Dive Into Nostalgia With These Popular Childhood Games Played in India

Dive Into Nostalgia With These Popular Childhood Games Played in India

Trying to memorize those beautiful childhood games we used to play. Well, we all miss those glorious days of our childhood. The sad part is that in Urban India, kids nowadays prefer spending their evening playtime on electronic gadgets like Xbox, Smartphone games, or just browsing the internet. These days one can only come across kids playing outdoor and indoor leisure games in the rural parts of India. In this article, we walk down the memory lane with the childhood games in India that we used to play when we were young and free. 

Childhood Games Played in India Before The Advent of Tech Toys

Although children these days may not feel connected with the games earlier generation used to swear by, there is nothing wrong with us taking a stroll through the memory lane and listing those fun games. Who knows, an urban kid might come across this write-up and ask any older member in the family to teach them how-to-play. Without further ado, let’s list those awesome games now. 


Did you remember when in our school days we used to play this game in our Tiffin break or after every period? Even the time we used to say “Bhai Aj Tu Chor Hoga Aur Hum Police”. Well yes, those are the days which we genuinely miss. As the name suggests, there is a Chor (thieves), and there will be the police. The players in this game are divided into two groups’, i.e. Chor and Police, the police will have the task of catching the thieves. It is the most popular game played all over the world with different names, with a slight change in the rule


Carrom is one of the top-rated games in India not only for kids but also for the families, and there are many variations of the game. Carrom can be played with two or four players. Carrom contains pieces like strikers, queen and also required powder. Redwood or disk is called a queen. During the board setup, it is placed at the center of the circle. Pocketing queen adds 3 points to the player’s total score. Strikers are used for pushing the carom men and queen across the board to the pockets. 


Kabbadi is a very famous and popular sport across the country. Kids love this game so much. There are two teams in Kabbadi, and each team stands on the opposite halves of a field or enclosure. Each team takes a turn to send in a raider to the other side. Points will be given based on tackling the opposite and returning to their halves. The Interesting part about this game is the chant made by two teams – Kabbadi, Kabbadi, Kabbadi.


Remember those marble games which you used to play in your childhood? Well yes, Kancha is yet another top-rated game in India. This game involves using round glass marbles. The rule of this Kancha game is to collect as many points as you want by striking the opposition marble. There are plenty of versions of the Kancha game across India. 


Pitthu is known by the name “Satoliya”. Pitthu is a simple game where players are divided into two teams in the large outdoor area. Small flat stones and a ball are two things required in this game. The rule of this game is that members of one team throw a tennis ball at a pile of stones to knock them over. The members then try to restore the pile of stones, while the opposing team throws the ball at them. Any player hit by the ball gets out of the game. 

Kite Flying

We all used to say in our childhood days “Aaj Patang Udayenge”. Kite consists of wings, pulleys, and anchors. Kite often has a bridle to guide the face of the kite at the correct angle. Kite flying duels are famous among children, and there are also festivals and tournaments organized in many parts of the country like Gujarat on the day of Makar Sakranti.


Lattu aka spinning top is played in many parts of the country. Tops are constructed of woods, iron tip and would be set in motion by aid of a string or rope. Nowadays, they are crafted from plastic and other modern materials. The game involves spinning of Lattu which has grooves in his lower half and nail at the bottom to spin. A cotton string is wrapped around the grooves to deploy spin. The match depends on whose Lattu spins for the longest duration. 


Kho-Kho is a popular team game of 12 players. It is played between 12 players out of 15 nominated, wherein 9 players enter into the field, trying to avoid being touched by members of the opposing team. The time limit is usually 9 minutes, and within that, the runner has to catch the chasing team. Kho Kho popularly played around the states of Bihar, Punjab and West Bengal. 

Hide and Seek (I-Spy)

We did play Hide and Seek a lot during our childhood days, right? Hide and Seek is one of the popular games played by children around the world. The rule is seeker has to find all other players in the game, each time a player is found he/she has to join in the search for other players.

Gilli Danda

Gilli Danda is an amateur sport played in the rural areas and small towns of India. It is played by hitting the shorter stick with a longer one. The game is played with a smaller piece of wood tapered on both sides known as Gilli and the larger piece of wood that is used for striking Gilli known as Danda. 

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