Thirteen Fabulous Biker Trails in India for You to Explore

Thirteen Fabulous Biker Trails in India for You to Explore

India has its own natural beauty and cultural fervor, therefore traveling around India to explore its uniqueness is in itself a lifetime experience. The diversity that lies in Indian culture distinguishes it from other civilizations around the world. The variety of people, their living conditions, food habits, language everything has its own specialty. But, in the end, there is a unity that binds all of it together. If you want to enjoy the mysteries of the country and feel one with everything, a bike ride will be superb. It will give you the chance to see everything from close proximity. While taking your bike through the coffee garden of Coorg, snowy Himachal, or crowded streets of Mumbai, you will feel the beauty and essence of Indian land. Below, we have mentioned 13 fabulous biker trails in India. 

Check Out The Best Biker Trails in India

1. Coorg to Munnar, Karnataka to Kerala

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The route is one of the most populated biker trails among all. This rural region stuns the bikers with its picturesque beauty. The green road heads through the tea plantations, forests, and hills. They are more than enough to enchant a nature lover. Just imagine the smell of tea plants getting blended with the cool hilly breeze! 

2. East Coast Road, Chennai to Pondicherry

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The trail is famous for its mesmerizing beauty and view. This is one of the best biker trails in India. You can take your bike through the clean, smooth streets with glittery beaches on both sides to enjoy your ride. This is considerable a bream ride as it is nothing less than a treat to your eyes. 

3. Rann of Kutch, Gujarat

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It is the favorite of most bikers because it is a considerable stretch of nothingness. Rann of Kutch is the place where the blue sky meets the white desert. You can run your bike exceeding its speed limit and run through the white deserts while getting engrossed in the sight of million stars and moon.

4. Pamban Bridge, Rameshwaram to Pamban Island


The most popular notion about this biker trail is that it is called biker’s paradise by most of the bikers. This is one of the best biker trails in India. The road that connects Rameshwaram to Pamban Island, heading towards Tamil Nadu, is loaded with beautiful natural sights. At the end of this road, you will reach Dhanuskodi, which has its own charm and stunning beauty. 

5. Manali to Rohtang Pass, Himachal Pradesh

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This biker trail is a favorite of most bikers because of its stunning natural beauty. White snow, with sunlight gliding on it, cool breeze hitting on your face are just some of the spectacles that you will be enjoying while going through this. This is a lifetime experience that you can ever have.

6. Zanskar Trail, Leh

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The trail is located at a high altitude. Therefore, riding through this trail does not only depend on your skill but also involves your test of endurance. While passing through this trail, you will see high hills, rocky roads, and some inexplicable stunning sights.

7. Rajasthan Desert Trail, Udaipur to Jaipur

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You have never seen how yellow sand looks, like the gold, when the sunlight caresses it. You can see this charming sight while biking through this route, which passes Udaipur, Barmer, and Jaipur. The starlit night with the moon in no way inferior to the morning. They can easily take out the hidden poet in you. 

8. Old Silk Route, Kalimpong to Siliguri

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The route is not very common for bikers, because this trail is only beautiful, but also has a bit of danger involved. This is one of the best biker trails in India. This route is listed in history and is beautiful beyond words. With all beautiful sights, this road attracts most of the bikers. The Zuluk loops add a twist of danger to this beautiful and mesmerizing biker trail.

9. Valparai Forest Trail, Tamil Nadu to Kerala

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The route that connects Pollachi in Tamil Nadu to Chalakudy in Kerala is one of the most favorites of the bikers. The cloud forests, rain forests of the southern lands are way more beautiful than words can express

10. NH17 Udupi Trail, Mumbai to Trivandrum

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It is one of the most favorites of the bikers: this journey will fulfill all your sensory needs to its bream. Whether it is the beautiful beaches or greenwoods—this trail has some of the most beautiful sights that the bikers can enjoy. There are two options for the bikers: you can start from Mumbai and head to Mangalore. You can also take the longer route that leads all the way to Trivandrum. You choose either of them because both of them are equally beautiful.

11. Western Arunachal Trail, Bhalukpong to Tawang 

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Bikers get excited as soon as they hear about this route. The roads are a bit dangerous, but for bikers, it only adds excitement. You will feel the adrenaline rush while biking through this trail while enjoying the forests and the hilly region. If you want to enjoy a bit more, you can also hit up Dambuk.

12. Manali to Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh

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This trail is definitely different from any other path. You can reach the highest village in the world. Their sense of culture is different from ours. So, it’s a bonus if you can go and talk to the locals, visit the monasteries. You may get mesmerized to find out an endearing moment where you see yourself imbibing pieces of local culture within.

13. Guwahati to East Khasi Hills, Meghalaya

It is one of the naturally rich states of north-eastern India. It has massive waterfalls, beautiful root bridges, and these are only a few attractions of Meghalaya. The roads are generally empty. You can also head to Shillong. You can enjoy the meadows and streams while biking. This is also called the Scotland of India. If you wonder why to go, travel there and check out yourself and you will know!


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