Best Road Trips Around The World To Stimulate Your Inner Vagabond

Best Road Trips Around The World To Stimulate Your Inner Vagabond

Nothing beats the feeling of fresh air on your face and the wind in your hair. Road trips are the best way to discover the flawless beauty of the open roads, find quaint shops tucked away in small corners, and, most importantly, learn about your own self. We don’t know how quick we are to think about solutions? How easily we can adopt a culture, how comfortable we are with the uncertain until we have taken at least a few road trips. Most importantly, they make us feel independent and free.

Best Road Trips Around The World

With social media being ever so prominent, road trips and picturesque locations are an ongoing trend. Here are a few road trips across the world that should be on every travel lovers bucket list ideas to satiate your wanderlust.

 1. The Great Ocean Road, Victoria

Road Trip

For a country dominated by mighty mountains and rocky terrains, it would only not do justice to take the quickest road from one place to another. To better explore the country famous for the beautiful landscape and untouched natural beauty, it is best to put down the boarding pass and take up the road map.

The Great Ocean Road, categorized as one of the most famous roads in Australia, stretches along its southern coast from Torquay to Allansford in Victoria. Encompassing stunning coastlines, sweeping cliffs, verdant rainforests, and the Twelve Apostles (out of which only eight remains), this is a must take for everyone. Featuring the Loch Ard Gorge, the site of a 19th-century shipwreck, the trip is exciting.

2. The Gibb River Road, Australia

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Outback landscapes look like something out of an apocalypse movie. And they almost are given it is essentially a semi-arid to an arid stretch of inland area. But you won’t get it just about everywhere. Australia has its trademark in this context, and if you want to get a taste of it, then The Gibb River Road is the best choice.

The dramatic landscape and dusty track abound in this ride from Derby to Kununurra. Venturing through the less-visited Kimberly region, you find a host of Australia’s most exquisite beauties.

It includes Emma and Galvan’s gorges, Tunnel Creek, King Leopold Range, and Zebedee Springs. It is slightly challenging, but if you’re up for an adventure, then you should definitely go for it.

3. Visakhapatnam to Araku Valley, India

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Natural grandeur meets spiritual splendor in this awesome road trip from Visakhapatnam to Araku Valley in India. A country famous for its spiritual richness, hospitality, natural beauty, and a booming scientific community, India has everything to offer you.

Stop at local Dhaba by the highway, and enjoy a cup of tea, take in the serene beauty of the road, and you’ll never be bored. The Bay of Bengal rises to meet with the majestic Eastern Ghats in this picturesque trip.

Right from the cosmopolitan Visakhapatnam to the quaint Araku nestled amidst the lush green valleys; it is perfect for a weekend trip that you can take on your own. The road is safe and offers an elevated view of the lands beneath, making the trip altogether memorable.

4. Romantische Strasse, Germany

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This trip is what fairytales are made of. Featuring stunning castles, imposing walled towns, and an abundance of the scenic beauty-this tour will take you back to the medieval times. The architectural beauty of Würzburg’s Residenz is followed by the charming wine village of Tauberbischofsheim and the refreshing spa town of Bad Mergentheim.

The bare landscape of Ries, a 15½-mile crater formed by a meteorite strike, is something out of sci-fi books and the famous Danube flowing by calms your nerves. Ending at the romantic Füssen, this trip is not exactly for the lovers of Fast and Furious but perfect if you want a taste of the old and charming Germany.

5. Route one, Iceland

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It is a common saying that if you do not like the weather of Iceland-wait for 15 minutes. “The Land of Fire and Ice” mesmerizes thousands of tourists every year, courtesy its dramatic landscape full of vast stretches of clean white ice sheets and snow-capped mountain tops. If you want to discover Iceland, away from this, then go on a road trip. A “rúntur” as it is called, is essentially a drive with your favorite people, talking about anything you want (sounds like something we all need). The roads are easy to navigate, and it is set amidst a sprawling vista of untouched beauty.

Highlighting the rocky tracks of the south coast and the bleak yet stunning north east ash fields, a slight detour to the thunderous waterfalls at Dettifoss, the hot springs at Myvatn and one-of-a-kind whale watching at Husavik-it is all of Norway bundled into one.

6. Route 66, USA

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Starting from Lake Michigan and ending in LA, this is America’s most famous trip. Approximately two weeks long, it’s roof-off and windows down for days on this adventurous journey. Featuring America’s oldest church, St Joseph’s, in Laguna Pueblo, the cool car display at Texas’s Cadillac Ranch. You also get to witness the world’s most giant rocking chair in Fanning, Missouri- this gives a taste of classic America. Pack your shades and prepare to eat in motels like those in movies and get to learn a lot about yourself in the process

7. The High Road to Taos, USA

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Pack all your cowboy stuff for this one. Stretching valleys across the Rio Grande and the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in New Mexico, this trip is part cowboy charm, part Hispanic culture. Arid deserts rigged peak, and verdant vista is interrupted by Hispanic villages like Chimayo and Penasco. Popular ranch settings feature on this trip; that’s all the old America you need in your life.

8. The Kruger Safari Road Trip, Africa

Road Trip

The most well known National Park in Africa, this journey is popular because of the pit stops and abundant wildlife sightings one can get here. Famous towns of Dullstroom and Sabie are the best places to visit as one can witness the breathtaking waterfalls and scenic beauty the place has to offer.

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