Congratulations! Here’s Our Top 10 Local Service Providers On Woovly For JUne

Congratulations! Here’s Our Top 10 Local Service Providers On Woovly For JUne

Over the past months, Woovly’s platform has been growing its base to the local service providers out there. Each of these service providers have a speciality of their own. Moreover, with content categories ranging from adventure and travel to DIY and hobby, each of them have been providing exciting, educational and authentic activities to do. We love seeing them cook up mouth-watering recipes and we ogle at their talent in teaching us how to make the easiest crafts. Furthermore, the adventures they provide gets us craving the thrill and their local tours across the country makes us want to pack our bags right away. Out of the hundreds, we have curated a list of top 10 service providers who are winning the game!


First and foremost, we extend a warm hand of gratitude to all of these partner merchants. They have been posting amazing high-quality content and certainly making our users love them! Hence, presenting our leading service providers for the month of June.


1.Yograj Pandey – Travel and Wildlife

If you are looking for some post lockdown plans, then this service planner will give you the wanderlust with his wildlife travels. Our leading creator for the month, Yograj has created 91 mindblowing posts. We will take you through a crazy safari through Jim Corbett National Park. Moreover, he will tell you and teach you how to photograph the perfect moment too!



2. Archana Upadhyaya – DIY (Art and Craft)

One of our top creators with over 84 posts, we are loving Archana‘s creative arts. From wall art to easy DIY decors to do at home, she will take you through an entertaining tutorial of each. Check her out!



3. Binod Bhadola – Travel and Wildlife

We have another wildlife tour service provider who is no less than the other! Binod has created over 62 posts guiding you through mind-boggling moments. Furthermore, guiding you through Jim Corbett National Park, he will give you all the secret stories of the animals!




4. Backpacker’s Adventure – Travel and Adventure

We understand how being adventure-hungry feels like and this service provider is giving us those major feels through his post. With the profile name, Backpacker’s Adventure, these guys have posted 43 amazing posts. These posts are all about being close to nature! Moreover, they will take you around Himachal Pradesh, from camping in Kasol to trekking in Parvati Valley!



5. Sonu Rawat – Travel and Wildlife

Yet another, wildlife service provider, Sonu Rawat takes his trips through Jim Corbett National Park seriously. With over 62 posts and counting, he would give you a romantic tour like no other. If anyone can get the tigers to come closest to your safari, then it is him.










6. Jitendra – Physical Fitness

If you have been trying to get into yoga then this yogi will give you the tips and tricks to gets your poses and breathing right. With over 44 posts on the platform, Jitendra believes in practice and a calm mind. Furthermore, he is also a Limca records holder for continuous headstand of 35 minutes!










7. Ishika Kedia – DIY (Art and Craft)

Another artist in the house, this service provider is a talented sweetheart. Having created over 38 posts on Woovly’s platform, her embroideries and rangolis are one of a kind. Moreover, Ishika will even teach you the basics to get into sketching!





8. Shikha Agarwal – DIY (Cooking)

With the quarantine on, we have all been getting into the trend of cooking for ourselves. If you are a newbie or searching for fancy recipes then Sikha here will help you out. She has created over 36 posts that gets us drooling in no time. May it be dinner spreads or a sweet tooth craving, she can help you fulfil your food dream!




9. Ravinder Bisht – Travel and Wildlife

Yet another wildlife tour service provider, Ravindra takes you around the nooks and corner of the Uttarakhand. He has created over 26 posts and can take your around the place to discover the most magnificent fauna. Moreover, he will give you interesting facts about his finds too!







10. Bangalore AdvenTuRers – Travel and Adventure

As the name suggests, these are a group of service providers who give the best of breathtaking adventure activities. Bangalore AdvenTuRers have created over 27 posts and counting over the platform. They organise hikes, treks, group tours, nature conservation and so much more. Moreover, they will get your adrenaline rushing with outdoor fun such as kayaking, bouldering and more!



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