Japan Ski Resorts in the Summer Are The Best To Experience

Japan Ski Resorts in the Summer Are The Best To Experience

As the snow melts and spring starts, Japan wears a festive look. The blossom is on trees, and a gentle cold breeze accompanies the charming natural beauty of the land of ‘The Rising Sun’. During the summer, Japan is hot in general. But, if that is the reason you don’t want to visit Japan in summer, then you are missing out a lot. If you are one of those adventure-lovers who love Skiing, then there are plenty of Japan Ski Resorts that have saved their spot among the best in the world due to their sheer charm and beauty. 

Japan has a large number of world-class ski resorts. Many people prefer to visit the village of Niseko on the Japanese Island of Hokkaido in winter to get the unique experience of skiing in Japan. But Northern Japan is a great tourist destination throughout the year, because of the snow-clad peaks and unmatched natural beauty. Niseko is another name for skiing to the people who love ski. Experience of skiing in winter, in Japan Ski resort, is much different from skiing in Japan during summer

Best of Japan’s Ski Resorts for Summer Vacation

You will find fewer crowds and a bountiful of outdoor activities, including mountain biking, river rafting, hiking, and many more. Let’s have a look at some of the best Japan ski resorts to find out why you should visit them in summer.

Niseko Ski Resort

Niseko is called heaven for adventure lovers, and it is one of the best ski resorts in Japan. If you want to visit Niseko ski resort, then make sure to add a traditional tea ceremony and world-famous Soba noodles to your list. You can start with a rafting trip on the Shiribetsu River. 

As the temperature in Japan starts rising, most of the skiers and snowboards fall in love with the melted water. To experience the dauntless natural beauty, you can paddle your way through the white waves. 

You will also be able to explore the crystal blue water of Japan Sea with a guided kayak trip. The trip features clear, dazzling water, massive cliffs, and colourful tide pools near the shore. Running, biking is also great ways to enjoy Niseko ski resort in summer. 

Summer is the best season to explore the beautiful countryside of Japan around towering Mt. Yotei. You can also take a gondola to get the panoramic view of the surroundings. If you want to know how diverse can Japan be, then visited this Japan ski resort in summer.

Hakuba Ski Resort

It was the 1988 Winter Olympics that bring the name of the Hakuba ski resort in the spotlight. Hakuba, Japan, is now a world-famous ski resort and visited by many skiers in winter. But, if you want to enjoy the charming beauty of the valley, the crisp breeze, and stimulating, adventurous activities, then summer is the perfect month. 

You can start your adventure from the chairlift up to the peak to get a panoramic view of the Hakuba Valley. You can also go for the zip line course that sends riders over hot spring streams, snow-fed lakes and green, verdant forest. You can also try canoeing, paragliding. 

The trails of the Hakuba ski resort makes it ideal for hiking. You can hike up to Happo Pond, which will be able to give you the view of the high-Alpine landscape, where the mountain gets reflected on the water to offer a surreal image. Most of the Hakuba valley looks colourful because of the enormous variety of floras blooming in summer. At Iwatake, one of Hakuba ski resorts is known or Alpine views, covered with lilies in summer.

Furano Ski Resort

Furano ski resort is famous for its lavender fields in summer. The famous Japanese ski resort gets a purple makeover in summer, which lures travellers from different parts of the world. But, charming natural beauty is only a part of the package. 

Many people visit Furano ski resort in summer to enjoy the variety of adventure activities it offers. Rafting in Sorachi River is one of the most popular summer activities in Furano. The snowmelts excite the visitor more than anything. The main attraction of parasailing in Furano is the fantastic view that you get while soaring over the beautiful countryside. 

If hiking is your favourite activity, then Furano will not disappoint you. Daisetsu-zan National Park surrounds Furano ski resort. You can go on a leisurely hike through the forest and explore the charming natural beauty of Hokkaido. You can also go for canoeing in Sorachi River or enjoy Nordic walking, a northern European form of skiing with your family.

Gala Yuzawa Snow Resort

Yuzawa is a trendy Japan ski resort located in the Niigata prefecture of Japan. It is ideal for skiing from mid-November to May. But, Yuzawa is a place worth visiting in summer as well. In summer, you will be able to explore the magnificent natural beauty of the Gala Yuzawa snow resort. 

One of the main attractions of Yuzawa in summer is the full range of adventure sports, which includes zip lining and summer skiing. Many ski resorts in here stay open in summer so that people can enjoy skiing round the year. You can also enjoy swimming in the local river. The crystal-like water and alluring natural beauty of the place can blow your mind. You can also go for a Japanese style hot spring bath to soothe your aching muscles. 

One of the main attractions of Yuzawa in summer is the Fireflies. There is a place named Haturonasato, which can be translated as the village of fireflies. This is a place where you can see fireflies at night. All these make Yuzawa a perfect place to visit in the summer.

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