Wondering What Makes People Try Extreme Sports? Let Us Tell You The Thrill.

Wondering What Makes People Try Extreme Sports? Let Us Tell You The Thrill.

Why climb Everest? A question that has been asked time and again and the answer is the same each time. For the sake of adventure? Thrill? To prove their courage? If the so-called ‘normal people’ are asked about their opinion on extreme athletes, their obvious answer is that ‘they are highly adrenalin-charged, crazy people with no respect towards life go for it.’ Is that so? Were Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay mad people? Or were they absolutely healthy passion-driven individuals who could go to great extents to achieve their dreams? Who defines what is normal and what is not for us? 

Though mountaineering had become a regular adventure activity in the modern age, back at that time, when it was conquered, it was the highest form of extreme sports. Sports like skiing, scuba diving, surfing, and likes have become more of holidaying with the punch of adrenalin. Nowadays, base jumping, caving, bodyboarding, bungee jumping, snowboarding, and others are the more exact forms of extreme sports. Enthusiasts from all over the world undertake these activities, knowing all the risk factors that are involved.

Know what motivates people to try out extreme sports?

What motivates people to go for these extreme sports? Well, it can be anything; the near to death life-changing experience, to live life at large, shattering the societal boundaries, the deep sense of existence, the sense of oneness with the universe, and even the raised spirituality. Literature has defined every aspect of this experience. Some meditate at higher altitudes and some at a peaceful corner of their homes while others undertake extreme pilgrimages – so what’s the difference? They all seek the inner aesthetics but the paths are different. 

Extreme Sports

Are the extreme athletes done with their lives having death wishes? Or are they extremely focused personas that know and can perform any activity better than us? Let us know the motivations.

Get rid of the mundane life 

Some people are happy with their daily life tit-bits. However, there are people for whom no boundaries can limit their abilities. For these people to live 24*7 according to the societal norms is alarming. Their low boredom tolerance level pushes them to achieve something higher. The call to the unknown, to live a moment on edge turns into their part of existence. Jumping from a height can become tedious, too, if you are doing it regularly. Trying something where more physical risk factors are involved can be appealing and reliving.

Overcome fear 

‘darr sabko lagta hai’ – there goes an Indian saying. Every single human being has been fed with a fair share of anxiety. But if we let fear control us, we lose control of our lives, and that is what happens to most of us. Engaging in something dangerous can be very overpowering. You don’t let your fear tell you what to do. On the contrary, you say that you are the better one. 

Extreme focus and skill development 

According to researches, there are more positive aspects of extreme sports than the way they are perceived. Focus, concentration, and focus. These activities require great attention and a lot of high endurance training, which turn these athletes into better personalities than regular humans. There is no room for mistakes. One small mistake and you are in danger. You need to train your mind and body almost to perfection to perform these stunts, and that gives you the sense of better you.

Adventure activity

Life-changing experience 

Definitely worth trying and a lifetime experience. Imagine jumping off a cliff with your gliders, observing all the while the massive and spectacular beauty of nature. Isn’t that better than turning yourself into a couch potato? The answer is obvious. Once you are done with it, your life turns into a total flip-flop and begin seeing it in a new way. Pushing yourself out of your comfort zones, you get a more comprehensive view of life.


 Connects to an inner sense of existence. That is what spiritualists say. You want to hear the Om-s recited by your vocal cords, or you want to listen to the silence of the universe, the choice is yours. You get a more profound feeling of being alive and your sense of belonging. You feel connected to the mighty, who has allowed you to observe and feel his powers. It is like a parallel path of meditation

Highly Motivating for Disabled People 

People who feel bogged down for their physical disabilities, participate in these sports. Well, not to show off but to regain their self-confidence and self-respect that is limited to them. The challenges involved helping them to try their abilities and overcome their condition.

Effect on health

Research says that these athletes live a better life in terms of health. The increased level of dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin while performing these activities leave a positive impact on our physic. The physical stamina that is required helps in decreasing the chances of disease affected bodies.

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