Magic Never Dies At The Best Resorts In Disney World

Magic Never Dies At The Best Resorts In Disney World

The world of fun and frolic just reaches a notch higher when you are at Disney World. The thematic amusement park takes you on a magical ride across its rides, attractions and resorts filled with nostalgia of your favourite Disney characters. From Mickey Mouse and 101 Dalmations to Toy Story, Disney Princesses and Fairies, you are in for a holiday filled with hospitality, delights and adventure. We say Disney holiday because we guarantee that with a theme park so big, it is impossible to do without a few days stay. Besides, the resorts and hotels in Disney World will transport you into a world of their own. With over thirty-three options available, we have the list of the best resorts in Disney World.

Top resorts to check-in at Disney World


With each resort gleaming with out worldly experience, you will get the best of all worlds right at one place. Each of these resorts comes with an eco-system of its own that is enough to refresh you. May it be New Orleans jazz or a Disney themed spa!

Disney’s Pop Century Resorts

Best Resorts In Disney World
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Disney’s Pop Century Resorts celebrates timeless fashion and fads through the 1950s till the 1990s. You get to experience the turn of decades by skimming through their hallways, courtyards and pool. As you enter the space, a life-size figure of Roger Rabbit welcomes you, and when you head inside, the lobby boasts of photographs taking you through the decades.
Moreover, you can dance your night to the tunes of the 60s and enjoy the games from the 80s. The resort features three pools – 60s themed pool with floral water sprays, a 50s Bowling pool and a 90s Computer pool. The thematic amalgamation of dances, fashion, toys and even catchphrases is sure to take you on a ride. They have seven food stations to discover where you can opt for popular food items like waffles, pizzas and pasta through the decades. Don’t forget to play life-size foosball with Mickey mouse! A crazy mix of past, doesn’t that make it one of the best Disney resorts?

Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort

Best Resorts In Disney World
Credits: Disney Tourist Blog

You may be in Orlando, but Disney knows how to twitch your experience to give you the best of both worlds. Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort takes you into the tropical paradise they call The Caribbeans. With five villages depicting Jamaica, Trinidad, Bahamas, Martinique and Aruba, each of these islands portray the vibe of the islands to the best. Vibrant decor, white sands and fruity cocktails are everything that you could ask for.
Furthermore, they even have pirate-themed rooms! The Disney resort has a humongous pool with Spanish colonial forts and water shooting cannons to bewitch your pirate experience. Hold your horses and get aboard with Jack Sparrow and his crew because the Caribbeans are calling.

Disney’s Polynesian Village

Best Resorts In Disney World
Credits: Disney Tourist Blog

Taking you on a historical journey through the culture of Polynesia is Disney’s Polynesian Village. With tranquil lakes, stretched villas and a mix of the early Americas with Asian fusion is one of a kind to experience. With smooth sand covering the shores of these lakes and tropical palms lining throughout the recreated beaches, this Disney resort celebrates the Polynesian culture in this oasis. Furthermore, they have a lava pool with a volcano, waterfall and a waterslide. The rooms welcome you inside with its golden lanterns and bamboo furnishings. They even have slopped roof bungalows floating on the waters for a luxurious experience. Not only that, but you can also get a glimpse of traditional Polynesian dancers with their exceptional fire and knife tactics. You can get tastes of traditional American delights with a subtle Asian twist. So, aloha your nights away!

Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resorts And Spa

Best Resorts In Disney World

Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa takes its inspiration from the historic Saratoga Spring. It was an 1800’s New York retreat known for its spa and horse racing. This Disney resort stands in style with a charming Victorian-style architecture across the Lake Buena Vista. Further on, the resort also features lush lengths of golf courses. The golf course is done in classic country style surrounded by the patches of pastel villas and shimmering lakes. The villa rooms give you home feels complete with kitchen, washing machine and even dryers!
Moreover, the surrounding forests hide treehouse villas across a river. You can take in the serenity of the Buena Vista lake as the sun sets in the backdrop or get a complimentary ferry ride to the Disney Springs marketplace. Or, you can relax in the High Rock Pool surrounded by boulders and waterslides. Don’t forget to rejuvenate your senses at their essential spas!

Disney’s All-Star Music Resort

Best Resorts In Disney World
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Pay homage to the classics in the music industry. From the tunes of jazz and rock to the beats of Calypso and Broadway, Disney’s All-Star Music Resort celebrates music in its raw form. They have a thematic arena dedicated to each genre of music. The rock arena features a jukebox for an entrance, and life-size neon-lit records and instruments hung around.
Moreover, the Disney resort has a guitar-shaped pool with a three-way fountain spewing musical waters in the Calypso themed area. If you are looking to satisfy your tummy, then head to the Intermission Food Court which hosts a food melee with a deli-style market. One of the major reasons why this resort is one of the best in Disney World is its parties that go on till six in the morning! Music mania at its craziest.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

Best Resorts In Disney World
Credits: Disney Parks

Go on a safari through Africa at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. With its conical thatched-roofed inspiration from traditional African Kraal, this is one of the best resorts in Disney World. The most intriguing part is the four lush savannahs which are home to over 200 African animals and birds. Yes, we are talking about actual animals! The themed lobby with lanterns, gold-toned furnishings and African artefacts overlooks the savannahs. Sometimes, you can even catch a glimpse of wild animals walking by.
Moreover, surrounded by shrubs and trees, the Uzima Pool features whirlpool spas and kiddy pool. It is completed with a pool bar serving some delicious fruity cocktails. To grab a bite, head to Jiko – the Cooking Place which serves delightful modern African cuisine and wines. The speciality of Animal Kingdom Lodge is the reserve which is home of zebras, giraffes, flamingos and indigenous African shrubs. You can go on a safari lead by animal Specialists as well as enjoy a multi-course meal up close to the animals.

Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort

Best Resorts In Disney World
Credits: How To Disney

Take a step back into the classic Disney movies like 101 Dalmations and Toy story at Disney’s All-star Movies Resort. For all things, movies, head to this Disney resort to have your filmy adventure. The cinema-style entrance welcomes you into the star-studded stay with larger than life decor, arcade and gift shops! As you head to the resort, you can find life-size Perdita and Pongo from 101 Dalmations statues overlooking your villa.
Furthermore, the resort has a Fantasia style swimming pool with Mickey heading the magic. If the hunger rats start bothering you, then The World Premier food court is there to cure your hunger with all things nice. You can catch a movie or two while gobbling down your food. Plus, you can catch your favourite movies under the stars at The Reel Spot.

Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort

Best Resorts In Disney World
Credits: Undercover Tourist

Sporting the look and thematic love for sports comes to life at Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort. As you enter the resort, you are introduced to five zones – basketball, baseball, football, tennis and surfing. With Disney characters inviting you to play along with them and the life-size icons dangling from the balconies of each, you can get into the spirit of the games. There are two helmets with hidden staircases that lead you into your rooms at Touchdown. Moreover, you can catch a break with a refreshing swim or lounging by the chair at The Surfboard pool in Surf Up! area. Looking to fill up your tummies? Head to End Zone Food Court to grab a super bowl.
If your adrenaline is rushing, you can take a jog early in the morning at the All-star one-mile jogging trail. Furthermore, you can also grab your food and head to watch your favourite Disney movies under the stars on the football field. The Touchdown! area even features a playground for young athletes. Time to let the fan out!

Disney’s Boardwalk Inn

Best Resorts In Disney World
Credits: Mickey Mom Blog

A waterfront Disney resort, you can experience a turn-of-century Atlantic city at Disney’s Boardwalk Inn. With charming villas and lights strung up like a carnival, transport yourself to a retro life in Coney Island. The lobby features plush and luxury chandeliers against pastel mint walls and completed with floral couches. The lobby even features a miniature handcrafted carousel!
Moreover, the never-ending festival, games and performances at this Disney resort will treat you to an olden seaport life. You can take a dip at the Luna Pool where Dumbo, the flying elephant will refresh you with a fresh shower. The pool is Joker themed, and there is even a water slide attached to it. Are you looking for an alcoholic retreat? The nightclubs here will serve as gushing water holes for big brews and country style parties. If you wake up with a hangover, you can head to their Art and Fitness centre for a rejuvenating spa and massage session. The Flying Fish will serve you with all the saucy steaks and bites afterwards.

Disney’s Art Of Animation Resort

Best Resorts In Disney World
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Explore the world of magic and enchantment of Disney and Pixar movies as it comes to life. Disney’s Art Of Animation Resort celebrates the classics hit and turns your stay into a thematic experience. Their themes include The Little Mermaid, Lion King, Finding Nemo and Cars. Furthermore, the suites and stays are designed to make you one with your some of the animated movie favourites. You can find life-sized Flo and Luigi from Cars welcoming you, and the sea creatures from Finding Nemo giving you an oceanic tour around the place. There is even a branch in the courtyard which replicates the Hakuna Matata song with Timon, Pumba and Simba!
Moreover, the lobby is adorned with the initial sketches and the creative sketches from each of these movies. There are two pools – The Cosy Cone Pool inspired by Cars and Flippin Fins Pool featuring “Under the Sea” from The Little Mermaid. The true spirit of Disney and Pixar’s animations make it one of the best resorts in Disney World.

You can access most of these resorts using buses within the theme park or even limos. Some of these resorts are too far from the main attractions, so you can opt for the skyline gondolas which gives you fantastical views of the park. With lakes and lush green surrounding the place, you can go for boat rides too! Be sure to add this magical land to your bucket list.

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