Forbidden Places To Visit For A Challenging Bucket List

Forbidden Places To Visit For A Challenging Bucket List

There are many fantastic tourist destinations around the world. A long vacation or short escapade refreshes the mind and energises the body. People who are passionate about traveling love to explore new places often. Hence, people usually try to plan holidays as per their convenience. Individuals who are inclined towards adventure prefer to explore exciting locations. If you want to embark on an adventurous streak, then having the most incredible and daunting bucket list of destinations is vital. Visiting exotic locations is going to satiate the traveller in you. We suggest a few forbidden places to visit and you may add them all to your bucket list.

How To Prepare For A Daunting Trip?

Gaining full information about the places you want to visit from beforehand is a sensible decision. It aids you in pointing out the destinations that you would love to explore. For this reason, an itinerary always accompanies a vacation plan. Challenging yourself is a good idea to test your limits. Travelling can have a challenging aspect if you decide to visit and explore some well known prohibited places in the world. However, some boundaries can’t be pushed regarding forbidden locations. Some forbidden places to visit might have some leeway that allows you to tour those places, but the toughest ones form a formidable bucket list.

The Forbidden Places In The World

The word forbidden comes with an alluring connotation, and travel freaks are undoubtedly mesmerized by the forbidden places in the world. To augment your knowledge, we have carefully curated a list of prohibited places to visit that will fascinate you.

North Brother Island

forbidden places to visit

This Island is a part of New York City. There are multiple islands present in New York, but this Island has a fascinating history. There was no human habitation in this Island till 1885. As the Island was empty, it was used to erect a hospital. Patients who had contracted infectious diseases were stationed in that hospital. The Typhoid fever which broke out in the country was caused by a patient of that hospital known by the name of Mary Mallon.

In the year 1905, survivors from a steamship fire inhabited the Island. The Island has also served as a refuge for veterans of World War II. It was also a rehabilitation site for drug addicts. All the activities on the Island were suspended in the year 1963. Individuals are restricted from visiting this Island, and it is presently kept as a sanctuary for black-crowned night herons.

Heard Island

forbidden places to visit

This Island is quite close to the Antarctic continent. The Island lies in the southern part of the Indian Ocean. It is present within the map of Australia. This Island is regarded as the region that is farthest from the modern world. The polar climate has covered the Island in massive glaciers. Mawson peak that is the highest peak of the continent is situated here, which is also an active volcano.

Seal hunting activity was prevalent on this Island during 1855, but after 30 years of constant hunting, the seals disappeared utterly. The Australian government has placed multiple strictures on entering the Island as outsiders or visitors. It is now designated as a marine and nature reserve. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Lascaux Caves

Places You cannot Visit

Situated in France, it is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The visual treasure, which is an incredible part of these Caves, consists of around 2000 cave paintings. These paintings are almost 17000 years old. The design is meticulous and intricate. The cave was first discovered in 1940. For centuries the Caves have witnessed airtight condition. This has led to the preservation of mineral pigments.

The presence of colours on the symbolic cave paintings is due to those pigments. The depictions present in this site show moving animals such as charging bulls and galloping horses etc. Till 1960 the cave attracted innumerable visitors, but due to do daily visits, fungus and mould started corroding the paintings on the cave walls. This led to the closing of the site for public viewing in 1963. Presently only researches visit the place for preserving the remaining paintings.

North Sentinel Island

Places You cannot Visit

Situated on the Bay of Bengal this Island is regarded as a part of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. This Island is wholly detached from modern culture. It is the habitat of the Sentinelese people. The Indian government protects this Island from external invasions. It is estimated as per Census data that there are around 150 people on the Island. The people speak a unique language. They take shelter in huts. They make narrow canoes for travelling in and around the Island. The people live the life of hunter-gatherers.

The indigenous people of this Island prefer a peaceful life and do not allow outsiders inside their Island. They have built weapons like bows and arrows as well as spears with iron tips to keep away people. The Indian government has strictly prohibited people from visiting this Island. This has also been done for the well being of the Sentinelese people because they have a weak immune system that is not prepared to combat diseases.

Surtsey Island

Places You cannot Visit

It is located in Iceland. The Island came into being due to the volcanic eruptions that occurred in 1963. The volcanic activity continued for four years. This led to the naming of the Island after a giant present in the Norse tales. The scientists studied the initiation of life on this volcanic arena. As the Island was newly formed and presented scientists with the opportunity to study natural evolution, public entry was banned in the Island to eliminate all paths of contamination.

These forbidden places to visit might urge you to buckle your seat belt and go out for a journey. But as you already have understood that currently, many of these locations are entirely off-limits while some are accessible with individual permissions. But it is best to keep these places in your bucket list because we never know what lies in the future, and you might get to visit these destinations one day.

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