Fun Bucket List Activities For Fathers And Daughters To Make The Bond Stronger

Fun Bucket List Activities For Fathers And Daughters To Make The Bond Stronger

Every parent wishes to have a level of intimacy with their child; they want to be their friends. But the equation is strange between fathers and daughters. I have often heard people say,”A person may have a girl and a boy, but the father will still love his daughter more.'” More often than not, it is accurate. However, due to the age difference as well as the different gender roles that parents play, dads remain a sort of an enigma to their little girls, a wall that can be felt but never seen through, which is vice versa. Spending time with your father/daughter is imperative. In this article, we are covering some of the fun bucket list activities for fathers and daughters to strengthen their bond.

Top Bucket List Activities For Fathers and Daughters

As time passes by and daughters grow, they seem to connect more with their mothers, where again, gender roles come into play. Fathers are typical to not openly show their emotions and feelings, making it all the more secretive to their growing daughters who fail to relate to such a lack of vulnerability. But deep down, both want to know each other more and break the ice of silence. Here is a list of fun bucket list activities for fathers and daughters to slay the bonding game:

1. Cook Together

fun bucket list activities for fathers and daughters - Cooking

Hit the kitchen together and cook your favourite meal. You both might be the worst chefs on the planet, but the fun of cooking along with the parent lesser known for their culinary skills is always an adventure. Cooking is known to have therapeutic effects on people, and you might have a chance of opening up about yourselves more to each other, even when you’re subconsciously doing something else. Not only will cooking together make for great bonding time, but you both would also give space to your mother/wife from her daily chores and proffer her a break from her routine.

2. Exploring New Place

fun bucket list activities for fathers and daughters - Travel

You could go on a short trip to a nearby nature trail, or a new city, or an amusement park you’ve never been to before. The thrill of discovering a new place will be an excellent activity for daughters and fathers trying to bond together. A father’s discipline and experiences, coupled with his daughter’s spontaneity, could complement each other, as both works together as a team to figure their way through the place. In the end, you will end up discovering a lot more about yourselves and each other throughout the entire journey, plus your adventures would make great stories later!

3. Head To The Beach

fun bucket list activities for fathers and daughters - Beach

Beaches are the first thing that pops in one’s mind when thinking of fun activities. A father-daughter day trip to the beach is bound to make good memories, no matter what your age is. Even simple things like collecting seashells, building a sandcastle together, running along the shore, or going for a swim will act as great bonding activities for dads and their daughters. Top off a well-spent day at the beach by watching the beautiful sunset as you both sit beside each other and let your hearts out while admiring the beautiful view. A must-add activity to your bucket list.

4. Start A New Hobby Together

fun bucket list activities for fathers and daughters - Shared Hobby

Picking up a new hobby will not only keep you occupied but will also make to have something to look forward to every day. Fathers and Daughters could pick a hobby together, such as learning to play a musical instrument, listening to a new music band, learning a new language, starting a new collection, or creating new stuff daily. Don’t forget to keep updating each other about the progress. The excitement and joy of trying something new multiplies when done together as it allows sharing happiness when you hit that note, or perfect that syllable or figure out that code. This way, you both will have something new to talk about every day.

5. Watch Favourite Movies Together

fun bucket list activities for fathers and daughters - Watching Movie

The age difference between Fathers and Daughters can make it a bit difficult to relate to each other, and more often than not, the easiest way to break this ice is by understanding what makes them who they are. Take some time off and watch your favourite movie with them, as it would reflect a lot about the kind of person that they are. Ask them questions about the movie; give your feedback about the film, and share your favourite parts. The other person is going to love to see you take an interest in something that they love and see the magic happen as the conversation flows on its own. At the end of it, you both will end up feeling more open and relaxed in each other’s company than before. Watching a movie together is a fun bucket list activity that may become a regular for you two.

6. Teach a New Skill

Dads! What better way to spend time with your daughter than to teach her a new skill yourself? You could teach her how to drive a car, how to play a sport, how to play an instrument. You could also teach them a hobby or passion of your own that you’d like them to pursue like singing, or dancing, or acting. Whatever it may be, this is a great way to continue your legacy and spark a new interest in your child. You never know, you might even be building a future career prospect in their life through your efforts. Another bucket list activity that shall leave its mark for years to come.

7. Build/Fix Something Together

Dads are known to be the heroes of the house when it comes to being savvy with those fixing tools, and their valuable knowledge could act as essential life skills for their daughters in the future. Build a dog kennel together, or fix the lights in your house or work together for your new science project. Not only will it make daughters learn a valuable skill, but it could also act add up as gender role lessons as dads teach their girls why they are no less than any man in the world. Plus, dads get a new personal assistant to help them out during their future fixing/building endeavours.

8. Go Camping

fun bucket list activities for fathers and daughters - Camping

Nature is the best way to rejuvenate, and in this hi-tech world, taking a day off from the luxuries of the typical urban life and living the wild way is the best way to teach kids the importance of self-sufficiency. Not only that, but camping is also a great way to explore new places and bond with your dad or daughter as you both take some time off your work and phones and have real conversations with each other about your life and enjoy the thrill of living off-beat. Spend the night surrounded by nature, under a beautiful night sky beside a crackling bonfire. You could add to the fun by cooking your meals or searching for food near your campsite.

9. Go On Father/Daughter Date

Who said dates only need to be among significant others? Dates are about bonding with each other, and a dad-daughter date is a perfect excuse to make a dull day special. Go on a brunch or coffee date or a table at a luxurious restaurant. Have your favourite meal together and keep your phones, or any other distractions away. Remember, the point of it is not to splurge on each other, but to spend some quality time together. You can talk about your day or your life in general, and update each other on how you have been feeling recently. This one is certainly the cutest bucket list activity.

10. Narrate Stories

Everyone has a special memory of their childhood often more than one), which makes for great stories for their children. Take some time off your daily schedule and tell your dad to narrate a story from their childhood. You’ll be surprised to hear the great stories that they have to share with you, and it will intrigue you to want to know more about how their childhood had been. Dads will surely enjoy this trip down memory lane, as they recall all those good memories and watch their children listen to them with such interest.

11. Dad-Daughter Game Night

It might sound childish, but playing is a great bonding activity as it brings out the inner child. You can go for a friendly match in a board game, or grab the remote controls to play your favourite video game. You could choose to play as teams or against each other. Either way, both of you are going to have lots of fun as one tries to teach or outwit each other. Dads can also provide some helpful tips or tricks to their daughter that they have learned over the years and see your little girl become a lot wiser!

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