Everything To Know About Melia Caribe Beach Resort For A Luxurious Stay By The Beach

Everything To Know About Melia Caribe Beach Resort For A Luxurious Stay By The Beach

Once upon a time, the Dominican Republic was in the shadows of its Spanish imperialists. Today, it thrives on its clear waters and white sands on the tropical Caribbean beaches. Stretching on its east coast is the town of Punta Cana featuring wide beaches covered with swaying coconut trees. In addition to that, the town is popular for several water sports and lavish resorts. Laying on its coast is the Melia Caribe Beach Resort which extends into the waters to your stay a hint of luxury and comfort. If you are wondering about your stay, then we have everything you need to know about Melia Caribe Beach Resort.

Top Things To Know About Melia Caribe Beach Resort


Lay back and soak in the sun, you will be in a paradise. Sipping on fruit cocktails and listening to the rustling of leaves and waves, at this resort you will be living the life of the Dominican luxury.

Designer Suites

Everything To Know About Melia Caribe Beach Resort
Credits: Melia Caribe Beach Resort

A stay in Melia Caribe Beach Resort is a stay at home but with a view of nirvana outside your bedroom. Each of these rooms bathes in the natural sunlight and are set amidst the greenery of tropical gardens. Completed with minibars, kitchen and a terrace or balcony, each of these rooms feature handcrafted furnishings and decor. Moreover, the white walls light up the room perfectly to give you that early morning wake up call. The garden also has hidden pools and ponds with colourful flamingos inhabiting them. The Level’s two-bedroom suite is 82 km square in area and has a whirlpool pool in its washroom! The minimalistic and subtle designs and colourful goes elegantly with the vibrant Caribbean landscape.

Thatched huts bars and sitting

Everything To Know About Melia Caribe Beach Resort
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No beach is complete without thatched shacks. As you sit in the shade of each, you can feel the heavy air cooling down in its own. For that afternoon getaway, it is perfect for relaxing under the sun. Melia Caribe Beach Resort decorates the surrounding area of its pool with thatched shades for a calming sunbathing. The pool also has an attached bar with a thatched roof. You can take in the soothing wind of the beach while sitting and sipping a cocktail inside the bar. Or, you can swim over to the bar and have a drink while still floating peacefully in the pool. In the evening, the beach resort lays out mattresses and beds for you to sit in candlelight and watch the reddening sky as the sun goes down.

International cuisine dining

Everything To Know About Melia Caribe Beach Resort
Credits: Jetsetter

Taking you on a culinary voyage, Melia Caribe Beach Resort has over seventeen dining and bar options. From a buffet of internationally acclaimed dishes to restaurants focusing on Japanese, American and local Dominican cuisine, the beach resort has something for everybody’s taste palette. If you are looking for sophisticated fine dining, then add Capri to your list. With its white and brown accents, the place serves Mediterranean cuisine made with the freshest catch of the day. If you want to dig into some American grills and buffet, you can go to American Grill, O Grille or Bazaar. Furthermore, Barefoot set on the white sands of the Bavaro Beach is perfect for a picnic under the shacks. With its wall-sized windows and nifty curtains, you should head to Guarapo for some local Dominican cuisine.

Splash Island Water Park

Everything To Know About Melia Caribe Beach Resort
Credits: Melia

The beach resort has several water slides and waterfalls surrounding the pool. Splash Island Water Park has dazzling blue waters which are perfect for kids to let it all out. Along with several twisting water slides, the park also has rain fountains for a wild rain dance. Moreover, there are buckets hungover which do a downpour of water from time to time! With ropes to climb about, the park provides an interactive area for the younguns. A splash pad completes the fun of the experience. Besides, what better way to make new friends? If you don’t want to enter the pool, then you can soak in the sun by lounging on the sunbeds or have a cocktail at O Grill bar.

Spa and wellness

Everything To Know About Melia Caribe Beach Resort

If you are on vacation, then you should know how to relax mind and body. After all, what else is a vacation for? Melia Caribe Beach resort has spa and massage centres which provide local therapies to add to your bucket list. The YHI Spa offers a number of tropical beauty therapy and spas to relax your body and help those tense muscles.
Along with that, overlooking the vast garden outside is the YHI Moves and Wellness. They have a refreshing take on their well-equipped gym. Moreover, they also have outdoor yoga and pilates classes in the mornings and evenings.

Palma Real Shopping Village

Everything To Know About Melia Caribe Beach Resort
Credits: Destiny Caribbean Tours

Just a kilometre away from this Caribbean beach resort is the Palm Real Shopping Village. With a range of shopping and dining options, you are ready for the vacation. They have a premium as well as budget brands; You can find all the trinkets and accessory needed for souvenirs to take back. Furthermore, it is the architecture that blends well with the Dominican background. Under the clear blue sky lies the shopping mall with its bright ochre colour and white arches, typical to Dominican architecture.
You can take a shuttle to and from the lobby of Melia Caribe Beach Resort till Palm Real Shopping Village.

A space for everyone

Everything To Know About Melia Caribe Beach Resort
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From lush vistas for country golf to kids zone inside the resort, there is something for all age groups. Moreover, they even host various events to entertain their guests. On weekend nights, you can enjoy live music with a candlelight dinner or a band playing in the lobby. The beach resort even lets you host weddings. With their indoor as well as outdoor banquet services, you can have a beach wedding under a canopy or a feast inside. They have convention rooms as well to host your business meetings. With the breezy ambience outside, your sessions are sure to be light-headed.

Enjoy the beach

Everything To Know About Melia Caribe Beach Resort
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Above all, the best part about staying next to a beach is the beach. The Melia Caribe Beach Resort sits right by Bavaro Beach. With stretches of sand and lounge, the beach is perfect to practise your art of doing nothing. You can take to the waters for some splashes or help your kids build a sandcastle. Moreover, the resort also provides you with yoga on the beach! Watching the sunsets and barbeque under the stars with your loved ones sums up the happiness of this stay.

Wish it. Do it. Woovly!

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