Everything You Need To Know About The Coldest Desert In The World

Everything You Need To Know About The Coldest Desert In The World

Traveling is a passion for many. Adventure seekers often embark on expeditions that enrich both the mind and body. If you are planning to go out on an unforgettable adventure trip, then visiting one of the coldest deserts in the world will be a treat for you and a unique experience too.

All You Need To Know About Coldest Deserts in the World

The desert landscape has a magical charm. The dunes on the sand have an unimaginable fascination. But the idea of wilderness often brings in the connotation of atrocious hot weather. But nature’s bounty when it comes to aesthetic pleasure is boundless.

The coldest deserts in the world have varied landscapes consisting of jagged mountains and arid areas. The aridity of the desert zones doesn’t diminish the scenic beauty of the place. If you have a liking for deserts, then we have compiled a list of must-visit cold deserts for you.

Gobi Desert

cold desert

Covering parts of Mongolia and China, Gobi is the largest desert in Asia. It is situated at a high altitude, which is responsible for the extremely low temperature on the plateau. Seasonal temperature change is quite drastic. Snowy dunes can be observed during winter. Mountains and steppes surround the Gobi region.

There are beautiful canyons, flower-bearing prairie lands, striking crags, natural hollows, oases, and also green thickets. The ancient Mongolian Empire and the Silk Road is located in the Gobi Desert. The desert serves as the habitat for Bactrian Camels, wild horses, Snow Leopards, and Black-tailed Gazelles.


cold desert

The name of this place makes it hard for anyone to conceive it as a desert. The intrigue doesn’t end here, because it is an island which is situated between the Atlantic Ocean and the Arctic. Glaciers and extremely low temperatures coupled with little precipitation make it an Arctic desert. The mountainous region has the Northeast Greenland National Park, which is the world’s largest national park. The temperature is between -7.78° and -3.88° Celsius.

Arctic Desert

cold desert

This is the polar region of the earth and is an entirely snowcapped zone. The ecoregion doesn’t receive precipitation, and the cold temperature keeps the area covered in snow and ice sheets. The wildlife is sparse but includes animals like Polar Bears, Ivory Gull, and Walrus.

For enthusiastic travelers like you, the Arctic desert offers ample opportunities for indulging in adventure activities. You can go for kayaking to closely watch animals like narwhals and whales, cross-country skiing, ATV excursions, etc. Hiking on the trail leads to the sighting of wild animals like Arctic Foxes and Hares, Snowy Owls, Ptarmigan, and Musk Ox. If you love to travel far and wide, then visiting the Arctic desert is the daunting challenge you might want to take.


coldest desert in the world

Even though it is continent spanning 5.5 million square miles, the entire region is engulfed by ice. It is freezing, windy, and dry akin to a frozen desert. The icebergs are like skyscrapers on the almost uninhabited area.

The area has a temperature of -112º to -128ºF during winters. Still, the continent can boast about the wildlife present in the region that includes penguins, whales, seals, and also shorebirds.

Namib Desert

coldest desert in the world

Situated in Southern Africa, this desert is near the Atlantic Ocean. The desert witnesses moderate warm summers and comparatively pleasant winters. The proximity of the ocean provides this desert arena with a coastal climate, which makes the cold months an enjoyable time for tourists. The multifaceted landscape includes gravel paths, small hills, monadnock, and a coastal lagoon, which is a sight to behold.

The primary source of water is the fog, which influences dune formation. The dense fog has led to the creation of the spooky Skeleton Coast fettered with numerous shipwrecks. If you love the cold weather but don’t want to experience extreme wintry climate, then the Namib Desert is your choicest desert location.

Patagonia Desert

coldest desert in the world

It is the eighth largest desert in the world. Spawning over 200.000 miles, the major part of the desert lies within Argentina. The Andes Mountain is situated on the west of the Patagonian desert.

The average winter temperature is about 37 F, and it is categorized as a cold desert. You can also visit the nearby Torres del Paine National Park. The key attractions in the park include the Paine Massif, spectacular lakes, and indigenous animals like Caracaras, Patagonian Llamas, Pumas, and Andean Condors.

Chihuahuan Desert

cold desert

WWF ranks it as the most biologically diverse desert area. The 175,000 miles of desert land is spread across West Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and the Mexican Plateau. It is well populated because of mild summers and cold winters.

As the Sierra Madre Occidental range and Sierra Madre Oriental range block precipitation to this region from the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, respectively, the desert is termed as a rain shadow desert. Many cities present within the Chihuahuan Desert include Albuquerque, Saltillo, El Paso, Ciudad Juárez, and Roswell.

When you have chosen your favorite vacation spot among the wild cold deserts present in the world, plan your tour and step out for an adventure of a lifetime. So, don’t keep yourself away from the desired retreat and visit the coldest deserts now.

Significance Of Vacation Planning

Planning a trip from beforehand is of utmost importance. Planning helps in making the journey smooth and enjoyable. Charting out the itinerary helps in avoiding the last-minute rush. Getting complete information about the places you want to visit during your ideal trip is of utmost importance.

The kind of landscape you prefer also plays an essential part in deciding the perfect holiday locations. The time spent on planning will help you to work out your professional schedule so that nothing comes in the way when you step outside for your vacation time. Therefore, it is best to take your time to decide and then get ready with your bags to embark on your choicest tour. Download the Woovly app now and stay in-tune with your travel bucket list goals.

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