Top Houseboat Vacation Spots in India To Plan Your Next Holiday

Top Houseboat Vacation Spots in India To Plan Your Next Holiday

Who doesn’t like the idea of sailing across the river spending a few days on a houseboat? Well, everyone does! Even if you’ve been on a houseboat ride, we are pretty sure you’d want to do it again. Those who have not yet explored this magical experience, we have prepared a list of some fantastic spots where you can go on an adventurous houseboat ride. Say, “Aye Aye Captain!” and get started with us. Check out the best houseboat vacation spots in India.

Spectacular Houseboat Spots In India

Houseboat in Allepy, Kerala

Backwaters of Allepy in Kerala is one of the main houseboats destinations in India. The Backwaters is a famed spot in Kerala for their well built traditional houseboats called Kettuvallam. These boats are famous for the luxurious experience it offers of a lavish drawing room, cosy bedrooms, balcony, kitchen, washrooms and a covered private terrace on a boat. The luxury of a house is experienced on a boat amid serene waters of Allepy. Don’t forget to take part in some entertaining activities like fishing and splashing into the river. The sunset experience on a houseboat in the Backwaters is something you should not miss. 

Houseboat in Dal Lake, Srinagar

The most vibrant city to visit during the summers, Srinagar is known as the summer capital of India. Dal Lake in Srinagar is the famous hub of luxury houseboats called Shikara that are made of wood. The design of these houseboats has artistic carvings that give it a rich appearance. Although these boats look incredibly traditional from outside, they have contemporary luxury touch in their services. You can spend a few hours on the Shikara and soak into the serenity of the Dal Lake. Don’t forget to stop by the floating market and explore the local trading culture. The luxury houseboats in Dal Lake holds the best sunset view for its visitors on the cruise. 

Houseboat in Assam

Assam is a famous hill station spot in India popular for its abundant variety of tea and the mighty Brahmaputra river. River Brahmaputra has become a popular destination for activities like sailing and cruising. You can find various service providers to help you put these amazing activities on your itinerary. One feature that makes Assam stand out of the pack is its rich wildlife, where the tourists get to spot dolphins, animals and rarely seen birds as they enjoy the ride with their loved ones. 

Houseboat in Goa 

Sailing on houseboat across the river Chapora in Goa will give you the most magical tropical vibes. The houseboat experience in Goa is pumped with the soothing breeze in your hairs, and as the sun goes down, you witness the most iconic ocean view. The night calls for music, and party and Goa will make you party hard. Cruising on a houseboat in Goa is full of adventure-packed activities like snorkelling, parasailing and more. The houseboats will take en route to the villages, coconut farms and historic forts. As you enjoy the scenic view, you will be served with some mouth-watering Goan food which will make you want for more. 

Houseboat in Pondicherry

Known as little France in India, Houseboat rides in Pondicherry will take you to a journey where you will indulge in the soothing vibes as you pass through the dense forest that outlines the Chunnambar River. The Chunnambar river spot is famous for its french influenced houseboats. An ideal place to plan a romantic houseboat vacation with your partner. There are numerous luxury houseboats to choose from to organise a romantic getaway. 

Houseboat in Andhra Pradesh

Konaseema in Andhra Pradesh is an ideal place to sail in the pristine Bay of Bengal. The houseboats in this terrain have a traditional name “Dindi.” The houseboats are made of wood and are painted with vibrant colours that make it look like pretty vintage in its appearance. Sailing in the Godavari river, the experience of a houseboat ride becomes unforgettable as you get to experience the sunset and a sky with different shades of yellow and orange that will strike you like the most spellbinding view.

Houseboat in Karnataka

The Swarna River in Udupi, Karnataka is the best place to get away on a houseboat vacation. The houseboats closely resemble the houseboats found in Kerala as they are pretty close in their design and architecture. The boating spot is usually more crowded in comparison to Kerala. The route of the houseboats sailing across the Swarna River will make you pass through coconut farms and rural life of the village. These houseboats have everything you need, from luxury to basic amenities, the infrastructure of these houseboats with their remarkable facilities will leave you impressed.

Houseboat in Kolkata 

Nature bountiful place, Sundarban forest is an adventurous spot to sail in a houseboat. Sailing through the rich mangrove forest of Sundarbans, you will get to sight many wild animals and birds. Don’t be worried about the climate; we say you should chill because one posh feature of the air conditioner in the houseboats will make you feel blissful. Many other sumptuous features will make your wildlife houseboat sail an unforgettable experience.

Here are some of the most exotic houseboat vacation spots in India where you can plan your next holiday. Let us know where are you planning your sailing escape. To add more adventure-packed places in your travel bucket list, download the Woovly app now!

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