Leo, Cancer, and Libra, These Places Should Be On Your Travel Bucket List 

Leo, Cancer, and Libra, These Places Should Be On Your Travel Bucket List 

Travel bucket list and Zodiac sign, these two things seem far away from each other, don’t they? But the correct blend of the two can offer better insight and inspiration for your next travel venture. Wondering how? Well, according to astrology, your zodiac sign is a reflection of your life, or instead, you are what your zodiac signs are. Travelling preferences are no exception.

You plan your travel bucket list according to the choices of your mind and body. A travel horoscope can not only predict your trip choices but provides you with fantastic bucket list ideas, which are just the right ones for you. Here is a list of some places to visit for the Leos, Cancerians, and Libras:

Travel Bucket List Ideas For Leo

Travel Bucket List based on zodiac sign

Live life at large, this proverb was invented for the Leos. Leos are known to live an extravagant lifestyle with no place for anything small. The fiery nature of the lion pushes Leo to choose destinations where that are majestically exotic. If you are a Leo, then you ought to select a summer destination where you can party at every moment and be the showstopper that you always want to be. Your travel horoscope includes:

Las Vegas, Nevada: The extravagant and pleasure seeker that a Leo is trying your luck on gambling and indulge in the fine wine and dining experience of this vibrant city with robust nightlife.

London, England: This grand royal city is a must experience for you as the lion in you is all royal and massive.

South Beach In Miami, Florida: This beach is an all-glamorous thing, and there can be no one better than a Leo to glam up.

Sail Away On An Adult-Only Cruise Ship: Relish the experience of a lavish floating hotel with all the right food, pubs, and clubs that exist on earth. Leos feel at home at places of this splendour.

Others: Paris in France, New York City in the USA, Rome in Italy.

Travel Bucket List Ideas For Cancer

Travel Bucket List based on zodiac sign

Water being the principal element of this zodiac sign, the native tends to feel more pleasure near seas and oceans. Hence, summer holidaying is best if you are a Cancerian when you can choose among the most exotic beaches. The gentle and relaxing Cancerian feel at par with the indulgence of the beach life. Your travel horoscope includes the following places:

Lake Tahoe, California: This exquisite Lake on the borders of California and Nevada suffices the nature-loving gentle soul of the Cancers. Dive in the tranquillity of the Lake. Take part in activities like camping, hiking, and boating that the Lake has to offer.

Cape Cod, Massachusetts: This cosy beach town is a must-visit for you where the sea is warm during the summers, and relaxation is the mood. Cancers are more family-oriented people, and family-friendly places like this are inviting for you.

Clearwater Beach, Florida: the white sandy beaches, the palm trees, and the crystal clear water are just perfect for the Cancer in you. Relax with your family in the warmth of the sun and the sound of the gentle waves.

Others: Porto of Portugal, Turks and Caicos, the Maldives.

Travel Bucket List Ideas For Libra

Travel Bucket List based on zodiac sign

The Libran soul seeks balance everywhere. You want a mixture of everything in your vacation – relaxation, nature, companions, and outdoor activities. You can be an excellent travel companion as you’re the conflict avoider. You like to travel hassle-free destinations, and you are also an art lover. Your travel horoscope –

Florence, Italy: What can be better for an artistic Libra to visit a city full of art and museums? Hop in and out of the museums and indulge in the Renaissance art forms. The city offers comfort to every traveller.

Mykonos, Greece: Counts as one of the most beautiful places on earth. It soothes the Libra soul with its entire belle and the Libra being a socialite, the nightlife of Mykonos is also offer-able to you.

Tokyo, Japan: Blending the city life with the permanent silence of the community, Tokyo is an excellent place for Librans to visit. There is a never-ending list of things to do in this historical city. However, the ancient temple of Senso-Ji is a must for Librans who seek solace amidst the happening life.

Others: San Diego of California, Barcelona of Spain, Seattle of Washington.

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