Dear Foodies, Add These Places to Your Food Bucket List 2020

Dear Foodies, Add These Places to Your Food Bucket List 2020

Food culture is the prior part of travel. Earlier people were not accustomed to different cuisine and varied flavor of taste. Nowadays, travel for food has become a trend while packing for different locations. Visitors tend to locate their taste in diverse food cultures and seek different opportunities. Food plays a vital role in travel choices. Moreover, the travellers unfold their tongue to get a newer taste and share the experience. Throughout the world, different places have specificity about food culture. So, along with your travel bucket list, here’s your food bucket list 2020.

Best Places For Food Bucket List 2020

1. Quebec, Canada

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Searching about the topography of the place, Quebec is the most exciting part, and mostly it is famous for its food culture like Poutine. This dish is lip-smacking as it has French fries with cheese curd and brown gravy. Moreover, it has baked bean with lard. Quebec is famous for its scenario and beautiful building. In addition to this, the travel cuisine of the specific area adds more flavor to the topography of the place.

This place carries the traditional meat pie. Tourtière adds a pinch of a perfect picture of the meal. The cheesy part of raw milk gives a lovely scent for dessert. The maple syrup taffy, as well as the sticky candy, reminds the visitor of the childhood. The topography of the place is picture-perfect, but the touch of food gives more craziness to the foodie.

2. Tuscany, Italy

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Following the previous year, Italy happens to the birthplace of the Renaissance. Moreover, Tuscany is rich in cultural heritage. The scenic beauty of the landscape carries the cultural legacy. Due to seven localities that are being situated in Tuscany, it has been declared as the cultural heritage site. Tuscany is mainly figured due to the wine region. There is also an arrangement of delectable cuisine.

3. Sharjah, UAE

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Talking about Sharjah, it reminds us of the cricket match. It is an international stadium that is famous for its one-day internationals. UAE holds as the cultural capital. Sharjah also shares beautiful architecture. The scenic beauty reflects the mosques and monuments. The tourists gamble the popular and selective items of the famous places.

Here in the local market, also known as the Souks, there is the availability of delicate cooking and food items. There is a specialty of the spice market also. People can experience a variety of spices to get a better taste. For many decades the cooks and chefs are fond of specific spices.

Every day at 4 pm at Central Souk, the tourists experience the auction of fish. It might sound odd, but it is the major part of the tour. People notch many higher experiences. A tourist tries meat patties, and it is high in demand. White honey is rare in any place, but this is the hut for this item. Biryanis, as well as date delicacies, are a traditional part of Middle Eastern dessert, and a must-try food in the Middle East. This place is full of mind-blowing amusements.

4. San Francisco, USA

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Earlier, New York was a place for food culture. But nowadays the table has been transformed into San Francisco. Initially, there has been much trial for the betterment of food. It helps them to get a clean chit from the tourists. Notably, many restaurants and hotels are in massive demand among locality and tourists.

Delicious food can be explored in the city’s farmers market. This food hall adds flavor for the best stuffing. Boudin Sourdough Bakery and Café, at Pier 39 in Fisherman’s Wharf, is nostalgic and famous for seafood. Moreover, China Town provides a chance to everyone as it is affordable. A tourist buys street food and any form of classic Californian cuisine that is lip-smacking. The 100-year-old pied piper Bar is a compulsory visit for any tourist.

Any affordable drinks are being provided to the tourists. Spectacularly the sour bread, as well as Mission-style burrito, is famous among the food list, and that should not be missed from the food chart.

5. Sri Lanka

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Comparatively, Sri Lankan foods are affordable and pocket-friendly among all the other destinations. Here the food reminds the tourists of their home. There are many familiarities of food that brings joy.

The famous sour fish curry that, in other terms, Fish Ambul Thiyal, Kottu Roti, chicken curry. More or less, the dishes are the same, but there are differences in terms. The green jackfruits are known as Polos, in the same way, chicken curry is being named as Kukul Mas curry. Sri Lankan people carry the grandeur of visiting places as well as the taste section.

All the places carry typical food taste, and all have their own importance. Earlier, while traveling, the lunch or dinner section was not a part of the fascination. As the days are passing by, food also carries equal weight and heart-throbbing menus for visitors.

So, here’s your list of some of the best foods in the world, which you shouldn’t miss while traveling to these places. Some of these places have the best restaurants in the world, and you dare not miss dining or a luncheon there, to regret later. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to give your tongue an unmatched tasty treat to your taste buds, before saying a final goodbye to the world.

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