How Cartoon Box Became A Force To Reckon With On Social Media: The Journey of Joost Lieuwma

How Cartoon Box Became A Force To Reckon With On Social Media: The Journey of Joost Lieuwma

A bucket list cannot be confined to experiences only. The list highly entails achievements that require immense dedication and motivation to achieve a goal. We, at Woovly, have started a series of featuring people and their accomplishments to reflect upon the bigger picture that a bucket list can be. In the first of our series, we are featuring the Dutch animation filmmaker, Joost Lieuwma, who is also a creator of Cartoon Box. Not many know how his journey began, and how Lieuwma gathered a massive following on Facebook and YouTube for his work.

For Lieuwma, it all started with his studio Frame Order. The entertaining short animation stories with a quirky appeal soon gained substantial traction on YouTube. The bizarre scenarios depicted in the short animation films made the audience wanting for more. Some of the popular ones include Leaving Home, How Dave Got Emma Pregnant, and Panic! All these movies were a part of Frame Order by Joost, and now his focus is set on producing micro shorts under the project Cartoon Box. We interviewed Joost Lieuwma to gauge how he achieved his goals and what led to the making of Cartoon-Box that boasts 531K likes on Facebook and Frame Order with a whopping subscriber base of 2.23M on YouTube.

How did your journey start? Can you recall the moment when you crossed the first milestone?

In August 2016, I started creating an animated cartoon and published it on our Frame Order YouTube channel, which had about 40 subscribers at that time. It took me a couple of days to create this cartoon. After that, I tried to create another. And when I succeeded, I made it my goal to create one animated cartoon every week and see if it would be able to find an audience with it. The first 10K subscribers took about a year. The channel was growing steadily but slowly.

And then after about 15 months all of a sudden it started to gain more views and more subscribers. Getting to the 100K went much faster, and a year later we had about 1 million subscribers. Because of the success on our YouTube channel, I also started uploading my cartoons on a Facebook page. The reach on Facebook was less than on YouTube, but it was still worthwhile to continue posting on Facebook because I think it caters to a different set of audience.

What’s the objective of Cartoon-Box? How do you gauge the kind of comedy that is expected by the audience?

Comedy is all about getting the timing right and adding the element of surprise. Showing slapstick and cartoon violence can have both the elements of timing and surprise. As a creator, I try building up certain expectations with the audience but at the same time serve them with something different and refreshing. The idea lies in building expectation and then subtly adding the element of surprise. 

Which social media platform do you prefer the most? 

I don’t really have a preference here. It all started with YouTube, and then I gradually added other social media avenues like Facebook to publish episodes. 

What keeps you motivated to run the Facebook page amid your professional engagements?

Well, making these cartoons is my profession. Part of the motivation is trying to make a living with what I like to do most of all: making animated cartoons. I guess, the dedication only comes when someone pursues their passion with utmost honesty and in my case, I pursued what I loved doing. I create animated videos and then post them on my channels to share it with the audience. Every social media platform has a different set of audience and there is always a learning curve. 

Do you interact with the top fans of your page?

I’m trying to read most comments and reply to every comment I like. Unfortunately, that’s not always possible because there are sometimes too many comments. However, I try to keep up with the followers and leave a comment now and then. 

Ever got any hate comments?

Yes, but I try to ignore them. By putting your work out there on social media, one must be open to all kinds of responses. However, one hate comment should not be affecting you amid a slew of positive comments. Just keep moving forward and present the best you can. 

Would you call Cartoon-Box your ‘bucket list accomplishment’?

I’m not a bucket list making person, however, if a bucket list stands for pursuing your passion and making a living out of it then yeah! This is my bucket list accomplishment. 

Lastly, do you have a message for your loyal followers on Facebook and other social media channels?

I’m pleased that so many people like my work. Hopefully, they will continue watching my videos and pouring more love. I am dedicated to Cartoon-Box and would keep working towards creating the best-animated videos. 

Well, Joost Lieuwma accomplished his bucket list for sure. Do you have a goal that you want to add to your bucket list? If yes, then all you need to do is download Woovly app or Sign Up here. Woovly will help you track your goals and connect with fellow bucket listers.

Wish it. Do it. Woovly! 

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