Halloween in India: Mayong Village in Assam Could Be A Spooky Experience With Black Magic

Halloween in India: Mayong Village in Assam Could Be A Spooky Experience With Black Magic

Halloween is known as the festival of spooky costume parties with children trick or treating for candies. When we think of Halloween, we refer to the atmosphere that Netflix created in one of its shows named ”Chilling Adventure of Sabrina”. We believe that somehow, they got everything right about having a perfect setting and look of Halloween throughout with Black Magic. However, as much appealing as Halloween seems, in India, we rarely see this festival finding its ground. Yes, you may see some friends having a small get-together, but that’s the end of it. 

If you are someone who loves everything spooky and horror stories favourite genre for you discuss with friends on a stormy and thunderous night, then we have found just the right place for you to visit and quench your hunger for everything paranormal.

This Halloween, we found out a unique haunted destination that you can visit to tick the spooky one on your Bucket List. The mysterious destination called Mayong is a village in Assam. Now, we are not trying to tag this beautiful place as the horror central of India. The spooky side comes as a part of the festival celebrated by the locals and some of the traditions still kept alive them that also includes Witchcraft. Halloween in India now has a spot in the form of Mayong village.

A Magical Yet Spooky Festival That Gives Real Halloween Feels

In Mayong village, one can expect more Magic shows where sorcery practitioners are found exhibiting their skills on stage, and you can also witness the cultural side of Assam where the locals are found in open stalls selling some unique sorcery handicrafts.

The village is named after the Sanskrit word, Maya, and as it sounds, the village does have a vibe that can be best described as ‘illusion-friendly.’ Some of the locals believe that the name of the village has been derived from the Maibong clan, who once resided there.

Here Comes The Eerie Part

The interesting part of the narrative is that the villagers have no idea of the inception of sorcery and Black Magic in the village, but just like many practices are passed on over generations, even the witchcraft in Mayong could be one of those. You can also expect many weird stories where people are turned into animals, and the scariest part is the locals strongly believe them to be true. These stories make Mayong one of the most haunted places in India.

Everything Mystical To See In Mayong & Things To Try

Don’t forget to visit the Mayong Central Museum. It is perhaps the only museum that has scriptures compiling all the tantras and sorcery techniques. But you know what? None of them can be decoded; the rumor has it that even renowned cryptographers failed at doing so.

Right from body aches to measles, local tantric in Mayong claim to have an immediate cure to soothe you out. Just a copper plate loaded with mantras can give the result. The influx of education has seen people rightly moving away from the tantra cure. The shift has lead many sorcery artists to work at farms as there are lesser takers of their services.

Make Mayong Your Halloween Destination in India

Visiting Mayong could tick off the spooky item in your Bucket List, you shall not only test your fears but also play a small role by giving some attention to the mystical village. Other than the mysterious vibe of the village, the natural beauty of Mayong is breathtaking. Of course, you will have a brush with practitioners of Black Magic and believers of Tantra. It does add a lot to the overall appeal of this small village.

What’s your take on Mayong? Would you like to visit this village in India? Let us know in the comments below. 

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