Locked Down During Coronavirus? Here’s What You Can Do To Stay Productive.

Locked Down During Coronavirus? Here’s What You Can Do To Stay Productive.

Coronavirus or as we medically term it as COVID-19 has spread panic like no other. With cities going under lockdown one by one, it is undoubtedly a tough time for those affected and unaffected likewise. With concerts and events postponed and schools, offices, universities and most importantly, travel halted for safety, life has become rather slow-paced. While it is advised to stay home and healthy, a part of it may be a blessing in disguise to take a break from speeding in life. Moreover, it is the perfect time to take out your bucket list and do everything that you have been dreaming about doing if your life paused for a moment. There are a bunch of things to do during this pandemic that can keep you out of a larger mental blockage that comes from boredom.


Save lives and save your mind. We have compiled a list of things that you can do while isolated at home. Perhaps, it is a good time to lay back and enjoy life as it is. In the fright of life and death, we often forget the important thing – that is the beauty of it all.

Read Your Fill

things to do during coronavirus lockdown

Who said you could not travel the world? Coronavirus lockdown is the perfect time to start with that book you have wanted to read or finish. Furthermore, it is also a good time to gear up your book bucket list. Perhaps, you could read all those Hemingway classics or re-read Harry Potter series. If you are not a reader, you could read all those historical tales and aware yourself more about the world.

Add Reading to Your Bucket List

Learn a New Language

things to do during coronavirus lockdown

Home quarantine is the perfect space for you to start with a new language. Who knows sooner or later when you are out in the world again, you might just need it. However, more than needing a language, it is the human interaction that increases. As the travelling generation bent on exploring the world, a language is a tool that would help us many folds. Download Duolingo or go over to YouTube sessions and text your linguistic skills.

Add A New Language to Your Bucket List

Cook, Bake & Shake

things to do during coronavirus lockdown

Coronavirus panic has called for us to take the healthiest methods, and that includes our intake of food. Nevertheless, greens and fruits don’t always have to be boring. Learning to cook and bake is probably one of the best things to do during your home quarantine. Moreover, making that healthy balanced meal can be more fun than you think and you have all the time you need to experiment. You can make that fancy meal box or that layers cake that you have been watching on Instagram. Amidst all of this, don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated and intake enough Vitamin C in your meals.

Add Baking to Your Bucket List

Add Cooking to Your Bucket List

Skin Therapy

things to do during coronavirus lockdown

If you have been skipping out of that skincare routine because of your busy and exhausting days then now is an excellent time to start it again. Being indoors can help you a lot to detox your face from pollution. Perhaps, you can start with that 10-step skincare routine that the Koreans have been on about. Moreover, you can use all the home and kitchen ingredients to give your face and body that healthy glow. Not only body and face, but you can also grow out your hair, groom your beard or cut and colour your hair. This is the perfect time to experiment with the newest of hair and beard styles without worrying about your public appearance.

Add New Skills To Resume

things to do during coronavirus lockdown

With a slowdown in your daily work, it is an opportunity to revamp your resumé altogether. With the variety of courses and certifications available online, you can take your skills a notch higher. Perhaps, you can find your dream design skillset right here to switch your unsatisfied job life. Moreover, if you are a fresher to the industry, you can take courses and lessons that help you understand taxes and more.

Health and Workout

things to do during coronavirus lockdown

With your gym training sessions at a pause and sunlight coming in low, we understand that your workout life will be affected. But don’t let coronavirus tell you otherwise. You don’t always need the dumbells and treadmills to practice to keep your toning on track. It is the perfect time to try out callisthenics.

Furthermore, you can exercise your regular crunches, squats and more to keep your body going. Yoga and meditation are methods to keep the stress at bay. Make your diet schedule and follow it as much as you can because there are no excuses to slack off.

Add Fitness to Your Bucket List

DIY decor

things to do during coronavirus lockdown

Coronavirus has helped us in the smallest way to keep our shelves over our busy lives. It is no time to be grim about life around but how to make your surroundings happier than ever. Apply all those Pinterest knowledge you have gathered and give a makeover to your room. You can learn origami, paint to your hearts fill and learn the crafty hacks to make your room cosier.

Add DIY to your bucket list now!

Get Artistic Hobbies

Sometimes, it is a wonder how as we grow up, we often forget about what we have always loved doing. May it be art, music, dance or even a hobby of collecting things. Being isolated at home, you can start your healthy nostalgic life again by going back to doing something you have always loved. Learn dancing, start acting, play a musical instrument, sing out loud or do gardening. The world is nothing but your stage but thanks to corona; we’d prefer if you kept it at home.

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Turn That Binge On!

things to do during coronavirus lockdown

There have been so many oscar-winning movies and academy winning series that have taken the world by storm. While you may have watched many, you must be waiting for the right time to watch that one movie. Quarantined at home may not be so bad if you can binge-watch your shows and movies with no morning tension to take. Further on, if you have always wanted to try watching something different such as anime or French movies or Russian series, then this is probably the time you could give it all a go.

Stay in Touch With Your Loved Ones

In these dire times of life and death, there is no saying whom you could lose. No matter how far you are, keep your loved ones close. Catch up on your friends’ gossips, understand family matters and reach out to your grandparents asking how they have been. They would surely appreciate the gesture too, and you wouldn’t be lonely even when alone.

Moreover, keep your memories close. Who knows how long would it be until we can discover the vast world again, but we can always cherish all that we have seen and felt. Make yourself an album or journal.

More than anything, now that life has given you a chance to take it slow, we should keep the panic at bay and work on our betterment of each other. Keep yourself clean, busy and sanitised. Don’t forget to catch up on as much sleep as you can. Meanwhile, support those suffering and help spread the truth about coronavirus.

Stay Safe! Wish it > Do it > Woovly!

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