Best Rides At Disney World To Give You The Magic Power Boost

Best Rides At Disney World To Give You The Magic Power Boost

Disney has its way when it comes to recreating legends. Head to Disney World in Florida, and you will be taken on a ride through the enchanting fantasy of movies and TV. Being an amusement park, you’d wonder what is the best ride to head to the foremost. With its equal attention to kids and adults, Disney World has something for everyone. So check out the best rides at Disney World.

8 Best Rides To Go On At Disney World


Travel through galaxies or discover the greatest mysteries of all, Disney World rides will give you a thumbs up to all your mission. An amalgamation of thrill, beauty and design, each of these rides is made to entice.

Pirates Of The Caribbean

Best Rides At Disney World
Credits: Disney Tourist Blog

All mates aboard! Get into the ship with Jack Sparrow and his crew at the Pirates Of The Caribbean ride. You will be sailing into the past to the 17th century as you dare live the pirate’s life. As you sail past the rogue pirates in the port towns of the Caribbean, the roller coaster gives you a glimpse into the lives. Furthermore, you will be cruising across Dead Man’s Cove witness the shout out with cannons between a Caribbean fort and 12-gun galleon. Be sure to keep singing with them pirates because ‘Dead Men Tell No Tales’.

Expedition Everest

Best Rides At Disney World

The tip of the world is a hard place to be. As the roller coaster takes you through the icy Himalayan ranges, you have to escape the clutches of Yeti as you speed down. You will start your trip from the Tibetan base, and you make yourself comfortable on a train. As the train goes higher and higher atop a steep mountain, you will be surrounded by darkness.
Furthermore, while coming out of the dark, the ride plummets down into another wave of darkness. That’s when the Yeti arrives, growing bigger and bigger behind you. As you safely return from your thrilling expedition, we are sure you’d realise why this is one of our top favourite rides at Disney World.

Haunted Mansion

Best Rides At Disney World


Let the singing spirits guide you into the Haunted Mansion. With an eerie surrounding, the mansion welcomes you to take a journey into the spiritual lives of its early inhabitants through its rides. The estate is home to various gliding ghosts, ghouls and supernatural occurrences. Keep your hearts close, and your family’s hearts closer. As you enter, you will meet a ghostwriter alongside a leaky tomb a musical crypt. Moreover, you will come across a conservatory of caskets, Madame Leota’s room and a graveyard of singing souls. All you have to do is find a way out.

Avatar Flight Of Passage

Best Rides At Disney World

Travel the skies of Pandora on your mountain banshee in Avatar Flight Of Passage. The 3D ride lets you discover the surreal landscape of Pandora. One of the top 10 best rides featured in Disney world since 2017, the details of the journey will make you hold your breath. From the glowing tree shacks to the glorious home tree, be a one with the tribe of Na’vi. This enchanting journey in the skies will show you the best of the natural beauty of the moon and a flight to remember. One wonders if one day, the earth could go back to this.

Star Tours – The Adventure Continues

Best Rides At Disney World
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Hop aboard the Starspeeder 1000 and witness the intergalactic phenomena. Star Tours – The Adventure Continues ride takes you around the galaxies and locates some of the iconic Star Wars locations. However, as you start the journey, your spaceship malfunctions and Droid C-3PO comes to your rescue. On your way, The Dark Forces attack the rebel forces, and all you have to do is avoid capture by embarking on this thrilling special journey. In addition to that, the ride features several interactive controls such as 3D video, flight stimulator, audio-animatics characters and special effects with music. The best part is the Star Wars characters you meet along the time. Apart from swooping onto the Death Star or into the waters of Naboo, the ride also has a Star Wars – The Rise Of Skywalker inspired landscape – the Ke Fir moon. Won’t you call this intergalactic experience one of the best rides in Disney World? May the force be with you.

Soarin Around The World

Best Rides At Disney World

Head to the Future World, and you will be taken on a flight around the world. Soarin Around The World ride. As you board your seat with your friends or family, the ride will take you around the wonders of the world. The ride starts among the clouds above the Swiss Alps. From the Alps to the polar bears in Greenland, boats placed along Sydney harbour and swoop along with elephants making their way to Mount Kilimanjaro. Furthermore, you will also travel over the glorious seven wonders of the world! Cruising over Mountain valley in Fiji’s Lau Island or the cascading Iguazu waterfalls in South America or may it be wide-eyed at the beauty of the Taj Mahal, you will be left spellbound at it. After all, you are in to ride one of the best rides in Disney World.

The Twilight Zone Tower Of Terror

Best Rides At Disney World

Take a ride into a haunting legend as the famous Hollywood Tower in The Twilight Zone Tower Of Terror comes to life. In 1939, on a Halloween night, a few hotel patrons were riding the elevator when a storm struck the hotel. However, nobody found their bodies and they were believed to be missing. Taken from a CBS television show, the ride takes you along the floors and elevator of the building with horrifying twists and turns.
Furthermore, the realistic sounds of cable snapping and metals clanking might make you want to strap yourself to your seats tighter. It is definitely one of the most horrifyingly best rides at Disney World. You will be going up suddenly at one point and the next, you will be diving down into nothingness. In this ride, you are in for a living psychological thriller!

Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run

Best Rides At Disney World
Credits: Inside the Magic

Millennium Falcon can take your smuggling to the next level. Enter parallel worlds and multi universes as the 4D interactive ride takes you on a journey as you take control of the wheels. Furthermore, with the rumbling engine as the falcon starts, you will be pushed into a space for adventures. Fun fact, it is the world’s first interactive e-ticket. Hope your intergalactic mission succeeds!

However, there are over thirty three rides and even more so attractions for you to discover. Have a stay at one of Disney’s themed resorts and experience the enchanting world of Walt Disney.

Wish it. Do it. Woovly!

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