Google Ranks Tel Aviv As Top Travel Destination 2020, Find Out Why

Google Ranks Tel Aviv As Top Travel Destination 2020, Find Out Why

No matter whatever is your subject line, when it comes to travelling, asking Google is the first step we all take! In recent days, the hugely popular destination Tel Aviv has caught Google’s eyes and made it to the top 5. With 2.5 million international visitors every year, it is no surprise. Not only Google listing but this Israeli metropolitan city, Tel Aviv, has been gaining popularity and prestigious ranks like that of Knight Frank, Conde Nast Traveler, Forbes, and National Geographic, for some time now. 

Awesome Tel Aviv Attractions And The Fun Things To Do In Tel Aviv

So what makes Tel Aviv the top travel destination 2020? Let us have a sneak peek of this exotic Tel Aviv tourism before we plan a trip to it.

Sun Washed Superlative Beaches

With 14 km of extensive Mediterranean beaches, Tel Aviv is a must for those who love the beaches. From Gordon to Jerusalem this city hosts the best beaches in the world. The soft sandy beaches with crystal clear water and the backdrop of the skyscrapers are the driving factors for the tourists. Some of the city’s best beaches are Hilton beach, Jerusalem Beach, Gordon Beach, Bograshov Beach, Mezizim beach, and Ha’Maravi, Frishman, Banana, Ajami, and Dolphinarium beaches.

Heaven For Summer Vacationers

The Mediterranean climate of this place is warm and sees a lot of sunshine for most of the year, which is apt for the beach animals. Soak in the sun, lay your back on the warm sands, and have a relaxing sunbath. Love swimming? The perfect water temperature will invite you for a dive or any other water sports available. 

Extensive Promenade

The miles of boardwalk along the coastline is a special thing to experience. Take a stroll along the walk on-looking at the azure sea and happy faces all around. You can also take a quick bite on excellent falafel sandwiches.

Comfortable Bike Routes

Don’t want to get stuck in the traffic in the city? Get a rental bike and travel through the pleasant bike routes which take you throughout the city anywhere you want to go. This is a much comfortable and fashionable ride viewing the city all over. 

Thriving Nightlife

A heaven for the party animals, the nightlife of this city is excellent with night pubs, nightclubs, bars, and dance bars. Partying is like a religion in this place, irrespective of a weekday or a weekend. Think of partying on the rooftops or on the charming night beaches all night long, forgetting everything about the outside world, then that is what the hedonistic culture of the place follows. The city is said as the one who ‘never sleeps.’ So, let loose and party!!

World’s Leading Hotels

Top-notch, world-class hotels dotting the white city this is a paradise for the luxury seekers. It is the home of several boutique hotels top-ranked worldwide — skyscraper hotels with spa, rooftop pools, high-class bars, and whatnot. The Drisco hotel, the Royal Beach, the Embassy Hotel, Crowne Plaza, Abraham hotel, Isrotel, and Hilton are among the best. Above 6500 rooms in 44 hotels, Tel Aviv welcomes all.

Different City Tours In Different Languages

Several tours will take you around the city’s magnificent museums, architectural and cultural sites. Popular are bus tours, architectural tours, Segway tours, and walking tours. These tours are conducted in different languages. Choose your comfortable language and get going around the white city.

Beautiful City Parks

With 19% green land area, this city hosts huge urban parks. The Hayarkon Park calls for 16 million visitors every year. Charles Clore Park, Independence Park, Meir Park, Dubnow Park are among the well-liked. 

Top LGBT Destinations

Where hedonism is the religion, this city sees a large number of tourists from the LGBT community. Spotted as the ‘best gay city in the world’ by the American Airlines, Tel Aviv welcomes all. It has got the LGBT Community centre and hosts the Tel Aviv Pride, which is the largest LGBT parade held across Asia and the Middle East.

The World’s Vegan Food Capital

Food becomes our top priority when planning for a trip and a place like Tel Aviv needs no introduction to its food culture. The local Israeli cuisine by almost all the restaurants and are marvellously delicious. Having a bite on the traditional dishes is indeed an experience to savour. World-class restaurants, hundreds of sushi joints, and gorge your senses on Halva ice cream.

So, here is your list of best places to visit in Tel Aviv and the fun things to do in Tel Aviv. What are you waiting for? Pack your bag now and get ready for the trip to the top travel destination 2020. Tel Aviv, with all its amazing attractions, is waiting for you. Download the Woovly app now and add it to your list right away. 

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