muthu and plays the central role in terms of water supply to the city. It will be an understatement to claim that the view from the Dam is breathtaking. Mere words can’t describe the experience.

We are at the end of the list of best places to visit near Pune on a weekend. It’s to be noted that the places mentioned in the article are mostly for a 1-day trip. You can stay at Kashid, Lavasa and Lonavala. If you wish to still, it doesn’t require more than a day or two each. 

While writing the article, it’s been taken care that the enlisted places must provide you some refreshment in a way or another. Therefore, you can be sure that these places are indeed ideal for visiting for a refreshing weekend gateway. Download the Woovly app now and set your weekend plans already. 

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