Take Your Wish List To The Sky Like Jiten Bansal Did With His Tandem Skydive In Dubai

Take Your Wish List To The Sky Like Jiten Bansal Did With His Tandem Skydive In Dubai

One would always hear elders talk about success, “sky is the limit”. But how is that success measured? Why is there a limit? Everybody knows the sky ends with the atmosphere, merging into the void called universe. As per us, real success is giving back something to the life that you have been living. Sometimes it takes a courageous heart, an impromptu plan and a bit of money to give you the most unrealistic experience of life. They who say you can’t fly, spread your wings and show them. They who say the sky is the limit, touch the sky and say that you can go higher. Skydive your way in.

With the zeal of fulfilling his wish list of soaring through the sky, Jiten Bansal took his first tandem skydive in Dubai. It was a moment where the world halted as the limitless world was spread before him.

The Trip To Dubai

Jiten Bansal Skydive

Let’s face it; Dubai is not a budget place, especially not when you are about to skydive. However, Dubai does provide one of the most beautiful locations and views when it comes to the sport in Asia. The look of the Palm Jumeirah, the human-made island is unlike any other.

On January 4, 2017, an accidental invitation changed the monotone of Jiten’s life. It was an invite by his colleagues to join them for skydiving in Dubai. Three unknown people travelling for the same purpose, they booked the tickets well in advance. Furthermore, the pre-booking for skydiving had to be done a month or two before based upon the availability of seats and weather conditions.

On February 9, the three took a flight from Delhi to Dubai. Upon arriving, the exploration of the country started. From dinner on a cruise on the first day to desert and belly dance on the other, the trip had been leisure.

However, a chill down the spine ran when the thought of the next day fell upon Jiten’s mind.

The D-day

The three woke up early in the morning. The sleep was rugged as bolts of anxiety and excitement ran through their minds. They were about to jump from 13000 feet high from the sky.

The skydiving allotted to them was of 1:15 pm. Kicking off at 9 am from their residence, the three drove to their mission. Sweaty palms and fidgety fingers were triggering their excitement and contemplation.

They took the metro to Jumeirah Beach. Upon reaching, they headed towards the SKYDIVE DUBAI spot.

The Waiver Form

Upon reaching the reception, Jiten realised how people from all over the world had flocked there to tick off skydiving from their wish list. While some were newbies like them and some others were already experienced.

The steps that followed measured their height and weight. Then their BMI was calculated. People will BMI less than 30 were not allowed for safety purposes. Furthermore, the receptionist then handed them a form to fill in.

They signed the waiver, read the instructions and declared that they had no health issues. However, no insurance would be there if mishaps were to happen. It was not a very sweet revelation. After the signing of the waiver and payment of the remaining fee, they had to wait until the speaker announced their names out loud.


After 15 minutes of waiting, they called Jiten’s group. The instructor took them in his hands from thereon and instructed them further. The jumpsuit given was a little loose. Fixing the harness of each, the instructor placed the goggles on the sides of their arms. They were then asked to put it on inside the plane. Furthermore, the instructor gave them the direction to look up while skydiving, smile in front of the camera, look for his sign when he would give them to hold his hand and let go upon his sign again.

Moreover, the instructor gave Jiten 5 minutes skydiving training – cross arms, head back, knees bent and jump. That’s when the dread fell upon him, and mouth went dry. It was time for the main show.

Boarding the plane

Jiten Bansal Skydive

After instruction, they headed to the boarding site in a golf cart. They climbed in and strapped themselves. At that point, there was no going back. Squished into two benches were four tandem with their instructor and photographer along with two solo divers. Upon reaching 5000 feet, the aeroplane door slid open and stiff breeze of anticipation started giving the goosebumps.

At attaining the height of 13000 feet, Jiten’s instructor asked him to sit on his lap and bend backwards towards his chest so to harness with him. After giving the last of instructions, putting on the goggles, they crawled to the door. Following the photographer’s jump, Jiten let go of his bodily affliction and jumped.

The Skydive

Jiten Bansal Skydive

The first few seconds were blurred as fear overtook. At 120 mph, they achieved terminal velocity. The instructor asked Jiten to bend the legs. After that, it was a dream as the free-falling took the shape of an air cushion. With arms wide and smile spread, he was falling.

The view of the world’s most beautiful island was surreal. After giving his poses to the photographer, he let go of his hand. Jiten and his instructor then disappeared into the clouds.


Jiten Bansal Skydive

After 45 seconds of the free fall of the skydiving, his instructor opened the parachute. They bounced to almost 30 mph against gravity.

Then, it was the panoramic view of Dubai from 5000 feet that left him awestruck.

Further on, the instructor asked him to stand on his feet. He unfastened the harness and loosened his goggles, asking Jiten if he was feeling alright and wanted to try some acrobats in the air. With an enthused grin, he screamed out his yes. Then he spun their parachute 3-4 times to left and right, and he reminisced, how exhilarating it was! The parachute ride down took around 7 minutes and the landing was incredibly soft.

The Landing

Jiten Bansal Skydive


After landing, the three separated friends ran towards each other, hugging as if they had accomplished their ultimate mission. Words were too less to describe the moment after the skydive.

Moreover, it was Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara altogether. Jiten recalled how intoxicated he felt with his mind spinning and light. All the fear and dread that he had felt left his body until he was just feeling content.

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