Dear Aries, Here’s a Perfect Bucket List for You

Dear Aries, Here’s a Perfect Bucket List for You

Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, loves to be number one and is ready to tackle any challenge that comes their way. So, this Rana will drive headfast into any situation and are natural leaders with extreme determination. They lead with a bold sense of optimism and a characteristic joie de vivre that perfectly captures their sunny yet self-determination nature. Thus, the Aries horoscope is mostly telling them to embrace their sense of individualism.

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you surely know that bucket list is all the rage these days. And every zodiac has bucket list ideas that they should most definitely try. Who doesn’t love setting goals and achieving them, especially the fierce and competitive Aries? The upbeat and positive and know how to have a good time while learning something in the process. Think extreme sports, a lively party scene, speeding down the highway, or an adrenaline-filled adventure, and the Aries is all in.

So, compiling perfect bucket list ideas for Aries means a lot of adventures, trying new things, exotic foods, travels, and everything fun.

Adventure Bucket List Ideas For Aries

Go rock climbing

aries zodiac sign

There’s nothing an Aries loves more than finding an adventure. The liberation and independence of testing new limits and the always ready to take on a new challenge attitude make rock climbing a perfect sport for you. You are bold and thrill-seeking and will always love to test your limits. If you haven’t tried rock climbing before then, get ready to reach new heights. Hit your nearest mountain with an instructor and keep calm as you might slip the first time around.

Go Skydiving

aries zodiac sign

Aries is the king of risk-taking. So, an exciting and adventurous thing like skydiving should be on their bucket list. It is bold, fun, and unpredictable-just the way an Aries likes it. The thrill of having fresh air on your face and floating thousands of kilometres above land is a feeling you would not want to miss. So get into your bold and daring mode and take a leap of faith (literally).

Travel Bucket List Ideas For Aries

Visiting a foreign country

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If there’s something Aries loves, it is trying out something new. And what better way to have a taste of something new than visiting a foreign land. It’s all about exploring new cultures and meeting new people and knowing more about yourself. Go backpacking or visit with a tourist group, and explore everything that the place has to offer. Exotic foods, tantalizing cuisines, and a colourful local culture will have you refreshed. Also, Aries means being comfortable in your skin, and a solo trip will surely help you know yourself better.

Although adventure can be found wherever you go, here are some places where it is easily found and is an experience of a lifetime.

  • Climb to Machu Picchu, Peru: Hiking a rough track is something you have already done? Why not then try climbing the Machu Picchu, the Incan citadel, located in the Andes. The 26-mile-long trail is full of beauty and challenge alike and is sure to be an instant favourite amount, Aries.
  • Swim the Great Barrier Reef: Not only has a beautiful ecosystem on its own, but the majestic Great Barrier Reef also housed 400 types of corals and around 1500 species of fish. So if you want to check out nature in its full glory, be sure to go underwater. Well, after all, seeing is believing.
  • Trek the Great Wall of China: You have probably seen the Great Wall many times by now-either on the internet or a trip. But the place, being one of the seven wonders of the modern world, is more than a selfie-taking spot. Excursions of up to 12 days are offered here, and different parts of the wall have different views to provide you with. Well, thrilling and adventurous, what more could an Aries want?

Go on a road trip

aries zodiac sign

Few things in life are as satisfying as a road trip. Wind in your hair and sun in your skin is refreshing, and taking on unknown lands by yourself is the perfect definition of adventure. Be it a small drive to a relatively unknown place or a long trip to a faraway land, put on your shades, hit the gas, and go on an adventure. The open road is all yours.

Here are some suggestions for you:

  • The Kruger Safari Road Trip, Africa: Nothing spells adventure like Africa. If you want to lounge with elephants and have brunch with lions, then this is your cup of tea. Bone-chilling yet fun, a safari in the most well known National Park in Africa, is worth it. This trip is popular because of the pit stops and abundant wildlife sightings one can get here.

Learn a new sport

Be it volleyball, golf, surfing, or hiking; embrace your competitive spirit with a new game. Learning a sport is all about sportsmanship and team playing. Aries make great leaders with their bold and ambitious nature, but learning how to play as a team is something that they will need to learn. So, if you want to challenge yourself and test your boundaries and grow into a team player by learning a new sport.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your bags and shades and go out in the world. Being an Aries, you probably have your bucket list checked, but here’s a new one to keep your adventurous spirit going. Make new friends, see the world, bring out your competitive side, and enjoy the ride. Dear Aries, make your bucket list more concrete by downloading the Woovly app now.

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