DIY Room Decor Ideas That Are Going To Brighten Your Existence

DIY Room Decor Ideas That Are Going To Brighten Your Existence

DIY is among the most trending categories on Pinterest and i.e. because DIY as an activity gives food to our soul and makes us feel accomplished in the best way. The short term accomplishment related to DIY activities is what makes it top the bucket list charts too. In this article, we are going to present 5 amazing DIY room decor ideas that you can try any day as they won’t consume much of your time. These products can very well be presented as unique DIY Gifts to your friends and family. They will cherish these gifts forever, trust us! 

DIY Wine Bottle Lamps

Even an empty bottle gets better with time. If you haven’t thrown the wine bottles, then better cut in halves, remove those labels and fill those string lights. Not just the wine, even the glaring bottles can lighten your mood and your house; especially the dull corners or your balconies. So, if you don’t have the bottles, never mind; it’s available in the market. So, get ready and try to impress your near and dear ones this weekend. 

DIY Room Decor Ideas

All you need to do: Grab an empty bottle of wine and your favorite color string lights, because “everything you like” is important here. Stuff the lights string inside the bottle, You’d also want a convenient fancy piece of decor in your house, so very carefully make a hole either side on the bottle, which will be suitable to take the plug outside the bottle to attach it with the electrical switch. And there you have your wine bottle lamp! One of the worthy DIY room decor ideas, right?

DIY Painting Can Lanterns

DIY Lantern

We often don’t color our homes, but it is still easy to spread light to up the ambiance. So, go to your nearest scrap dealer and get some cans. Begin with hand painting the cans with some glittering colors and perforate your best designs. Once it is dried, put a candle to see the perforated patterns letting the light pass through the tiny holes and making the lantern glow gracefully. So, if you are bored of gifting Diyas to your dear ones, try these and hand paint them with your designs with a smile.

DIY Fruit Scented Diyas

DIY Decor Ideas

Instead of throwing away the fruit peels, you can start making some gorgeous diyas out of them. Take a fruit, for instance, an orange; remove the pulp and fill some wax inside the hallowed fruit; don’t forget to fix a cotton wick. Once the wax is dried, color the outer portion of the fruit with your designs and colors. Your fruit-scented Diya is ready to light.

DIY Balloon Flower Vases

DIY Room Decor Ideas

Say no to those clay pots and make your own using balloons. It’s the easiest DIY way to create your own vases at home. Blow some balloons, glue the surface and paste tissue papers. Repeat the process until the layer becomes a little thick. Once the layers of paper are dried, pop the balloon and with the help of scissors, cut the upper portion so there is enough place to insert the flowers. Take some bright color papers and decorate the outer layers. Try gifting this to your dear ones. The most fun DIY room decor ideas among others.

DIY Decorate The Mirror

Mirror with Flower

Having a full-size mirror with decorative frame is like waking up to happiness every day. To jazz up the look of mirror in your room, get some artificial flowers of your choice and paste them with a solid glue around the frame. You can also make it peppier by adding ambience lighting behind the mirror. This one DIY decoration idea is going to bring out the best in your room.

Do try the above DIY’s and gift it to your loved ones. How about impressing your loved ones? And if you have a Bucket List that you recently accomplished, we are eager to know and feature your story in our platform.

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