Strengthen That Bond! We Have The Best Mom and Son Bucket List Ideas

Strengthen That Bond! We Have The Best Mom and Son Bucket List Ideas

You may have had a crazy year, month, or week- at work; held up, busy, with no time for family. You may have moved out of the nest, getting used to those daily calls from mommy dearest, sometimes checking in, advising, and whatnot. It could just be one of those times when you feel you haven’t seen enough of her for long. Quality time with mom is unparalleled, especially when she’s the best agony aunt for all your struggles. Mama’s boy or not, proudly or otherwise, reclaim your happy place by bonding with her and create beautiful memories while you’re at it. We are presenting some amazing mom and son bucket list ideas below. 

Amazing Mom and Son Bucket List Ideas

We present to you some amazing mom and son bucket list ideas that will not only strengthen your bond but will also bring you closer to each other in terms of freely sharing feelings and talking out your emotions. Quality time spent between mother and son becomes memorable for both.

Camping in Spiti Valley

mom and son bucket list ideas

Counting stars may perhaps have been every child’s dinner-time activity, while moms fed a spoonful of food. You need not dine with the stars anymore, but can certainly camp under a starry night sky! If trekking is your cup of tea, acquired from mommy darling, make an elaborate trip and head out to Spiti Valley for a great camping experience. An exhilarating view, away from the hustle of cities, will give you the perfect time to bond. Pitch your tents along the terrain, and have a fun-filled night with a sing-along and roasted marshmallows. Or simply star-gaze and reminisce your childhood stories. You can even be part of diverse groups by getting in with organized camps set up along the trail of the Valley. Either way, get your camping gear on and head out for a bucket list tick. It may sound a bit tough but it certainly tops our mom and son bucket list ideas list. 

How To Reach Spiti Valley: By road is the only way to reach Spiti Valley. Buses travel from Shimla, which is well connected by air, train and road travel from major cities- Delhi and Chandigarh being closest. Buses ply from Manali too, which is accessible by air, with the nearest airport at Bhuntar, at a distance of 50 km away. There are buses from Delhi, Shimla and Chandigarh to Manali too. 

Brush Up The Classics

We are not talking about the Kardashian drama but the real life of ordinary people like us. More often than not, it’s the little things in life that matter. A simple home-cooked meal coupled with a movie night packs on bonding time with mom with a great punch. To add on, you could set up a picturesque dining table or bring a bunch of aromatic flowers. Enjoy the meal along with heart to heart conversations, revelations and laughs. Get back to the ’70s and ’80s with monochromatic comedies while the two of you munch on popcorn. Or you could binge-watch an excellent series on Netflix or rewatch Sarabhai vs Sarabhai. It may sound too simple for a bucket list goal but definitely worth the time and effort. Thank us later.

Challenge Each Other In The Battle For Food

Remember the days when moms would brandish delicious meals while you would sit and chat away in the kitchen, munching on whatever crumbs you could lay your hands on? Bonding over food has had great appeal, for there was probably no other occasion where conversations and gossip flowed as naturally. If some of your happiest moments echo in food with mom, participate in a food contest together! Sure, she won’t agree, but that’s part of the drill and a bucket list goal.

Be it finishing a lavish meal within minutes, or testing the extent of your taste thresholds, she is sure to get her competitive streak on. Root for her, or root for yourself, but you’re sure to be reeling with all that food. We all love a challenge, so why not enjoy a meal in the meanwhile? You can hog some spicy hot chicken wings or for the love of sweet, go on a dessert spree. Plan B in Bangalore has some hot and spicy chicken wings challenge you could try your hand at. A reminder, you are not allowed to gulp down beers in between. Further on, you could also try eating a humongous paratha at Prisha Paratha Centre in Delhi.

Star in a Theatre Play Together

Watching a play together is fun, no doubt, but how amazing would it be to star in it together? Apart from ample bonding time, you get to see and be there for each other while the two of you tackle on roles, loosen up and hone in on your artistic streak. Have epic memories to cherish during rehearsals, and stories to share with the family later on. Imagine getting to play mother and son characters on stage too!

Sing your heart out in a musical, get your poker face on in some serious drama, or goof up in a comedy- choose your pick, and recreate your quest for drama, with mamma. Several workshops happen in cities that you can be a part of and get a chance to perform at the end of it. Otherwise, you could also participate in open mics. 

Retreat Away

Nothing beats spending time with your mother with an added dose of therapeutic appeal like a yoga retreat, away from all the hustle in daily life. These retreats not only offer an extensive guide on rejuvenation for beginners but a call back to nature’s lap with serene environs. May it be the backwaters in a humid space or a snowy mountain call. Moreover, you could also enjoy bird watching or spotting wildlife in a national park.

If the two of you are water enthusiasts, you could pick a water hole to retreat to. Enjoy kayaking in pristine hues, and gush in quality time with mum on the shore. Cottages by the river are perfect for fulfilling this bucket list goal. You could head to the backwaters in Kerala and stay overnight in a houseboat or cottages in the banks on river kali in Hubli, Karnataka. If you want a soulful retreat, then you could plan a trip to the Northeast as well.


Being part of a book club could be the activity of the month for the two of you. Book clubs provide a relaxed platform for discussions and ring in ample time for you to bond while learning something new. Get in touch with your local libraries that house book club meetings. If poetry and literature are her favorites to indulge in, take her out for open mic and slam poetry events that happen across cities. Look up poetry circles or readings that take place in parks, where you could both read out poems, or just listen and revel in them. Further on, this could be an excellent opportunity for both of you to have a discussion and sharing personal views and opinions. While it may sometimes end up in disagreement but hey, that’s why it is on our list of mom and son bucket list ideas.

Plan a Visit to Pushkar Fair

Pushkar Fair happens to be one of the most vibrant and versatile carnivals in the country. An annual event in the elated state of Rajasthan, the fair is flanked by camels, colorful ethnic attire, games, a plethora of food and much more! Experience rich Indian and Rajasthani heritage, and find fun things to do every single day in this magnanimous cultural fete. The fair is held each year in the months of October-November when the weather is considerably pleasant. Pushkar’s proximity to the Aravali mountain range is an added bonus to go trekking and sightseeing. While this is a quintessential bucket list in itself, teaming up with mom for it is the cherry on top. 

How to Reach Pushkar: The nearest airport and railway station to Pushkar are in the city of Ajmer, which is about 10 km away, and well connected by roads. Look for hot air balloon rides at the fair!

Road Tripping

Because being unconventional in the new age fad is incredible! Sure, it isn’t very typical for mother and son to take off on the road, but why not? You could take turns driving, blast the streets with peppy music or the 80s Kishor Kumar hits and gobble down in food joints along the way. Play fun travel games, read up on legends and facts of small towns, or just talk about each other’s lives. You’d be surprised to know all the crazy things she used to get into as a teenager! Wouldn’t that be the ultimate bucket list goal for an interesting yet quality time with mom? Add it to your personal mom and son bucket list ideas sheet, already! 

Planning a trip is not so hard when you think about it. It is the dedication to go all the way through it. No matter what you decide to add to this list, it will end up in making the fondest of memories for both you and your mom.

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