Exotic Honeymoon Destinations For Couples With Wanderlust

Exotic Honeymoon Destinations For Couples With Wanderlust

A honeymoon is not just a tradition; it’s a way of celebrating a new relationship in seclusion. While many couples go on trips to conventional places, many young and newly married couples want to do something new, visit the most unexpected honeymoon destinations. And those people have an incredible story to tell and amazing memories to cherish. Here are some out of the box honeymoon destinations that are sure to top your bucket list!

Exotic Honeymoon Destinations Perfect For Romance

A journey marking the beginning of a new relationship should always be planned with care. These exotic honeymoon destinations have only been explored by a few and before they take the travel industry by storm, you should visit them with your partner. Going to these out-of-the-box locations for your honeymoon is going to fulfil your bucket list too. 

Kakslauttanen, Finland

Though known for its wilderness and its fantastic display of the Northern Lights, Finland is not particularly famous for its honeymoon facilities. Kakslauttanen is known for its Igloo Resort where there are rustic log cabins or glass igloo that gives you the unique experience of sleeping under the twinkling stars, literally. These igloos have luxury beds, shared bathrooms and a sauna. 

There are also various winter activities like husky and reindeer safaris, snowmobiling. Visitors can also rent cross-country skis, Nordic walking sticks and snowshoes. The Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort has two la carte restaurants which serve Laplandic specialities like reindeer and char-grilled salmon.

Best time to visit Kakslauttanen: From August to late April

Aspen, USA

Aspen, which is situated in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, is a ski resort town and a destination for outdoor recreation. Apart from its hiking and skiing facilities, there is a hot air balloon ride which one can take over the beautiful and stunning valleys. There are also Gondola rides and skiing amenities at the Snowmass ski resort. With such activities, one can also witness the dual sights of colourful valleys and snowcapped mountains from Maroon Bells, the two peaks in the Elk Mountains.

What can be more romantic and enjoyable than to spend time with your loved one doing winter recreational activities in the mountains? That is why Aspen is one of the lesser-known of honeymoon destinations. There is also the Wheeler Opera House, one of the most renowned theatres in the world. There are hotels like The Gant, The St. Regis Aspen Resort and Limelight Hotel, which are family-friendly with excellent amenities. The White House Tavern and the Pyramid Bistro serve delicious local cuisines, favourite to all.

Best time to visit Aspen: December to February

Kepulauan Seribu, Indonesia

Translated as ‘The Thousand Islands’, they are a chain of islands on the north of Jakarta’s coast. These islands are surrounded by the azure waters of Indonesia and offer picturesque scenery. There are Joglo houses that are antique and known for various luxurious amenities. One can go for a nice fishing boat trip and a stroll down the Jembatan Cinta (wooden ‘love’ bridge) at the Pulau Tidung island, snorkelling at Pramuka Island or even relax on the manicured beach of Pulau Macan. The Kepuluan Seribu gives its visitors seclusion at its finest.

Best time to visit Kepuluan Seribu: May to September

Hainan Island, China

Hainan Island

While some prefer the cold mountainous locations, some others prefer the sandy, tropical-weather beaches. When that’s the case, Hainan Island is the perfect fit. There are many things one can do like the mountainous hiking trails over the suspension bridges at Yanoda Rainforest Cultural Tourism Zone.

The stay here can be memorable, whether you want to have a simple, comfortable stay in the tree-house resorts or a luxurious stay at the boutique Mandarin Oriental Beach Resort in Sanya city. The main attractions are the Sanya Beach, the Crocodile Farm in Sanya and the Gusong Village in Wenchang.

Best time to visit Hainan Island: December to March

Panajachel, Guatemala

Many photographers consider Panajachel to have to most romantic sunsets in the world. The docks give breathtaking views of Lake Atitlan and distant mountain peaks. The waters of Lake Atitlan are safe to go on long swims too. The weather is a tropical one which sets the mood for many sightseeing.

The main attractions of Panajachel are La Galeria, one of the oldest galleries in Central America, kayaking, parasailing and hiking at Reserva Natural Atitlan and Butterfly Farm. It is one of the best places to spend some quality time with your loved ones. Chinmaya and Dos Mundo’s hotels are known for their exclusive amenities and food. They provide a comfortable stay to its guests, which many honeymooners vouch for.

Best time to visit Panajachel: November to March

Islamorada, Florida

The pale blue Caribbean waters, as they rush and hit the rocky edges on the white sand beach, are a feast for the eyes. Known as the Village of Islands, Islamorada in Florida has something for one to do, be it in, under or above water 24 hours a day. Some of them include the featuring of dolphins and sea lions at the Theatre of the Sea, Indian Key Historic State Park which has about 1800 ruins or even exhibits at the History of Diving Museum which includes a 16th-century treasure chest.

The Casa Morada All Suites Hotel, Key Lantern Motel and Cheeca Lodge and Spa are some of the well-known places to stay. Pierre’s Restaurant and the Beach Café on Morada Bay offer mouth-watering delicacies that are sure to linger in your taste buds. This tropical town has much to offer the newlyweds; the time they will never forget.

Best time to visit Islamorada: December to May

La Rioja, Spain

This northern part of Spain is well known for its culture and cuisine, especially for its exotic collection of wine. The winemaker Pedro Vivanco and his two sons of the Vivanco Museum of Wine Culture is anything but a boring museum. It houses a variety of corkscrew collections, wine bottles from ancient Rome and original Picassos.

There is also a café overlooking the vineyard which has the authentic taste of Spain. In addition to the wine tasting, one can also get the Wine Maker’s Massage at Hotel Marques de Riscal’s well-known Caudalie Vinotherapie Spa, where pure grape extracts are used in the spa’s massage oils. To get a genuine taste of Spain at cheap and reasonable prices, it is recommended to visit Logrono, the capital of La Rioja, where the town’s centre has streets full of traditional tapas spots. Bar Soriano is very popular for its grilled mushrooms topped with local shrimp.

Best time to visit La Rioja: June to October

Vaadhoo Island, Maldives

If you are looking for sandy beaches, romantic strolls and surreal sceneries, then the Vaadhoo Island in the Maldives is your destination. Though the enchanting sunset is often talked about, this place has something more to offer. Vaadhoo Island is known for its phenomenal ‘Sea of Stars’, its glowing blue waves that give an image as if the glowing stars are floating on the water.

The Tropical Tree Hotel and the Small Island Lodge are always welcome to honeymooners, small and large families, friends alike. Vaadhoo Island treats its exuberant crowd with many watersport activities as well. So grab your sunscreen and spend leisure time on the sands of Vaadhoo!

Best time to visit Vaadhoo Island: May to November

Matera, Italy

Matera is an ancient town in southern Italy. With its beautiful night lights and its sunny morning days, this old, rustic town is one of the lesser-known honeymoon destinations. The typical stone staircase is a UNESCO World Heritage Centre. This stroll will surely give you an enthralling experience of its own.

Some of the places to visit there are the cave house of Vico Solitario, the Crypt of the Original Sin church cave and Castello Tramontano castle. If you are looking for a secluded way to spend your stay, then the intimate Sextantio Cave Hotel is just the place. What could be more romantic than having dim lights in your cave-room with the cosiness of your loved one beside?

Best time to visit Matera: August to September

Reunion Island, Africa

Who would have thought of spending their honeymoon in Africa? The pristine, sandy beach of Boucan Canot is rarely occupied. The deserted location is perfect for the newlyweds. Also, the waterfall on River Langevin in the jungles is most definitely the perfect spot for an intimate and isolate place to visit on a honeymoon.

There are lots of activities one can engage in like snorkelling and surfing at Boucan Canot Beach, hiking to the active volcano of Le Piton de La Fournaise and a quick visit to the Saint Gilles Les Bains Aquarium. Villa Kazuera offers a pleasant stay along with its spa facilities. Restaurants like Blue Margouillat and Villa Angelique give many relishes and cuisines to tingle your tastebuds. Whether you want to take a dip in the waters of Voile de la Mariee waterfall or relax and sunbathe on the sands of Ermitage Beach, this place is truly a paradise unexplored!

Best time to visit Reunion Island: May to September

Well, we hope that these exotic honeymoon destinations make your travel plans easier with your partner. If not for honeymoon, one should definitely visit these places for their unmatched charm and beauty. Add them to your bucket list on download the Woovly app now!


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