Here Are Some Healthy Breakfast Tips To Grab On Go Or For That Lazy Morning

Here Are Some Healthy Breakfast Tips To Grab On Go Or For That Lazy Morning

Healthy eating has always come with a bad reputation. With tons of green vegetables and no meat, that is the idealism of healthy that we have all learnt as kids. However, that is precisely what is unhealthy. A healthy diet comprises of a balanced one with a sufficient amount of vitamins, proteins, fat and carbs. With the right amount of meat, vegetable and sweet, you are good to go about your day with it being delicious yet healthy. Further on, homecooked and freshly brought ingredients make for a satisfying as well as a conscious meal. While talking about food, many forget how vital breakfast is while going about the day. A quantitative breakfast will not only keep you full till lunch but make sure that you start your day with a bang.

Quick And Easy Healthy Breakfast Ideas To Try

Talking about breakfast, that is the time when most of us are either in a rush to get to work, start our day in college or just plain hungry to want an easy, quick meal. While we may forget to eat altogether, many others choose from cereal options to processed food to begin our day. Soon enough, you are either distracted by your hunger or your sugar levels crash, causing low energy. Moral? A hearty breakfast is the best way to start your day. Here are some healthy breakfast tips to try at home.

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You can whip a whole meet out of just eggs, and they are the perfect healthy breakfast to grab. Eggs are a staple in breakfast cuisines around the world; may it be egg and bacon in the USA, egg with nachos in Mexico or just a Turkish breakfast spread with poached eggs. If you want the basics of English breakfast, then you could make yourself a half fried egg, or if you are an Indian street food lover, then you would know the love for bread and omelette in the mornings. However, with the boost in Instagram, you can go creative with your dishes with sandwiches, egg bites, egg muffins, and so much more!

Moreover, you can make a sandwich with a poached egg on top of sauces and sliced avocado or bake your eggs with as many vegetables stuffed in between the loaves. Another workout favourite is boiled or soft-boiled eggs. Sprinkle some salt and pepper or fried onions; it will become your go-to.


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A lot can be done with oatmeal. A lesser-known fact about oatmeal is that it keeps you filled up for a long time and those with a sweet tooth; it is a blessing. If you are a baker, then you can bake yourself oatmeal cookies, granola bars or cake bites. Grind your oats to make flour (oat flour) out of it, and you go about the usual baking recipes.

Furthermore, one of the best morning meals to enjoy is overnight oats. Mix up milk, oatmeal and top it up with nuts, fruits and spreads to make different favours. One of our favourites is the mixture of walnuts, banana, honey, cinnamon along with oatmeal and milk. There are varieties for cocoa powder and hazelnuts too! A naturally healthy breakfast without much work and you could make it sweet without


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A common availability in Indian households are rice flakes, and they make for a perfect and authentic, healthy breakfast meal in various forms. One of the most popular breakfast option through the subcontinent is the yellow rice flaked topped with tomatoes, peanuts and mint leaves is Poha. Sauteed with a little bit of desi ghee or organic oil, you can whip yourself a fragrant morning Poha. Moreover, you can add your own mix of vegetables and spices. Many in South India prefer eating poha with flavoured chutneys while many on the streets of North India eat it with ketchup. You can always have your fill. Your kitchen, your rules.


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A kiddy favourite from the USA is pancakes. However, if the thought of having pancakes filled with flour is redundant to you, then there are plenty of ways to make this childhood favourite into a healthy breakfast option. Grind oatmeal into powder and replace flour with it to complete your recipe. Further on, whisk eggs, add in milk and baking powder to the oatmeal and make your pancakes with some avocado, coconut oil or even vegetable oil as a substitute for butter to fry your cakes. With a little topping of banana and honey or maple syrup or a new dry fruits or choco syrup, you have a delicious cafe style breakfast to go.

Chia Pudding

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Pudding in general sounds like a fancy deal to many or sweet dish to many others. However, but those with a sweet tooth would understand how lovely it is to grab a delicious bite for the long run, especially if it is healthy and filling. If you are scared of a little sugar intake in the morning, then there are a variety of ways to make this pudding naturally sweetened with honey and dry fruits. Moreover, chia seeds are a known substance with high protein and fibre. With a lesser amount, you would be surprisingly full!

Further on, you can quickly whisk it before heading to bed at night. While the chocolate and vanilla pudding taste like sinful dessert, you can even make brown rice pudding if you’d prefer something more substantial for a meal. Whisk in some brown rice with yoghurt, chia seeds and berries, you are good to go. For the other two, add in milk, vanilla, cocoa (for chocolate pudding) with a hint of maple syrup or honey, and you have your dessert. You would neither have to switch on your cooker or oven. All you have to do is refrigerate the mixture.


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Smoothies are something we have always associated with celebrities. With tons of greens and fruits added, the idea of smoothies can seem healthy yet not so appealing. However, with their colourful thick consistency, smoothies, if the made right can turn out to be delicious mayhem of fruits, vegetables, nuts and even chocolate or vanilla. Moreover, they make for an all-in-one meal with vitamins, fibre and protein. With the addition of herbs and spices, your smoothie meal is a complete one! One of our favourites is grinding ripe bananas, yoghurt, vanilla essence with a dash of honey for a creamy banana smoothie. You can add in a little spinach too to give it the goodness of the greens our mothers always talk about. You can make a smoothie bowl too!

BONUS: A cup of black tea, lemon tea or green tea with a dash of honey is a good start to the day. Moreover, it is a good caffeine replacement for coffee.

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