A Healthy Body To A Healthy Mind, Here Are 8 Superfoods Which Provide Vitamin C

A Healthy Body To A Healthy Mind, Here Are 8 Superfoods Which Provide Vitamin C

With the corona scare spreading faster than ever in the world, everyone is moving towards a healthy lifestyle. With countries and cities around the world going under lockdown, the question of health and immunity is ever rising. In this world of uncertainty, one can only consider keeping themselves and their loved ones as healthy as possible. May it be a healthy diet or cleaning habits, there is no better time than this to start with it. Moreover, with various medical resources suggesting the intake of vitamins and more to boost immunity, the focus is on Vitamin C that your body doesn’t produce naturally. However, when it comes to immunity, nothing is needed more than Vitamin C. While it is a known fact that citrus foods contain the highest content of it, there are various superfoods to boost it as well. Here’s our guide to some of the best foods which contain Vitamin C and you should add to your diet.

Best Food Items Containing Vitamin C

Like mentioned above, Vitamin C is an essential vitamin, meaning your body can’t produce it. However, with a lack of it, it is not only scurvy you are risking but also protection against various acute and chronic diseases. Furthermore, it is water-soluble and mostly found in many fruits and vegetable. It also adds to a lower risk of heart problems, managing blood pressure, handling iron level and most importantly, boosting immunity.

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foods rich in Vitamin C.

A bite into one cold orange slice is the refreshment you need as the afternoons get hotter. As much as we like the pulpy slice or its juice, we will have you know that these fruits make up for a significant Vitamin C intake. Moreover, one medium-sized orange provides 70mg of the said vitamins. You can also make meringue and jams out of it or grab one with your breakfast.


foods rich in Vitamin C.

While we have seen many videos of kids reacting to eating lemons and making faces, we can assure you that is not the best way to consume it. Lemons, however, contain the highest amount of Vitamin C with 83 mg including its peel. Moreover, lemon juice acts excellently as an antioxidant which can be used with warm water as a weight loss tip. Lemons taste delicious as desserts as well as creamy sauces.


foods rich in Vitamin C.

Moving onto the green, Broccolis are a known vegetable disliked by kids in the west and kind of a luxury to Asian kids. It is perhaps one of the best sources of fibre as well as Vitamin K, and Vitamin C. One-half cup of cooked broccoli provides 51 mg of Vitamin C. Moreover, not only can you enjoy boiled broccoli with salt and pepper seasoning, you can enjoy it with creamy pasta and steak as well. We’d suggest trying roasting it too!


foods rich in Vitamin C.

Talking about super healthy foods, kale is the king of greens, and like broccoli, it also is a cruciferous vegetable. It probably has the highest content of Vitamin A, K, B6, manganese, calcium and not to mention, Vitamin C. A cup of chopped kale, contains 80 mg of Vitamin C while a cup of cooked kale contains 53 mg. Furthermore, while eating it raw is the best way of intake, a lot of us may find that too redundant. You can boil it or add it into a soup, pasta or make chips out of it.


Sweet and watery, who knew Lychee would be a good source of Vitamin C. Many of us as kids have had a lot of lychee juice, but the best way of eating it is to break the fruit and eat the pulp. Not only are they useful for increasing your blood collagen levels, but one lychee provides 7mg of vitamin C.


foods rich in Vitamin C.

Talking about fruits and vegetables, people often forget herbs being the source of vitamins at all. However, these sprinkled herbs contain more vitamins than anything. Thyme is a superfood that provides three times more Vitamin C than oranges. Moreover, it has the highest concentration of the said vitamin out of all other culinary herbs. 1-2 tablespoons of sprinkled thyme on your meal add 3.5-7mg of Vitamin C.

Furthermore, thyme is a popular herb used mostly in the Meditteranean, French and Italian cuisine. You can season it on pasta, rice meals and even while making bread. Thyme is also a famous remedy for sore throat and respiratory conditions.

Brussel Sprouts

foods rich in Vitamin C.

One more cruciferous foods in the list, Brussel Sprouts are a popular item to be used in salads. These are high in fibre, Vitamin A, K and C. One-half cup of cooked Brussel sprouts provide 49 mg of Vitamin C. These are best enjoyed steamed or boiled. Moreover, you can also sautee or bake it with olive oil and have it without any other side.


Strawberries are those hearty foods that kids love to know about. It is used prominently in various desserts as well as looks a gorgeous shade of red. However, the lesser-known fact is the health benefits of strawberries. One cup of half-cut of these dotted red fruits contains 89 mg of Vitamin C along with a mix of other antioxidants. Further on, you can eat these fresh, juiced, shakes as well as in frozen or dried forms. They are delicious either way!

While many people take Vitamin C supplements, nothing works better than the said fruits and vegetables. There are many more to add to this list including, yellow bell peppers, parsley, kiwis and more. Moreover, you can use each of them in delicious dishes as well! That said, a high intake of Vitamin C is also a danger to the body. High dosage of supplements may lead to the increased iron content in the body as well as gastric problems.

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