Dog Diagnosed With Lymphoma Conquering Her Bucket List

Dog Diagnosed With Lymphoma Conquering Her Bucket List

Your furry little friend is diagnosed with Lymphoma. According to the veteran doctor, there is nothing much to do. It’s just a matter of a few months now. Thus, this is a tough time for you. And no amount of condolences can make things better even at its slightest. You must be thinking about the first time you brought it to your house. The joyful excitement it used to demonstrate each evening after you return from work, the look of guilt when you scold it for destroying your shoes. Honestly, one can’t express that sort of heartbreaking feelings in mere words. But ask yourself a question. Isn’t it too early to break down? Doesn’t your dog deserves to live the remaining part of life ticking off dog bucket list.

We know that the time is coming, and that’s the point. It’s coming; the time has not arrived yet, and your dog is still here with you, awaiting nothing but love and cuddles. Moreover, the dog doesn’t even know what it is about to go. Just look at it. Your friend is always craving for your love when the thought of its leaving consumes you.

Let’s save the tears for the future and focus on the present like the Rhodes family did when their pet Lexi was diagnosed with Dog Lymphoma. They created a doggy bucket list and enjoyed each moment with Lexi. So here, we will discuss how to create a dog bucket list to cherish the remaining days with your special friend.

Things To Add To A Dog Bucket List

Volunteer Together

Dog Bucket List

What better way to deal with your pain than helping others. Take your dog to a nursing home or a retirement house. Share the joyous charm that your friend brings with people. Moreover, you will feel good that together you two brought smiles to so many faces.

Go To The Beach

Dog Bucket List

Beach comes with a spacious area for your dog to sprint on. Here you can play fetch with it, chase your dog, have a bath together, or even have a swim together. The best part of taking your dog to a beach is that you get to see the sunset together. Above all, it will be a great bliss of solitude for the times to come.

Go For A Long Drive Together

Dog Bucket List

It is a good idea to take your dog for a long drive. As we all know, dogs love to stick their faces out of the car windows to enjoy the resistance of the air. Most importantly, your dogs tend to spend the majority of their lifetime indoors. Therefore, taking it for a long drive is a great way to let it experience the world outside.

Record A Day Of Your Dog’s Routine

dog with camera

This one is fun, and it also provides you with great a memorial to cherish for the days to come. Fit a camera to the collar of your Dog and let it record what your dog’s daily routine is after you leave for work. Trust me; the results will make you chuckle to your death.

Bring It To Other Puppies

dog and puppies

When you let your dog meet a bunch of newly born puppies, the result is too cute to not videotape. Your dog will react in ways that will be amusing at least and adorable at best. Hence, it’s worth letting your old pal share its infinite wisdom with the little ones.

Fancy Dress

dog cancer

If you have not done it already, you should try it out. Dressing up your dog with a variety of elegant dresses and props and after that, clicking photos and recording cute videos is something that a dog owner should never miss. It makes for a great fun day indoors worth remembering for a lifetime.

In conclusion, you must know that your dog might love thousands of different things, but it will always love you the most. Furthermore, it loves to see you happy. It’s heartbreaking for your dog to see you devastated. And trust me; they can sense you are not okay even when you pretend to be. So there are two more things to remember. Firstly, reward your dog with your time.

I’ll even say to spoil your dog with all your love and care, for it loves nothing more than your affection. And secondly, prevent yourself from staying sad. It’s okay to cry, hugging it once or twice. But dogs are joyful by nature; thus, they want you to remain joyous too. Just play along and stay happy. At least try at your best. Download the Woovly app now and prepare a bucket list for furry little friend.

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