Exciting Things To Do in Dubai On New Year’s Eve

Exciting Things To Do in Dubai On New Year’s Eve

New Year’s eve is a special time for spending good times with our friends and family. The festive season brings happiness and joy to our circles, and we want to relax and commemorate the beginning of a New Year. Of course, we do love partying on the day and letting our wild side take over. In the world, some cities have reserved their place on the list of best destinations to spend New Year’s and Dubai tops the charts. The city lights up the best and has got a range of places and activities that add the ting to New Year’s eve. In this blog, we are going to mention some exciting things to do in Dubai on New Year’s eve, and we are sure you would want to do them if you are a resident of the city or visiting it for New Year’s eve.

Things To Do in Dubai On New Year’s Eve

Dubai can easily be tagged as the best place for partying and tourism. The city has a perfect mix of culture and art. Dubai boasts several avenues that are perfect for bringing in the New Year. Without much ado, let us take you over all the options so that you can cherry-pick the best ones to make your New Year’s eve a success in Dubai. Below are the best ways to spend New Year’s Eve in Dubai.

  1. Witness the Grand Fireworks Display

    When it comes to the fireworks display, Dubai would never disappoint you. In Dubai, to witness the spectacular fireworks, you can check into any of these three exotic locations – The Burj Khalifa, The Burj Al Arab, and The Palm Jumeirah. You can expect these places to be bustling with the crowd on New Year’s eve ensuring the party vibe. People start flocking these locations from early in the evening, so make sure you also reach well before time to find a great spot. Additionally, you can also go for lights and laser shows in Dubai.

  2. Head To The Dinner Cruise

    Dubai is the land of rich and famous. People here appreciate luxury. On New Year’s eve, you can mingle with luxury in Dubai by having dinner at one of the luxurious cruises in the city. Getting onto a cruise would treat you with spectacular views of the city’s iconic skyline. On New Year’s eve, almost every cruise plans live shows, multi-cuisine buffets, and more. If you’re one of those who would stick to one spot on New Year’s eve in Dubai, then going to a cruise would be ideal for you.

  3. Deck Up For Exciting New Year’s Eve Parties

    Dubai is one of the party capitals in the world. The city hosts some of the biggest New Year’s parties with an artist lineup for every music genre. The fantastic scale at which these parties are hosted in Dubai will leave you amazed. Of course, you can expect mind-blowing music and fireworks at these parties. New Year’s eve in Dubai could not be more rewarding by getting access to the best of party venues. So, pull your ropes and widen your budget to be a part of the creme la creme of nightlife in Dubai.

  4. Go On A Food Walk For The Evening

    For the ones who appreciate food more than anything, going on a food walk in Dubai could be an unforgettable experience for the taste buds. Dubai is home to varied culture and food. On New Year’s Eve in Dubai, explore the streets of the city for the best street food such as Oman Chips Roll, Harees, Samboosa, Manakish, Queen of the Desserts -Knafeh, and more. One can go for a food walk at these locations – Bur Dubai, Downtown Dubai, Satwa, Global Village, and more.

  5. Make Madinat Jumeirah Your Single Spot on NYE

    Madinat Jumeirah could be your one spot destination for spending your New Year’s Eve in Dubai amidst live entertainment, music, champagne, and exotic food. We would advise you to reach the venue well in advance to get parking so that you can let your hair down for the evening. 

  6. Cruise Your New Year’s Eve Through Desert Safari

    Desert Safari is one of the most exciting activities in Dubai. One can imagine the joy it could bring on New Year’s eve. The experience is so rewarding that it would be one of your most cherished memories in Dubai. If you pick Desert Safari as your New Year’s Eve activity, then you need to choose the pick-up point to join. Usually, the Safaris start in the afternoon from marked pick-up points. From there, you are taken through spectacular dunes where you can witness the beautiful sunset. In the evening, you are treated with a great buffet spread accompanied by live music and dance, fireworks for NY 2020, henna painting, and more. 

  7. Beachy Evening With Friends
    Dubai On New Year's Eve

    If you are one of those who don’t want to get caught at one venue and want to spend your New Year’s Eve with loved ones outdoor, then Dubai gives you a range of beaches that would be perfect spots for a picnic. One of the best things about Dubai is its well-maintained public beaches where you can have a gala time with your friends and family. Jumeirah and Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) are some of the most popular beaches in Dubai.

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