Check Out These Luxurious Cruise Ships Setting Sail For Antarctica

Check Out These Luxurious Cruise Ships Setting Sail For Antarctica

Antarctica is a place of extremes. The southernmost part of the world it is the coldest, driest and windiest continent on Earth. Covered with an ice sheet around 4.8 cm thick, this piece of land houses approximately 90% of the world’s freshwater. Antarctica is covered with pristine white snow and only about 0.4% of the surface of Antarctica is free of snow and ice. Snow-capped scenery abounds in this winter wonderland, and you will be amazed at how pure it is. There are many luxurious cruise ships for Antarctica that can take one through the ice wonderland. 

Luxurious Cruise Ships For Antarctica

Wander about Antarctica on a cruise ship and take in the snow that decorates this place. Although it is mainly famous for the scientific endeavours many countries have launched here, Antarctica has a unique plant and animal life too. Many species of mosses, lichens, and liverworts are found in the desert. A rare variety of birds that are located here include skuas, snow petrels, and the majestic Albatross. This place receives a meagre amount of rainfall and remains ice-capped throughout the year.

Hence the best way to visit this place is by a cruise and enjoys exploring “the white continent.” As the number of visitors to Antarctica rises, be sure to make reservations in advance. If you want to visit this beautiful place, be sure to check out these cruise ships that provide an enjoyable experience with luxurious spaces and great food.


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This vessel purpose-built for Antarctic tourism is a 73-passenger Magellan Explorer that was launched in November. It is equipped with the latest technologies like ice-detecting radar technology, a glass-enclosed lounge, a unique heat recycling system. It helps to check the internal environment and a fleet of 10 Zodiac boats for various purposes. A prime view of the surrounding area can be seen, and wildlife viewing opportunities are great. Featuring designer guest rooms and balconies, this is a true retreat.

A usual schedule includes passing through dangerous waters of Drake Passage by flying from Punta Arenas to King George Island. From there, the travellers visit the South Shetland Islands and the sprawling west coast of Antarctica with penguin covered shores and whales.


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This majestic 530-passenger MS Fridtjof Nansen will launch in March and will traverse 20 sites across the Antarctic region on a 12-day journey. Travellers get the opportunity to camp in the ice and take a plunge in the ice. With in-built science centres and citizen science projects, this makes an effort to raise awareness about carbon footprint.

Lindblad Expeditions

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Featuring 69 cabins, this is the most active icebreaking ship. The in-built science command centre, two observation “igloos,” a luxury spa featuring infinity Jacuzzis and a permanent polar art installation, make this ship one-of-a-kind.

With expert naturalists, a certified photo instructor, and an underwater video system onboard, there is a lot to look forward to in this Antarctica cruise ship.

Ocean Victory

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This 93-cabin Ocean Victory is an astronomy lover’s paradise. Witness the solar eclipse on December 4th this year at South Orkney Island. Also, one gets a view of penguins breeding on South Georgia Island. The adults kept busy by their fluffy young; marauding Weddell seals on Cuverville Island and orca whales in Lemaire Channel.

Quark Expeditions

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Aboard the 102-suite Ultramarine, you can find twin-engine helicopters and easy-access Zodiac boats. Guests can go hiking, flightseeing, cross-country skiing, paddling in stand-up boards, and a host of other activities. Perfect for adventure-lovers, this is the best way to start with the Antarctica Bucket List.


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The 135-stateroom Le Commandant Charcot, all set to launch in May 2021, is perfect for lovers of science. Bringing together a horde of prominent scientists and travellers, guests can also assist scientists in research activities. Featuring state of the art oceanographic equipment and a collection of other items, including hovercrafts, electric snowmobiles, and a tethered hot air balloon. In this cruise ship, guests can witness the pallid yet indescribable beauty of the Antarctic white.

Antarctica is deadly yet beautiful, deserted, and waiting to be explored, no corner tarnished by human touch-a complete bucket list-worthy experience. Be sure to visit this place this upcoming year for a once in a lifetime experience. Add these cruises to your bucket list by downloading the Woovly app now!

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