These DIY Life Hacks Will Make Your Home Cleaner And Life Easier

These DIY Life Hacks Will Make Your Home Cleaner And Life Easier

The motive right now? To keep the virus away, to be healthy and wise. But most importantly, to keep your surroundings clean. It is honestly a difficult time to get to ill. Even a normal allergy or acute asthma can get you running to the hospital and lower your immunity. Hence, better safe than sorry. However, we are mere human beings. if you are a human being reading then your genetic code has “laziness” pre-written in it. But, when hard work seems like a task, you turn to smart work! There are several hacks to life that makes your work easier. The same applies to keeping clean! May it be your house, clothes or more, we have some DIY hacks that will make cleaning fun and satisfying.

Best DIY Hacks To Having A Cleaner And Comfort Life

Everyday household items can help you in easy cleaning of various items you did not think were possible. Plus, DIY hacks always make your life a little simpler.

Remove pet hair using rubber gloves

diy life hacks for a cleaner home

We love our pets, no doubt about that. But with pets, comes a great responsibility. Apart from their daily food and exercise, they need as much as a brush as we need in our hair. However, pet hair easily gets stuck to carpets, clothes and even couch! The best way to pick them up without then sticking anywhere are rubber gloves. Further on, this DIY hack is based on the simple physics of electromagnetism.

Vinegar filled plastic bag to clean shower head

diy life hacks for a cleaner home

We all love a clean shower after a long day. Nevertheless, none of us pay much attention to the showerhead where the water is coming from. The deposits from the treated water can be harmful as well as ugly. You don’t have to change the showerhead but just use a simple life hack get it shining. Take a plastic bag and fill it with vinegar. Then, tie the bag onto the shower head making sure that the vinegar doesn’t drip out. Its acidity helps clean the brines of hard water!

Vinegar and baking soda to clean microwave

diy life hacks for a cleaner home

Microwave is a saviour to many of us especially when we are stuck at home and afraid to use up the gas. Moreover, not everything can be heated up on a stove. With food usage, comes stains that overtime can contaminate the food inside. Hence the need to clean it. If dish soap and water seems risky and complicated, use a DIY hack of cleaning it. This life hack calls for a mixture of vinegar and baking soda that can rid of any tough stains. Plus, it doesn’t leave any harmful chemical either.

Vinegar, water and essential oil for upholstery

diy life hacks for a cleaner home

When it comes to upholstery made with fabric, it is a dealbreaker when we stain them. You can’t even dump them in the washing machine. Whereas, detergent is not a big help if you are not rubbing on it for half an hour. Instead, use diluted vinegar to get rid of them. The acidity of the vinegar is a boon and water helps the dilute it so that the fabric colour remains intact getting rid of only the stain. Moreover, you can add a few drops of your favourite essential oil for an after smell.

Remember, while using vinegar as a cleaner, do not use strong white vinegar as it can stain too. Natural stones like marble and granite get scratches and vinegar also doesn’t work as a disinfectant.

Remove paint from clothes with a razor

diy life hacks for a cleaner home

Painting is always fun, both of adults and kids. A lockdown at home calls for a creative boost wherein you can repaint your walls as well as on paper/canvas. The after frustration comes when you end up staining your clothes or upholstery. Moreover, the rigid wall paint or acrylic paint cannot be removed with just detergent or a scrub. In that case, a DIY hack using a razor and a bit of detergent water works wonders as a scrub.

Newspaper to absorb smell in the refrigerator

It isn’t a surprise that with all the frozen food items resting in the fridge, it can start smelling funky often. It becomes a headache to think that you’d have to clean the entire refrigerator to get rid of the smell. Furthermore, if you use chemicals, it is advisable to not keep the foods back in immediately. So how do make the odour go? Simple. Use a newspaper. While the process behind is still a bit of a mystery, a newspaper is fibrous and absorbs smells. Sprinkle a bit of water and cover the space with newspaper. Don’t forget to remove it after a while!

When it comes to getting rid of unwanted odours, newspapers are one such DIY life hack to always remember.

Lemons to remove stains from faucet

diy life hacks for a cleaner homeFaucets get brine and rust deposits on them fast. With the regular use, the task is to clean them regularly. Moreover, the stains are such that they require you to scrub them off. Instead, use a freshly cut lemon. The acidity of the lemon works as a natural cleaner and perfect life hack to get the head of your tap shining.

Vinegar is a good alternative. Just follow the same procedure as that used for cleaning showers. However, putting the plastic bags on is time taking and tasking.

Sea salt to clean iron dishes

Iron dishes work miracles on your cooking recipes but are exhausting when it comes to cleaning them. The rigid food stains don’t go away that easily. Furthermore, they are time consuming and hurt your hand. Why go through all that trouble when you can simply use the basic kitchen item? Sea salt. The coarseness of the salt is the perfect life hack when it comes to cleaning iron skillets. Take a pinch of sea salt and sprinkle it over the skillet. Then, take a dry paper towel and wipe off the surface.

Use old toothbrush to clean your keyboard

diy life hacks for a cleaner home

Quarantine or not, our laptop usage does not lessen. While we are sticking to the work from home routine, our typing on our laptop does not stop. Further on, we use the same laptop for our binge-watch session. With its continuous use, it isn’t surprising to find dirt and food particles settled in the crevices. However, the question arises, how do you clean such a narrow space? The easiest life hack to reach these spaces is to use an old toothbrush. If the bristles can clean the hidden gaps between our teeth, they reach places.

Raw potato chunks to clean the grater

One of the most important kitchen tool we often use when it comes to our recipes is a grater. Could you imagine sprinkling cheese on your pizza and pasta without one? Nevertheless, the real problem arises when it comes to cleaning it. It is not possible to reach the spikey spaces of the grater (don’t try a toothbrush, it’s harmful and bristles get stuck). Instead, use raw potato chunks right after as a DIY hack. The moisture helps clean it and the remnants of the food stick to the peeled potato. Furthermore, if there are still some left inside, you can clean it off using a nylon scrub.

There is always a lifehack to DIY your cleaning processes. You just have to know a little bit of science behind.

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