Here Are The 15 Best Countries for Adventure Travel In 2020

Here Are The 15 Best Countries for Adventure Travel In 2020

Come I may but go I must’ and this should be a favorite sentence for those who love to travel. Especially for the ones who not only enjoys traveling but are ready to be part of the adventure travels. Adventures can come in multiple ways, and no matter which way you dig in it, you are bound to have the exact taste of the said word. There lies an adventure in almost every place but to make things easier for you we provide you with the names of the best countries for adventure travel in 2020.

Top 15 Adventure Travel Destinations for 2020.

1. Costa Rica

places for adventure travel

This beautiful land lies in the heart of the jungle, and the misty and mighty jungle awaits you with the adventures that are worthy of your memory. Put yourself in the hot aired big balloon and sail through the sky or ride that horse that fascinates you through the beach and life will amaze you with the adventures.

2. Argentina

places for adventure travel

It is a place where you can enjoy the snow-topped mountains or the beautiful blue lakes or the wild tundra on the one side and the treeless plains on the other. Here you can try fly fishing in Patagonia. It is one of the main attractions along with horse riding and camping. 

3. New Zealand

New Zeland Travel

This again is a land of varied landscape, and one of the best places for adventure travel. It offers you a wide range of things to try. Try caving, rafting, bungee jumping in this country if you plan to be here.

4. Australia

Places to visit in Australia

With its extensive and beautiful coastlines, the most varied range of wildlife and the breathtaking landscapes, Australia will definitely be the place that you are looking for. It offers you extreme sports such as rock climbing, surfing and skydiving, and scuba diving.

5. Portugal

places to visit in Portugal

Portugal is the land of explorers and the best place for adventure trips. The coast of this place offers you the best whale watching, and the volcanoes only raise your desire to watch them in their aggressive form.

6. Greece

adventure travel destinations in India

Greece is the land of the beautiful islands; this is the land of epic sunrises and the most beautiful sunsets. Here you can windsurf and dive underwater and can climb the peaks for the views that no other country can ever produce. 

7. Italy

best countries for adventure

Italy presents you with an extraordinary range of natural beauty. There is nothing beautiful, like just driving through the roads of Tuscany, the Carpi caves and the water gives you the best boating experience.

8. Brazil

best countries to visit in 2020

The largest country in South America. A land that has always been the destination for tourists of all interests can offer you the most beautiful adventures of your life. Be it the Rio festival or boating through the most significant wetlands of Pantanal or boating under falls, Brazil is the paradise for adventure lovers.

9. Spain

best countries to visit in 2020

Spain can amaze you with the range of adventures, and if you love to live free and you have the spirit to be a free soul full of fun, take part in la-Tomatina. You can put your feet into sea caving, snorkeling, trail running, and rock climbing and wait for the adventures that make you come back to this place to explore more.

10. Thailand

best countries to visit in 2020

No, Thailand is no more a place only for the newlyweds anymore, but it more for the people who call for adventure in their life. The beautiful beaches and the world inside the water will leave you speechless. The streets and the varied food culture are bound to have your attention while exploring.

11. Iceland

best countries to visit in 2020

Iceland can surely be the place for sky lovers. Snorkeling between the two countries and exploring the icy glaciers or hiking in the cold waterfalls can definitely fulfill your call for adventure.

12. Canada

best countries to visit in 2020

You call it, and you have it in Canada! Enjoy hike, ski, bike, and paddle your way across the trails of Trans Canada Trail. You will only want to have it more, and if you are lucky and have a day left in your hand, then chase northern lights or spot the polar bears in their hunt.

13. Belgium

best countries to visit in 2020

Belgium is most known for its Bungee jumping and skiing. The serene beauty of this place also lies in their art and architecture, so, grab your favorite car and be a part of the city’s exploring journey.

14. Sri Lanka

best countries to visit in 2020

the country with the rambling temple ruins, golden beaches and leafy tea plantation, and the eye-soothing mountains this is the one best place for the adventure lovers.

15. Switzerland

best countries to visit in 2020

The name is enough to explain what scenic beauty this place holds for travelers of all ages. Explorers from all over the universe pay a visit even once in their life in Switzerland. Camping, bungee jumping, and the mesmerizing snowfalls are bound to make you love this place.

So, this brings us to the end of the list with adventure travel in 2020 destinations. You may not want to miss them if you’re looking for some rocking adventures in your life. Download the Woovly App and start exploring new adventure avenues. 

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