Best Shopping Destinations Around The World For Your Shopping Bucket List

Best Shopping Destinations Around The World For Your Shopping Bucket List

Nothing can beat the feeling of sipping an iced coffee and shopping. Whether you are shopping for small trinkets or looking to invest in a designer bag, the world is your oyster. Here ranked are the best shopping destinations around the world that we picked on the basis of connectivity of the location, budget, shopping items, variety, and more.

Best Shopping Destinations Around The World For Your Bucket List

Shopping is a major part of every leisure travel. Most of the travelers end up visiting popular shopping spots and buying gifts for themselves and their loved ones. In the list below, we have mentioned some of the best shopping destinations around the world for you to add to your bucket list.


Shopping Destinations Around The World

Seoul has everything you can ever ask for. From all-night stores to luxury departmental stores. Must-visit locations for shopping include Seoul Folk Flea Market, Namdaemun Market, and Gyeongdong Market


Shopping Destinations Around The World

While the boutiques cater to the alligator-bag-and-black-card-toting crowd, luckily for bargain shoppers, yesterday’s styles are tossed aside so fast, outlets and sales racks are always full. From Gucci to Prada, Milan has everything. Must-visit shopping locations include Quadrilatero d’OroIl& Salvage


best cities for shopping

Shopping Malls here, Shopping Malls there, Shopping Malls everywhere! Visit the Mall of Emirates, which is the first indoor ski resort as well. Must-visit shopping locations in Dubai include The annual Dubai Shopping Festival in January and February. You can get up to 70% on electronics, clothing and popular items.


Shopping Destinations Around The World

Vienna is perhaps on the most cost-effective. From glass bobbles to luxury brands, Vienna has it all. Popular shopping locations in Vienna include Naschmarkt and The Viennese Christmas Market.

Buenos Aires

best cities for shopping

Calle Murillo is a street with leather shops. Murillo 666 is perhaps the best known, but 50 more surround it. Get ready to haggle if you want the best price! Moccasins Guido & Murillo 666 are popular shopping locations in Buenos Aires.

Hong Kong

Shopping Destinations Around The World

Hong Kong has the best customer service. The vendors are persistent in the boot and often can be borderline creepy. However, they do know what sells and will give you the best of choices.

Must Visit: WDSG, Kapok, Club Monaco Men’s Store, Monocle are found in Star Street Precinct in Wanchai (Star Street, Moon Street, Sun Street) and St. Francis Yard.


Shopping Destinations Around The World

Sweet Paree plays host to the holy trinity of Parisian department stores: Le Bon Marché, which is famed for a monster section of gourmet food (5,000 choices strong). Printemps has the world’s largest beauty department. Extravagant Galeries Lafayette is housed in a seven-story art nouveau structure with an entire floor dedicated to lingerie. Every Friday at 3 p.m. there’s a free fashion show with English commentary. Reservations required. Must-visit shopping spots in Paris are Merci & Colette.

Kuala Lumpur

Best shopping locations around the world

KL’s impressive score comes from its winning combination of high-quality shopping, affordable prices and strong sales which can stretch for several months. This year’s Year-End-Sale, from November 10 to January 1, is massive and amazing. Popular shopping locations include Utama & Quirky Brown Cow.


Best shopping locations around the world

London shopping at its best is bold and eclectic. Case in point: department store Liberty. Liberty may have a Tudor-style exterior and fireplaces. Still, its products are contemporary and fresh, encompassing in-house designer stationary, clever kitchen accessories to make your neighbors jealous and clothes from a selection of local and international designers.


Best shopping locations around the world

Global chain Isetan has eight separate buildings stretched along two blocks. Tokyo’s shopping is also surprisingly affordable. Isetan has English, Chinese and Korean-speaking staff as well as shopping consultants who will advise you on everything from shoes to fish, all available through reservation.

For foodies, the basement has dainty Japanese bento boxes as well as delectable and delicate French pastries. When shopping for clothes, you can take a break from international luxury brands to try on some kimonos.


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Chennai is your local shopping dream in India. From the big mall to small street vendors, it’s got it all. Head to Pheonix Market City for some branded shopping before shoving through the masses in Pondy Bazar to find the best deals.

New York

shopping destinations around the world

A hidden vintage showroom is a Rare Vintage for anyone who is in search of a shopping gem unique to NYC. You can find pieces from every possible era and from a wide range of design houses including the likes of Dior, Givenchy and more. If you don’t mind waking up super early, you can catch the infamous sample sales and Brooklyn Flea.


Best shopping locations around the world

Shanghai is every shopaholic’s dream! Exit the subway onto the maze that is AP Market. From bags to books, the AP market is a labyrinth that offers the best of anything and everything. Be ready to bargain your heart out. If you feel up for it, take the bullet train to Suzhou and visit the mall there.

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