Engagement Party Ideas That Should Be On Your Bucket list

Engagement Party Ideas That Should Be On Your Bucket list

You’ve got that blingy ring on your finger, and now its time you celebrated and shared this big news with your family and friends. Throwing an engagement party is the first step to reveal your plans with your partner, so you have to do it right. You must have planned a classic engagement party to reveal this big news, but we want this event of celebration to be unique. Engagement party ideas need to be their curated best and that’s what Woovly brings to you in the form of a bucket list

Amazing Engagement Party Ideas 

Well, we have prepared a flattering list of engagement party ideas which will just be the best way to make this special event in your life unforgettable. 

Bonfire On A Beach

This is one of the best engagement party themes, where you invite your guests for a day brunch and pop the bubbly by the sea. As the guest enjoy the breeze of the ocean and relish on some amazing seafood, you are making some unforgettable moments of your life. Arrange for a few oceanside games and activities for your guests. Just when the sky starts to change its mystical hues, light up a bonfire and have the snacks served to you, guests. Book a band to breathe mellow vibes into this party. Arrange for firecrackers shows and dance under the stellar sky with your partner.

Retro Hollywood

Well, there have been many Hollywood classics leaving us with no choice but to suggest you with a very romantic retro engagement party theme. Set a retro dress code for your guests, so they too get to have fun. Before you plan a retro theme engagement party, we suggest you watch Hollywood classics like My Best Friend’s Wedding, Father Of The Bride and June Bride and take some fascinating inspiration.

Pair With Paris

Oh, darling! Picking a party theme which is inspired by the most romantic place on earth, it is going to be one of the most spectacular engagement party ideas. The inspiring city lights of Paris can easily turn an engagement party into a memorable moment. To make this party more french, include the iconic Eiffel Tower as a part of the engagement party decoration. Select a vintage playlist for your guests that will be cherished by everyone after the champagne starts to kick. 

Masquerade Your Way

Engagement Party Ideas That Should Be On Your Bucket list

A masquerade theme is one of the best engagement party ideas if you’re planning to all out. A masquerade ball is a grand idea to pitch in as an engagement theme. This theme will get your guests fascinated to attend your party as they arrive in their fancy outfits and ornamented masks. Jazz up the ambience of your party by adding some gold in the decoration and light it up with candles. Serve some alluring french dishes with fun cocktails to your guests to get them in the ball mood.

Go Gothic

If you’re a person who wanna do something different from the herd, then out of all the engagement party ideas, choose this one. Deep hues and spooky decoration will add a gothic touch to your party. Select a colour palette for your party which is inspired by the colours of autumn. Study the victorian age to collect some dress code notes for your guests. If you have planned an engagement party somewhere around Halloween, then this theme will elevate your party. 

Gallery Walk

This is the sweetest of all the engagement party ideas we have given you so far. Put up a gallery exhibition of your lovely pictures with your partner for your guests. Give your photographs large size frames so that it becomes a major part of the decoration display. Let your guests cherish your special memories as they gather to celebrate you and your partner as an engaged couple.

Casino Royale 

Well, this is a theme that will be enjoyed by everyone. Your guests will arrive all excited for your engagement party ready to roll the dice. Organise games for your loved ones that are inspired by a casino. Watch your friends trying their hands on cards as you celebrate the jackpot-partner you’ve won in your life. 

Jazz It Up

We hear jazz music, and we’re already excited for you! There is nothing more classy about an engagement party that has an amazing collection of jazz music playing. You can choose to play a marvellous playlist of jazz music or to make it even better, book orchestral jazz for your party to keep it pumped as you the see your guests jive to the lively music. 

Sail It Through

If you’ve been planning a thrilling engagement party, then this is it! Have your ideal engagement party arranged on a boat. Sail through the ocean and be flattered by your guests, raising a toast to you and your lover. The perfect backdrop of sunset will only add memorable moments in your fascinating boat engagement party. A sunset sail will be an ideal way for your guests to say bon voyage to the lovebirds. 

Surprise Your Loved Ones

You can always do it your way! This calls for a house party arrangement where you and your partner can surprise your invited friends with your big news. Keep your shenanigans hushed and announce it when everybody is gathered.

We hope that you got some exciting engagement party ideas from this article. Let us know which one did you like the most. If you loved the ideas, please don’t forget to invite us. 

Wish it. Do it. Woovly!

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