Best Surfing Spots In The World To Ride The Waves And Own Them

Best Surfing Spots In The World To Ride The Waves And Own Them

Someone once said, “My passion for surfing was more than my fear of sharks”. That’s how much importance surfing holds for some and if that some include you or maybe if you’re just a person with interest to surf on the big beautiful waves, this bucket list is for you. Let’s take a trip around the world which holds high its names for being the best-surfing destinations. Grab your board and embrace what is to come.

Top 10 Surfing Spots In The World

If you haven’t ridden a wave before then no worries. These spots have some of the best surfing schools around as well so you can always try your hand at it. After you do, you will know when we call the sport a refreshment.

1. Pipeline, Hawaii

best places to surf in the world

Have you ever wondered what surf heaven looks like? Well, we have the answer, and it is better than a surf and turf dish, experience one of the biggest waves around the world, Pipeline in Hawaii. The name speaks for the kind of waves you’d expect to see here. The waves being so massive and almost cylindrical and pipe-like, it is a heaven for passionate surfers and easily the ideal surfing spot in the world. Located on the coast of the tropical Oahu, Hawaii, it is a whole vacation package for surfers. It is said that most surfers cannot beat the waves of Pipeline, come find out for yourself if you’re that worthy of a surfer. Imagine surfing on your board, hitting the high crest all amid the scenic view this place holds.

2. Uluwatu, Indonesia

 best surfing spots in the world

A perfect surfing moment includes all that surrounds it as well, and Uluwatu is one such place to cherish your surf. Words cannot describe the beauty of this beach. It is beyond heavenly and indeed one of the beautiful surfing destinations for surfers around the world. You will fall in love with surfing a tad bit more once you surf here. The waves are calmer and much closer to the shore, making it fantastic for beginners. Moreover, with a beautiful cliff across the coast and waves hitting the clean sandy beach, it is breathtaking, and you somehow feel communed with yourself and the beach. Take a break, surf till you drop and make yourself home at Uluwatu.

3. Hossegor, France

best surfing spots in the world

Rightly named as the “surfing capital of Europe”, Hossegor is one of the most happening surfing destinations in the world. Surrounded by mansions and all things luxurious, it is home to many travellers who come miles away from their place to watch professional surfers ride the barrel sized waves. A classic and a neat beach to surf away from your worries. After all, everyone deserves a surf break, and it’s always best to keep it simple, unlike all the extravaganza in the real world. In that perspective, Hossegor proves to be one of the best!

4. Teahupoo, French Polynesia

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Home to some of the most surreal waves, Teahupoo is a challenge for many. It is risky, yet rewarding and is, without doubt, one of the best-surfing destinations for the passionate and adventure seekers. With waves almost as big as whales, you’d feel like you’ve achieved everything if you come out reigning the waves and defeating the nearly impossible. So, polish your surfboards and keep it ready for the waves of Teahupoo. Moreover, learn some tricks, and you’re good to go. Come, have the right kind of fun at Teahupoo!

5. Maverick’s, California

best surfing spots in the world

With waves as scary as the name suggests, the waves at Maverick’s give you the adrenaline rush no other wave can. With proper caution and safety, you’ll enjoy the waves that await you with all kinds of saltiness, literally and figuratively. But one thing we can assure is the dream put to reality for surfers around the world. However, taking a boat or a jet ski to the waves is the only way you can get to them. It is hard work, but the satisfaction is a sweet one. Pack your surfing kit, say no more and hop on the next flight to Cali.

6. Supertubes, South Africa

best surfing spots in the world

A beautiful sunset, salty air, majestic waves and a dapper surfboard. Sounds like the perfect combination for every surfer, doesn’t it? Guess what, it exists, and it’s never too late. To all the right-hand riders out there, this one is especially for you. Supertubes in South Africa awaits you the adventure you’ve been seeking for all this while. Breathe in the fresh air and take yourself away to this piece of heaven. As superb as the name sounds, you for sure will have the time of your life here. Explore one of the best surfing spots in the world.

7. The Box, Australia

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The turquoise waves under the barely blue sky, how alluring is that? Imagine living the whole picture, yes, it’s as beautiful as you pictured it. The speciality or rather intriguing fact about the waves in The Box, Australia is how unexpected they are. They can go from deep to shallow in moments. One can perhaps improve their surfing skills here with the unpredictable timings. The waves are all yours, embrace it and let the best one win. Will it be you or the waves? Come, find out.

8. Manu Bay, New Zealand

best places to surf in the world

With unusual and very repetitive waves, Manu bay is one of a kind. Spread across space rather beautifully, the Manu bay offers more than just adventure. It is the epitome of a dream, slow but real, fantasy yet true. It’s an infinite loop, and it can’t get any more authentic. Literally! Standing out of all the surfing destinations, one should visit this unique place that could definitely be cherished later on. Trust nature, it is worth it. Because you’re worth embracing what is freely given to you. To add on,it is the most unique of all the surfing spots out there in the world.

9. Cloud Nine, Philippines:

best places to surf in the world

With waves that can almost kill you, Cloud Nine truly speaks for itself. The risk-takers and thrill-seekers absolutely enjoy the waves here at Cloud Nine. The best part of the waves here is that it is a treat to both the right and left-handed riders. It is almost surreal because the waves are as majestic as it can get. It’s almost as if you’re trapped in a cylindrical water tube. Furthermore, the very few moments of the ride will give you amazing memories, and the adrenaline rush will never leave you for a lifetime. Ninth heaven awaits you with small packages of surprises.

10. Carrapateira, Portugal:

best surfing spots in the world

Who wouldn’t love an empty beach with the perfect waves waiting for you to surf your way through? We, for sure, would love it! Left handeriders! It’s your day. Carrapateira is exclusively for you. Also, the waves can reach as high as three meters with the help of the rocks. It’s nothing except absolutely beautiful, both to the eyes and to the soul. Have your own little alone time at Carrapateira tucked away on the coast of Portugal, to find yourself and to give yourself a treat.

Well, we would steer clear of the sharks out there in the Ocean which is rightfully all ours. But for how long? Time to get out of all that fear and live the moment. Give yourself a break, love yourself a little bit more than you should be and come surf at the best surfing spots in the world!

Wish it. Do it. Woovly!

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