How To Do Facial at Home: Your Skin’s Route To Redemption

How To Do Facial at Home: Your Skin’s Route To Redemption

Your skin is a charmer, and it deserves to glow! You work hard every day, and stress has taken that charm away from your face, hasn’t it? Not gaining that charm back might sound like a nightmare to you, but we won’t let it come true. We got you covered with all the DIY facial at home tips that you need to include in your schedule to get that gorgeous skin back. And the good news is that you can carry out these rituals at the ease of your home. To make your face skin lucky, follow these easy steps to get that glow! Check out our How to do facial at home guide below. 

How To Do Facial at Home: Cleaning & Exfoliating Your Skin

How to do facial at home

Clean That Face

Your make up looks good on you, but it has to be taken off. Every good facial will need you to start with removing your makeup. It’s not just makeup, but also the sweat and dirt which sits as a layer on your face. Use a face wash suitable to your skin to wash your face and while you do it, rub it in circular motions to ensure all that makeup, sweat and, dirt comes off. 

Restore the Moisture

Usually, cleaning your face with a face wash drains out moisture from the open pores of your skin. To restore the precious moisture, make a unique face rub. We are here to make things easy and quick, not mushy. 

  • Take a tomato and cut it into slices.
  •  Take a slice, dip it in honey and rub it gently all over your face and neck. 
  • Keep it for ten minutes and use a dampened towel to remove it. 

Exfoliate With Homemade Scrub

Cucumber how to do facial at home

Clean and moisturized skin will make you feel perfect, but you must get rid of that dead skin too. Exfoliating your skin using the perfect homemade scrub will help you get much healthier skin. We have three ingredients scrub recipe for all skin types, which will work just right to slough away that dead skin. You will need aloe vera gel, cucumber, and oatmeal. That’s your DIY facial at home. 

  • Grind Cucumber to a paste
  • Grab a bowl, and mix the cucumber paste, aloe vera gel, and oatmeal
  • Spread the scrub on your face and scrub it gently in circular motions
  •  Leave the scrub on for 10 minutes and let your skin soak all the fresh juices of the cucumber
  •  Rinse it with room temperature water

Tip: Remember, you’re trying to get rid of the dead skin and without torturing it. Make your skin feel special, and do not rub the scrub roughly on your skin to get effective results. The more gentle you’ll be with your skin, the more radiant it will look. And that’s the beginning of our guide for how to do facial at home.

How To Do Facial At Home: Steam, Tone, & Mask

How to do facial at home - Steam

Steam it

You’ve been nudging your skin for too long, so its time that you made it feel relaxed. Steaming your face will make you have sauna leisure at home. It opens your skin pores, increases the level of absorption, and hydrates your skin. Check out this amazing tip for how to do facial at home. 

A combination of steam and herbal tea can be an absolute pleasure for your skin. Herbal tea is rich in antioxidants and has anti-aging benefits, which will make your skin young and nourished. Here’s how to prepare it:

  • Put 4 to 5 cups of water on the stove and heat it till it starts to boil.
  • Add one tablespoon of loose herbal tea into the boiling water. 
  • Let the leaves of the herbal tea release their antioxidant oils in the water for three to four minutes.
  • Take the container off the heat. Cover your head with a towel and let your skin soak all that steam

How To Do Facial At Home: Apply Face Mask

How To Do Facial At Home: Apply Mask

A face mask is always a good idea to finish your facial. As it helps your skin to calm and rejuvenate. You can prepare an effortless face mask at home using only two ingredients, honey, and baking soda. The combination of these two ingredients is majestic and will make you look beaming.

  • Take two tablespoons of baking soda and one tablespoon of honey. 
  • Make a not too thick paste and apply it on your face. 
  • Leave it on your face for eight to ten minutes. 
  • Rinse your face with cold water. Cold water will help close the open pores and tighten your skin. 

How To Do Facial At Home: Apply Face Toner

How To Do Facial At Home: Apply Toner

Your skin needs a nourishing finish, and a homemade toner will be just perfect

  •  Mix apple cider vinegar with cold water soak a cotton wipe into the mixture and swab it on your face.
  •  Let it stay on your face to give a subtle shine. 

Having such a handy DIY facial at home guide is just what you need, right? Following them every alternate day in a week will not only help you have gorgeous skin but a healthier one.

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