Want A Boho Look? Check Out These Elements To Add In Your Home Decor Ideas

Want A Boho Look? Check Out These Elements To Add In Your Home Decor Ideas

Your hippie heart may have come to rest, but it is the soul that never stops seeking. Being a hippie is not only trotting around and the globe and discovering the mixture of culture. But it is also about the inconvenient meaning of beauty you add to your own life. Now that, we are stuck at home, why not make the best of the time and give our living space a part of our individuality? Bohemian home decor is all about freedom is aesthetics. It is about mixing our art, cultures and styles around the world to give a form that you call “yours.” Moreover, what seems like the dark times, it is never late to light up your homes with positive vibes. Splash of colours, the changing layers of patterns and the elements to add that give the space a sense of living, here are some must-have items to add to your home decor ideas.

Best Accessories To Add To Your Bohemian Home Decor Ideas

There is a strange sense of being organised in a stable mess; that’s what it means to be bohemian or boho. Every room decor added is a part of your personality. Moreover, the whole point of such decor is to make you feel light, cosy and enjoyable. Bohemian is about the mix of things that add a sense of uniqueness and memories that give a layer.

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Earthy Colour Palette

bohemian home decor ideas

Bohemian home decor ideas are all about colours, being bold and expressive (but not bad). Since it is about spreading positivity, the accents are feature earthy colours. Shades of blues, reds and greens on the walls are perfect for people who like to have a pop in their rooms. However, if you want a peaceful time, treat your wall as a blank canvas of white and you can add in colourful elements. Moreover, tribal patterns are a favourite of people to add in that tinge of Earthiness in the form of cushions, rugs and wall hanging while furniture is kept wooden or with a brown hue.

Indoor Plants

bohemian home decor ideas

The closest you can feel to earth is through plants. Home decor idea for an unconventional space is never complete if it does not have a live-in feeling. Plants add life to your home. Furthermore, you can spend time growing these into healthy beings. You can also decorate them in any way you want. While many prefer keeping succulents in their house, we also suggest keeping indoor plants along the stairs or near your kitchen window. While keeping centre piece botanicals are a common practice, you can use creative up-cycled materials like bottles and baskets to hang the plants.


bohemian home decor ideas

Bohemian is all about celebrating art and artistic designs. You boho room decor ideas are almost incomplete without the inclusion of tapestry. Taking this idea from medieval times, people used tapestries are a weaved art form. Addition of the same is an ode to handmade textile art. They are cheap, can be handmade and add that despite illusion in a larger space. If you have for a blank canvas for a wall, an addition of a mandala tapestry or a knit macrame tapestry is a sight to view. Moreover, if you have got time in your hand, you can paint or stitch your own style as well. The coolest part is that you can use them for wall hanging ideas, bedding or a carpet.


Rugs and carpets are that one thing we had seen in our parents out when we were kids. With geometrical patterns and designs, these rugs have been back in fashion for quite a while and accentuate your living room interior design. However, we are not talking about the heavy and thick carpets but the inexpensive ones with mellow colours. On a wooden or marble flooring, it adds the much-needed contrast. Moreover, you can use neutral rugs are well if your floor is mayhem of textures or you can layer one on another. It gives a much needed vintage vibe to your contemporary space.

Macrame and Fringes

Dream catchers and macrame wall hangings are a classic Native American style bohemian wall hanging ideas. When it comes to room decor ideas, one can play with the colours of these and make their own statement. Moreover, bohemian is all about sustainability and cheap! Macrame is not only easy to source, but you can go as creative as you want with them. While white macrame wall hangings are my personal favourite, you can make use of colourful ones too. Fringes at the end of any decor add in the idea of free flow in it. You can also create storage hangings, or a wrap-around for vases, hanging plants, stationary storage, and so much more for your room decor ideas. Further on, brown and feathery dreamcatchers are a teen classic. You can accentuate it by adding glitters, beads and make it any size.

DIY Decor

As mentioned, boho home decor ideas celebrate sustainability and what is more sustainable than decors made by hand. With the time you have at hand, you can make your own art and craft to add to your wall hanging ideas. One of the best home decor ideas is the collection of art pieces. Moreover, you can paint your furniture, giving them the colours you desire. The idea is to make your space look as lived-in as possible. That’s what gives it the cosy feel. DIY decors can also mean the addition of used buttons, bottles, yarns and more to hang your decors, fairy lights or just accentuate your furnishings. Perhaps the collection of pretty trinkets you have had from your childhood or the shells from the beach, it is the right time to take them out. Don’t let any go into waste!

Handmade Textiles

Just like DIY and more, bohemian home decor ideas welcome handmade textiles from around the world. The trick is to add in the elements from the past, present and different cultures of the world. It’s like the world at your feet! There are countries around the world with their style of weaving and knitting making their textiles. For instance, Ikat craft, Chancay and Molas of Native Americans or Adire tie-die of the Yoruba people, a mix of these make for a world-class living room design. That’s what it means to liven up your room after all. Further on, you can use them as your bedding, tapestry and cushion!

Home decor ideas with these few essential elements of bohemian designs are honestly endless. You just have to find the ones that call out the most to you. Something with a history and a culture, each room decor idea has to narrate a story of its own. Furthermore, you can be loud and bold or even mellow and minimal.

You can have minimal decor with a few of these elements or have an amalgamation to give out the maximum feel. The idea is to make space cosy, positive and free-spirited. Don’t restrict yourself. Just choose your colours well enough to complement each other.

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