Top 10 Bizarre Restaurants in New York Offering Ultimate Food Experience

Top 10 Bizarre Restaurants in New York Offering Ultimate Food Experience

New York is known for its diversity, and to keep the diverse citizens happy and content, this city has never failed to provide the best dining experiences to its people. Be it street food or rich dining experience; New York has surprises for everyone. You have countless places to explore the culinary world of this city. The best part is that the city never sleeps, so be it night or day; your hunger will be satisfied. Foodies should not miss out on the most bizarre restaurants in New York as they make for bucket list worthy food experiences. 

Most Bizarre Restaurants in New York

Be it going out with your friends, a celebration or going on a date with your lover; this city promises you to provide everything that would suit your mood. We assure you, this wondrous place has an abundant variety of food to serve to its residents as well as visitors that cannot be left unexplored. With its remarkable diversity, this city also offers fine dining that elevates the whole experience of eating food. 

With various suggestions on your hand, it might get a little difficult for you to choose which restaurant to visit without having to take a big bite on your pocket. Either you miss out something appetising, or you miss out something new. That is why we have prepared you a list of quirky places where you will have the best of your time savouring. 

Camaje Bistro 

This restaurant is famous for its unique way of providing the best food experience to its customers. For three times a week, this restaurant offers their remarkable “Dinner in the Dark,” in which the customers are blindfolded for the entire duration of their meal. Taking away their ability to see, the customers are only allowed to smell and touch the dish, and its ingredients turn the atmosphere aromatic, exciting and fun. The customers are asked to name the dish, and if they make a right guess, then they are served for free! What more could be better than this? All the foodies out there, now you know which place to visit to make use of your heightened sense of taste and smell. 

Dominique Ansel Kitchen

Dominique Ansel Kitchen is popular in the city of New York for its mouth-watering desserts. The uniqueness of Dominique Ansel Kitchen lies in their exclusive dessert-tasting experience called Unlimited Possibilities. The bakery has to be booked months in advance. Unlimited Possibilities offers just eight seats a night which is surprising a low figure when compared to the number of people who stands in a queue for their scrumptious food. They provide the customers with an 8-course meal, paired with wines and cocktails, which makes the wait well worth it. In addition to this, their unique dessert-tasting experience is a cherry on top. Their desserts are themed, and the menu is changed twice a year according to the demand of their customers. 

Clothing Optional Dinner 

There are a lot of places in New York that provide you with the experience of nude dining. Although there isn’t a particular place for this, the phenomenon itself is gaining popularity among nudists who love nature most authentically. Nudist, John J. Ordover, is one among the popular nudists who are famous for arranging such nude dining experiences in the city. This one shall certainly come across the most bizarre restaurant in New York.  

Brooklyn Grange

According to their official website, Brooklyn Grange is the best of the best when it comes to rooftop farming and intensive green roofing in the US. It is the best place in the city if you’re looking for some excellent, farm-to-table produce. It is also the best place if you want to dine on the top of an NYC skyscraper or wish to view a lush farm atop a colossal building. Not just dining, but you can also have a picnic planned at this ultra-hip location. 


This restaurant is pinned at the heart of the New York City, and you will be exposed to a wide range of menu of Iberian, French and American-influenced cuisine. Degust signifies tasting something very carefully. This restaurant provides you with an intimate dining experience, wherein the chefs cook directly in front of you in an open kitchen. Additionally, you can also try out the seven-course chef’s tasting menu. 

Ellen’s Stardust Diner 

At this place, every single waiter or waitress is an incredible singer who sings you famous songs to their customers while serving them flavoursome food. To make it more entertaining for their customers, they even put a quick show of their stunting moves with the food tray. It is one of the crowd-pleasing features they have that drives customers to this charming place. It is also popular for its milkshakes. 


Have you ever been to a restaurant or an eatery where the owner has his own set of rules that the customers should strictly follow? At Shopsin’s, customers keep flocking, evidently breaking the rules because the food is worth taking the risk. New York has this guy, Kenny Shopsin, who enforces a ton of bizarre rules on his customers but still manages to keep his restaurant fully occupied. It offers a wide range of 900 items to choose from its menu. Some of the most bizarre rules of this foul-mouthed chef include seating parties greater than four people, or not permitting two people of the same party to order the same dish. Sadly, Kenny passed away in 2018, and so we lost an icon of the New York dining scene. The restaurant is still operational, though with the same set of rules. 

Ninja New York 

This unique restaurant in New York depicts a ninja village of the feudal days where you can see ninjas roaming in and around the restaurant. As you sit down to grab some Japanese food at Ninja New York, be prepared to be bombarded with ninja-turned waiters and waitresses who will spontaneously perform their ninja moves such as karate chops as you are served with the delicious food. People who visit this place have an amusing ending to their meal when they get to see the famed magician at this place perform fascinating tricks for the customers.

Opaque Dark Dining

This restaurant is almost similar to Camaje Bistro, the only difference being that here the customers aren’t blindfolded. Instead, they are seated in an entirely pitch-black room. At the Opaque Dark Dining, the waiters serve you in the darkroom, and they have mastered this skill to the ultimate perfection and know the way around. A leap of faith is all you need to enjoy the top-notch delicacies of this food haven. 

Jekyll and Hyde Club 

This place provides you with one of the weirdest dining experience that you could imagine. This restaurant features eccentric explorers and mad scientists who hustle as you enjoy your food. Besides, this place offers some weird yet exciting to watch live performances for its customers. Be ready to experience a night of insanity when you visit this place. The official website of Jekyll and Hyde Club explains, “Anything can happen at Jekyll and Hyde”, so better go prepared for the most bizarre and unexpected dining experience. 

This brings us to the end of our listicle on most bizarre restaurants in New York. To know more such exciting dining places around the world sign up on Woovly now!

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