Merry Egg-cellence! Check Out These Traditions To Do At Home This Easter

Merry Egg-cellence! Check Out These Traditions To Do At Home This Easter

The Sunday of April 12th 2020, we welcome spring as a symbolism of renewal of life. A stepping stone of the birth of Christianity, Easter Sunday celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ, three days after his crucifixion. The festival celebrates fertility, hope and a new start after the shade of a gloomy sky. However, in 2020 where the world’s Christians are ready to celebrate their season, the coronavirus pandemic has pushed us inside our homes. The jollification that arises on the deathbed of people might not be the best welcome. Nevertheless, the lesson is to see Easter as a ray of hope and entering a new age with positivity, belief and hope. Furthermore, the festival is about keeping your loved ones close and keeping the festival spirit alive. We have some interesting yet classic Easter traditions for you to try with your family this quarantine.

Best Traditions To Make The Most of Easter At Home

Every year, Easter falls on different dates. While the actual date and origin of the festivities are unknown, we celebrate it on the Sunday following the first full moon after the vernal equinox. The origin of its name comes from the Teutonic goddess of spring and fertility, Eoestre. While the traditions and values differ from culture to culture, the meaning behind each remains the same. That is, welcoming the spring.

Dye Easter Eggs

traditions to do at home this easter

Vibrantly decorated eggs are often associated with the Easter traditions. Haven’t we all seen those shows and cartoons filled with colourful eggs? They have no become an identity for the festival. Moreover, they are a fun family activity! The story of the tradition goes back to different versions of Mary Magdalene finding the eggs to have turned red after Jesus’ resurrection. We might not know which story to follow but we can see why the ancient pagans thought of eggs to be the harbinger of spring and new life. Coloured eggs represent the blooming possibilities. When at home, this is the best way to engage in keeping your easter vibrant.

Eat Chocolate Eggs

traditions to do at home this easter

Who doesn’t love a sweet treat on the festive occasion? Especially when they are chocolates, they tend to make everything merrier. Similar to the legend and meaning of the coloured eggs, the reasoning for the use of eggs is to represent new life. Through the years, it has become a common as well as a fun and engaging practice to make your chocolate eggs at home. Furthermore, you may not be able to go out to buy these chocolate eggs but you can certainly have a happy family time making it. All you need are white and milk chocolates along with silicon egg-shaped moulds to harden the chocolate tod desired shape. You can give it your desired decor and filling too!

One of the many traditions of Easter is also eating hollow chocolate shaped rabbits. Rabbits and hares are symbolic of fertility. Along with that, they are a representation of Jesus’ rise from his thrown as they do from their borrows in Spring. If you have the required mould, you can make your hollow chocolate rabbit.

Eat Easter Dinner Together

traditions to do at home this easter

If we are talking about spring and fertility, what better representation of it than a family? In a way, quarantine has made us all realise the importance of having our family close to us and spending quality time with our loved ones. Having said that, a round table meal is a quality identifying with a thriving and a happy family. Take this opportunity to hunt down the classic Easter recipes. Further on, most of the traditional food recipes for the festival are meant to be shared. You can go for a variety of casseroles, a classic lamb roast, carrot dishes or cooked ham.

Many food recipes also involve the use of bread in the form of famous English hot cross buns and the Easter bread. You can enjoy the lot with a glass of wine and some chocolates! The reason for that being that bread and wine is an integral part of The Last Supper that Jesus had with his disciples.

Do An Easter Egg Hunt

A beloved game of kids in Easter is the scavenger hunt in search of eggs. While it is often played outdoors with clues and more, you can plan one indoors as well. The hidden eggs can be painted hard-boiled eggs or fake eggs with candies within. Furthermore, the part is the creative clues that you leave behind for the hunters. You can even go as innovative as to hide coupons and wishes inside the fake eggs or put up clues in form bunny cutouts around the house. Since Easter is a family festival, you can also have a planned online Easter egg hunt over zoom with different families participating.

Make Handmade Basket

traditions to do at home this easter

Gifting is not just about presents about promoting the idea of sharing and giving. With that in mind, the Easter baskets are a tradition that has long since been associated with the festival. The hays along with coloured eggs are a cliche that represent a nest which is symbolic of fertility. Moreover, a new ray of hope or a new life is a gift from nature that teaches us the meaning of giving without expecting. While stuck at home, you can use the time to appreciate each other’s presence in your life. Why not weave a basket with handmade gifts and sweets instead? Each handmade product is a work of love and hard work. Hence, makes for an ultimate gifting Easter basket.

Attend Church Mass Online

While the lockdown is spread across the world, churches are also shut. Even though some churches still decide to stay open, it is advisable to remain home and practise social distance. However, an Easter without sunrise mass seems incomplete. The singing choirs and the recitations are as much of a tradition to follow as those of the bunnies and eggs. This is when the internet has come to our rescue yet again. Keeping the worship, spirituality and devotion of the blessed festival alive, various churches are holding their masses online. You can attend one with your local church or view one on Youtube.

Connect With Your Distant Family

traditions to do at home this easter

A new season means a new start. Nevertheless, a start is complete without the well wishes of your loved ones. You may be with your family or friends but use this time to connect to all those whom you call your own. This year’s Easter is not about going to Grandmother’s place for lunch or gifting each other by visiting. Easter tradition about togetherness and knowing that distance doesn’t mean you don’t have a heart. Yet, you can still connect to them over a video call. Moreover, extend your gratitude and wishes to them.

However you decide to celebrate your Easter, do not hold it in your heart for not being able to go out. Use this time to reap the fullest with your loved ones around. Perhaps a new season will new doors of possibilities.

Have a blessed Easter!

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