Everything You Need To Know About Dubai Frame For Your Bucket List

Everything You Need To Know About Dubai Frame For Your Bucket List

Ever wondered what Dubai holds for you? Rich in its history, the place is full of adventurous things to do and spellbinding scenes to see. The city is popular for having some of the most remarkable buildings designed that has earned it a title of luxury. Dubai is world-famous for taking up some mega projects of building the tallest building in the world, magnificent malls, luxurious hotels, and theme parks that make the city’s skyline more iconic by every project. The recent magnum opus added to Dubai skyline is the Dubai Frame. 

Everything You Need To Know About The Dubai Frame

One of the latest attraction of Dubai’s iconic skyline is the Dubai Frame. The Dubai Frame building is a landmark sitting in the mid of Zabeel park that gives a majestic strut appearance to its viewers. This eye-catching work of architecture with a perfect panoramic view must be in your bucket list. Want to know more about this place? Well, We have prepared a perfect travel guide for you to know more about the Dubai Frame so that you can easily plan a visit to this sumptuous landmark with your friends and family.

Story Of The Dubai Frame

The idea to construct this colossal building in Dubai was implemented to mark the cultural connection of the past and the present. The construction of the building started in 2013 and was completed on 1st January 2018. The spectacular construction of the building was completed at the cost of 230 million Emirati dirhams. The opulent building has two 150 meters tall transparent glass towers that are connected by a 93 meters wide bridge at the top. The building is also known as the “world’s largest picture frame” as it frames a breathtaking view of the Sheikh Rashid Road that symbolises the modern era of the city.

The Mezzanine Museum

The mezzanine level museum is the ground floor of this glorious building is designed to be a museum and gallery that narrates the history of this regal city to its visitors. The museum takes the visitors to an immersive journey, where they get to see the past history of the emirate and its development over the years. It represents the old city in the most authentic way by using all type of original ornaments to make it look real with the help of 3D images. This combination of representing the old city creates a favourable environment for the visitors to help them have a better understanding of the past witnessed by the city of Dubai. 

The Sky Deck Level

After the visitors have had an immersive experience of the museum that exhibits the old city, they are directed to the sky deck level of this astounding building. This spot offers the visitors a spectacular sight of all sides of the city as the sensational skyline of this stellar city comes into view. The bridge has transparent glass, that means it allows the visitors to see what’s beneath them and experience a jaw-dropping view. The visitors get to enjoy the scenic city from every side of the walls through the augmented reality 3D screens where they can identify different landmarks and buildings that surround the city. Not just identifying the famous landmarks in the city, these 3D screens also tell exciting facts about the city. 

The Vortex Tunnel

As you proceed from the sky deck level, you will reach the Vortex Tunnel. It is called a tunnel as it gives the visitors an experience of being in time travel machine. The tunnel features different sounds and lights that complete the idea of time travelling and arriving in a city that is ahead of its time. Stepping into this tunnel is nothing but stepping into the future Dubai. The 3D screens help the visitors to understand the virtual reality getting transformed. This space precisely depicts the evolution of the city to become more modern and advanced by every moment. 

The Top Floor 

Through the vortex tunnel, you are transported to the top floor level of this splendour building. The top floor is the 93 meters wide bridge that connects the two 150 meters tall towers. Made with transparent glass, the bridge has glass walkway that gives the visitors a jolting experience. If you’ve been dreaming of being on top of the world, then this spot is the right one to make that dream come true. All the anticipation of having an astounding view in front of your eyes will be brought to reality as you witness the iconic skyline of this majestic city. Want to feel lucky? Savour some delicious dishes in cafes while experiencing the magnificent Dubai Frame. 

Ticket Prices For Dubai Frame

To visit this magnificent building, the Dubai Frame tickets will cost 50 dirhams, 20 dirhams for children. It is free entry for children under three and visitors who are disabled. 

We have mentioned everything that you need to know about Dubai Frame before you plan your visit. Let us know which part of this astonishing building you found most exciting. 

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