How This Page United Lucknow’s Youth On Facebook: Bucket List Story Of UP 32 Lucknow

How This Page United Lucknow’s Youth On Facebook: Bucket List Story Of UP 32 Lucknow

Woovly is a bucket-listing platform that aims at empowering, motivating, and inspiring people to be achievers. Today, in our Achievers section we are featuring Ankush Chhabra, a bucket lister who loved his city (Lucknow) to the extent that he created a Facebook page to commemorate the culture and trends of the city. 

We reached out to Ankush to gauge what motivated him to pursue his passion and create a dedicated Facebook page called UP 32 Lucknow – UP Battis. The page skilfully promotes the rich culture of the city and brings the city dwellers closer. We asked Ankush a slew of questions regarding his dedication towards the page and how he manages to keep the page running amid his professional engagements. Let’s take a look: 

What Inspired You Start The Facebook Page UP 32 Lucknow?

UP 32 Lucknow
Admin & Crew UP 32

In a single line, lack of online groups/communities of people from Lucknow where we could plan rides, photo-walks, etc inspired me to start a Facebook Page. 

It was the summers of 2014 when I was looking for a biker’s group online to be a part of it but couldn’t find any. Therefore, I started this online community where people from Lucknow could connect with each other and maybe form sub-groups to go out on photo-walks, bike rides, share information, etc. That is also the very reason the name of the group is “UP 32 Lucknow” because UP 32 is a vehicle registration code of Lucknow.

Can you recall the moment when you crossed the first milestone on the page?

Baoli in Lucknow

When I started the page, I never thought of having 40,000 plus followers, and I wouldn’t say that 10,000 followers mark was my first milestone. My first milestone was 100 likes for the page. I vaguely remember the time when I crossed 100 likes, but certainly, I do remember that it was a happy moment for me. I was overwhelmed by the response and started publishing more content on the page with which it picked up the pace. I also made my childhood friend its admin with whom I would do most of the photo-walks, and we started publishing more content on Lucknow.

What’s the objective of your Facebook page?

The page started with an objective to connect like-minded people of Lucknow on Facebook. Once it became an online community of more than 10,000 people, we ventured into creating UP 32 merchandise like calendar, mugs, hoodies and t-shirts. The number of likes on the page kept on rising, and the page became a platform to disseminate information about Lucknow and its unique attraction which was just the monuments but the food and markets as well. 

Roomi Darwaza Lucknow

The page is more than five years old now, and the objective of the page continues to be a platform to connect people of Lucknow not just in Lucknow, but also the Lucknowites settled outside Lucknow.  

How would you sum your journey in making the page a pathbreaker in its league?

Overall, the experience has been very exciting and the response and support from all the followers of the page has been amazing. I feel lucky to be a part of this beautiful online community, which has always shown immense love for their city and supported the activities and initiatives that we executed through our page. 

During the journey, the experience was never limited to Facebook or other social platforms, because a lot of activities were offline, we got a chance to explore many places and food joints of Lucknow where we never thought of visiting or didn’t know while growing up in the city. We also got a chance to be a part of multiple events as well. 

All the engagement on the page and response from its members has been the core of immense reach and success. Currently, I don’t stay in Lucknow but the I still live with the city through the page. 

What keeps you motivated to run the page amid your professional engagements?

The love for the city, its tehzeeb, culture, food, home, friends, family, school, college, kebabs and kachoris keeps me motivated to post on the page.

How do you find engaging content daily and distinguish between good or bad content?

People from Lucknow love their food, and their pictures on the page are a big hit. We haven’t been active on the page recently. Still, to engage with the audience, we use to run weekly photography contests, reposts content of its followers on Instagram, occasional photo walks and rides, invite content from the members, etc. would keep the momentum/engagement going. News related to Lucknow and upcoming activities also contributed towards the content of the page. Lastly, we would also make creatives with memorable day to day quotes and slangs from Lucknow, and they always received encouragement from the followers and went viral on certain occasions.

UP 32 Lucknow
Clock Tower Lucknow

Do you interact with the top fans of your page?

Yes, we do, and I personally have had long conversations with a few of them on Facebook. By default, we would engage with people who would message or comment on the content or share something. Furthermore, I have had conversations about Lucknow and our shared interests in the city.

Ever got any hate comments?

Never had a hate comment but a couple of people wanted to sue us for sharing their pictures on the group and giving wrong credits to someone else. It happened sometime in early 2015 when the page was becoming popular, and the members would share their pictures and content for the repost. On two occasions, there were conflicts that we shared someone else’s content to drive traffic to our page. However, nothing happened as we didn’t do anything wrong, and it was all legit. Interestingly, it has always been someone from groups asking us to repost their content without informing other members. We later mitigated such miscommunications.

Would you call this page your ‘bucket list accomplishment’?

I am an 80’s kid and never had a bucket list with Facebook on it but, since now it is there this online community would be a thing on my bucket list with 40,000 plus followers. 

Lastly, do you have a message for your page’s loyal followers on Facebook?

I want to thank and wish all the best to past, present and future members of UP 32 Lucknow community. Lastly, I would like to close it with my version of a famous quote from Lucknow – “Muskuraiyen Aap Lucknow Ke Hai”.

Original Quote: “Muskuraiyen Aap Lucknow Mein Hai”

Well, UP 32 Lucknow ticked off their bucket list for sure. Do you have a goal that you want to add to your bucket list? If yes, then all you need to do is download Woovly app or Sign Up here. Woovly will help you track your goals and connect with fellow bucket listers.

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