Congratulations! Here’s Our Top 10 Local Service Providers On Woovly For May.

Congratulations! Here’s Our Top 10 Local Service Providers On Woovly For May.

Over the past months, Woovly’s platform has been growing its base to many local service providers out there. Each of these service providers have a speciality of their own. Moreover, with content categories ranging from adventure and travel to DIY and hobby, each of them have been providing exciting, educational and authentic activities to do. We love seeing them cook up mouth-watering recipes and we ogle at their talent in teaching us how to make the easiest crafts. Furthermore, the adventures they provide gets us craving the thrill and their local tours across the country makes us want to pack our bags right away. Out of the hundreds, we have curated a list of top 10 service providers who are winning the game!


First and foremost, we extend a warm hand of gratitude to all of these partner merchants. They have been posting amazing high-quality content and certainly making our users love them! We present our leading service providers for the month of May.

1. Amritmoy Das – Physical Fitness

Woovlians know this service provider on the platform by the profile name of “Martial Arts With“. He is leading with 143 posts and counting. Moreover, he is a black belt in Jeet Kune Do, certified yoga instructor and a Limca record holder! Do check out all his yoga and martial arts tutorials!



2. Aryama Nandi – DIY Fashion

This service provider is a fashionista and is more than willing to share her styles and tips with you. Aryama has already created 56 posts for the month and still counting. Furthermore, she excels in the fashion designing and illustration. Give her a view and get illustrating with her!



3. Subhash Pednekar – Travel And Adventure

This service provider has been giving Woovlians the wanderlust with his trekking and camping services around Bhandhardara, Maharashtra. Subhash has posted over 44 posts on the platform. From Ratangarh forest trek to Bhandardara lake camping, you will find the thrill of living! Get adventuring with him after the lockdown around Mumbai.


4. Rhitik – DIY (Art and Craft)

This service provider has got a style of his own and will show you the easiest way to create DIY decors. Rhitik has got over 42 posts on the platform and still counting. From origami to making artistic wall hangings, check him out.


5. Rishab – Dance

This dancer will make you go “ohhhh damn that move”. Rishab has got over 38 posts showcasing his skills and achievement in his dance career. However, you will also find his instructional videos teaching you how to get into the groove.





6. Dhrum – Physical Fitness

The videos of this yogi will get your blood rushing and body stretching in no time. Dhrum has got over 36 posts and more showing you the power of her yoga. Further on, a fun fact about her – she loves, Mountain biking!



7. Gaurav Singh Bhakuni – Travel And Wildlife

If you are a lover of wildlife, then you have got to follow this service provider! With over 33 posts and more, Gaurav will take you on a safari through Jim Corbett National park in Uttarakhand! Moreover, he knows the secret of where to find the most magnificent tigers.




8. Himanshu Matiyal – Physical Fitness

Woovlians know this service provider by the profile name of “Yogi Himanshu“. He certainly holds true to his name of Yogi! With over 33 posts, Himanshu will show you the art of doing yoga and all its benefits! Follow him through to learn more.


9. Tiyasa Mukherjee – DIY (Arts and Craft)

This leading service provider is an artist and painter of her own. Tiyasa has posted over 31 posts on Woovly’s platform. Furthermore, not only does she make amazing doodles and sketches but will also teach you the trick to get the dreamy mix of paints. Gotta start painting!

10. Akash Patil – Travel and Adventure

If you are looking for adventuring in Karnataka, then Akash is your guy! He has posted over 25 posts on the platform where he takes you around Dandeli giving you some amazing adventure activities. Moreover, with all the river rafting and kayaking you get, he can arrange stay and food for you too!







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