Travelling post COVID? Here Are Some Tips On How To Explore Safely

Travelling post COVID? Here Are Some Tips On How To Explore Safely

The pandemic brought on by Covid-19 has significantly changed the dynamics and parameters of what we term as normalcy. It’s evident that things would not be the same once the situation eases. Currently, domestic flight operations have recommenced which brings forth the question of our health and cautionary tips that one will need to abide by as citizens. And this is not just necessary for yourself but for other people as well. Moreover, what has become evidently clear during this pandemic is that one’s actions cause a domino effect that puts other people in jeopardy as well. While getting back to your life of discovery and exploration, travelling safely has become more important than anything else. So, we’ve curated a few tips for you to follow for a safe travel post-COVID-19. 


Travel and tourism industry has probably been the worst affected industry during the coronavirus pandemic. One thing is for sure, the world is not going to be a safe place any time soon. As for the travel industry, we are predicting multiple changes. Starting from regulated healthcare certificates to eco-tourism, there will definitely be a whole new chapter on how to resume your travel.

1. Focus On Local And Nature Travel


International travel for the time being is out of question. Some countries are more susceptible to COVID than some others and there is a long time till it can come to normal. However, that shouldn’t be the reason for you to stop exploring. As the cases decline and we wait for the curve to flatten, we can tell you that travel as locally as possible. There are a number of offbeat things you can discover in and around your city and state. Moreover, you can revisit all those things you have missed about your city during the lockdown to experience it in a different way.

Further on, one of the best tip is to make your travel sustainable and nature friendly. Nature has proven to us again that no matter we try to break away from it, it will come back to us. It is high time, we come to understand that. Hence, travel light and be kind to nature. While maintaining your distance from the crowd, you can explore the hidden gems that nature has to offer without ruining it with your waste and more.

2. Be Careful With What You Touch 


The novel coronavirus spreads at an exponential rate which has instilled fear and anxiety in people all over the world. Thus, travelling might seem quite scary during or after such an ordeal. Such an action would require plenty of caution. Therefore, it would be wise to remain mindful of what you touch. This rings even true when you are required to touch items or devices that are publicly accessible such as ATMs, escalators, check-in kiosks etc. Our tip is to use copious amounts of sanitizer after using such facilities and avoid touching your face thereafter.  

Moreover, carry a travel kit along with you so that you can wash up and keep your hygiene game strong. Soaps and sanitisers are probably the last thing you want to forget. Keep washing your hands frequently!

3. Carry a Kit for Essentials 

We all have a travelling kit that includes our essentials. But it is time to reform the contents of that kit to meet our needs post-COVID -19. There are a few items that you should add to your travelling kit that are deemed essential. These include hand sanitizers, disinfectant wipes, tissues, face mask and a travelling kit hand wash or soap.

Furthermore, make sure that the hand sanitizer has more than 60% alcohol content. It is better to carry a backup for these items with you but we urge you not to hoard items. Our tip here would also be to avoid sharing of times such as water bottles and towels; carry your own instead.

4. Reduce Human Contact and Maintain Social Distancing 


The World Health Organization has recommended at least a 1 metre (3 feet) distance that is to be maintained between people. It is advisable that you maintain 6 feet for extra safety. This needs to be maintained while travelling as you never know who or what can expose you to the virus. The optimum solution is to reduce the probability of the virus infecting you. Therefore, maintaining distance with the people in public is ideal in case someone coughs, sneezes or liquid droplets from their nose or mouth which might get on you or your clothes.

Moreover, even post COVID, the best way to keep yourself away from any kind of transmission is to avoid crowded places at best. This would also ensure you check out everything offbeat. The best tip includes travelling to the hidden parts of the world while keeping your distance. Honestly, this would be the best time to start travelling solo too!

5. Stay Home and Isolate if You’re Sick 

Nothing is running away! The most invaluable tip of all is to stay at home and isolate yourself if you feel the slightest inkling that you’re getting sick. COVID or not, the world can wait but your body can’t. If you feel like you’re showing symptoms such as fever, cough, difficulty breathing, it is highly important that you stay at home and take care of yourself.

More likely than not, we end up thinking about ourselves but we forget the fact that we have the power to save ourselves and many others if we take the right precautions. Therefore, if you feel sick, it is better to contact medical professionals or the coronavirus hotline and stay updated regarding the procedure to follow. Even after recovery, it is best to stay in for 24 hours

6. Stay Updated With The News


Stay up to date regarding the latest information about COVID-19 and the places you’ll be visiting. It is better to know and make informed decisions beforehand. Moreover, it is very important to get your news from reliable sources such as WHO website or your local/national authorities. This is because they’re the best equipped to advise people on the precautions we must take.

Their guidelines are backed with professional data and advice. By remaining abreast of the situation, you will be able to take better precautions and avoid any mistakes. Also, do remember to make your travel plans according to the news about the security and health checks in the place you will be visiting. 

7. Consult Your Healthcare Professional and Get Vaccinated 


Before travelling, it is advisable for you to consult your healthcare professional for travel advice. They will be better equipped at giving professional advice that will prove useful during your travel. Unfortunately, there is no vaccine available for this novel coronavirus yet. Although there are reports of plasma therapy working – it is a treatment for the virus rather than a prevention of it.

However, our tip would be to get vaccinated against basic respiratory diseases too. It will be beneficial to get vital flu and infection shots that can reduce the chances of getting the common cold, flu, influenza virus and respiratory infections that might weaken your immune system. 

Don’t forget to update your travel insurance, especially when making an international trip post COVID.

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