Best Places To Visit in Kerala To Kick Off Your Travel Bucket List

Best Places To Visit in Kerala To Kick Off Your Travel Bucket List

A state filled with lush greeneries, hills, lakes, and columns of coconut trees, Kerala is a southern state of India. The state derived its name from ‘Kera,’ meaning coconut and ‘Alam,’ meaning land, i.e., the area of coconuts. The country is predominated by Malayalam speaking people and was established in 1956. Considering the state’s politics, demography, geographical features, etc., Kerala has become a new tourist spot for people from all over the world. There are many exciting places to visit in Kerala. The educational advancement and status of women in Kerala add to the pride of the state and its people along with a slew of natural attractions.

Best Places To Visit in Kerala

God’s own land is blessed with several spices, fisheries, and other agro-based industries for her economic stability. Some impactful sites or best places to visit in Kerala are discussed herein for the reader’s interest.

Alleppey backwater

places to visit in kerala

Visiting Kerala and not having a houseboat trip through the Alleppey backwater is a major miss. The backwater sail beside the lush green forest and lakes filled with lilies is a treat to the eye. The food is an extra seasoning to the total travel. A variety of fishes, several cuisines served with coconut oil on banana leaves, is a perfect blend of culture and country life.

The famous beaches around the backwater lake are Alapuzzha beach, Marari Beach. Kumarakom bird sanctuary is another attraction of this place. It welcomes the natural habitats of this beautiful coastal state, namely, great hornbill, which is the state bird of Kerala.

Other places to visit in and around Alleppey are Sri Krishna temple, Karunakaran museum. September may are the best time to visit this place. Other than the Cochin airport, Alleppey railway station is the nearest point to reach the tourist spot.


Tourist places in kerala

The location is considered a perfect honeymoon spot by many. It gifts an unimaginable beauty of the green hilly region. The Western Ghats range along the Malabar Coast offers this valley region. Extensive tea gardens, the aroma of various plantations, floating clouds across the hills all cumulatively beautify Kerala’s hilly area.

Supposedly the most popular destination, Munnar, offers romantic resort or hotel stay. Mattupetty Dam is a significant attraction to this area and one of the essential places to visit in Munnar. The nearest railway station is Aluva, 110 km away from Munnar. Spring is the perfect time to visit this place.


Tourist places in kerala

This land is named after a Malayalam word meaning, paddy. The area is called so because of its massive extent of paddy fields. The whole space filled with green vegetation and not that steep hills even attracts tourists who wish to visit forests. Other than this, the place is crowded with natural elements like rivers, lakes. Other Wayanad tourist places are dams and temples, etc. The nearest railway station is Kozhikode, 72 km away from Wayanad.

Thekkady Forest

places to visit in kerala

Wildlife is always an area of interest for travel freaks. Hills, rivers, and other natural destinations mesmerize the eye. But forests put a pinch on the adventurous instinct of the mind. Some rare animals inhabit the Thekkady forest of Kerala, which makes it an exciting travel destination for many.

Animals that are found here generally include great Indian tigers, lion-tailed macaques, and gaurs. The nearest communicating points are Madurai airport and Kottayam railway station.


Places to visit in kerala

Visiting Kerala to experience the fun of sea-beach? Then Kovalam is the apt destination for visitors. The crescent beach is thronged with coconut trees, offering some local cuisines and tribal delicacies.

The coastline buzzes with several activities like parasailing, scuba diving, etc. people of diverse cultures and taste crowd this beach and makes it one of the most beautiful beaches of Kerala. The beach is just 15 km away from Trivandrum airport and railway station. Rowing is another racing activity popular here. The best time to venture for Kovalam is September to May.


Tourist places in kerala

Also known as Calicut, Kozhikode is one of the busy cities of Kerala. The city enriched with colossal heritage, culture, education celebrates the emblems of Dutch and British culture’s mixture, found in many of the architectures.

It is opined by many not to miss the delicacies of Calicut. Malabar cuisines are found at its best in this city. Kozhikode railway station, 12 km away, is the best communication available to this city.


Tourist places in kerala

The south of India is never that chilled. But some places are perfect, a serene escapade. The hilly coastal areas of Kerala serve as an ultimate destination to feel comfortable weather. The primary goal is put on by the Salim Ali bird sanctuary. Apart from this, Idukki is a valley of a perfect blend of natural beauty and peaceful ambiance.

The hilly area surrounds a water-body or a lake, and according to tourist demands, many beaches are constructed as tourist spots. Some essential sites are Cheyappara waterfall, Idduki Arch dam, etc. The place is located near to Kochi airport.


Places to visit in kerala

Considered the Mecca of India, Sabarimala is the largest temple town in India and the second largest in the world. Pilgrims from all over the country hop the town throughout the year. Especially during December to February by other tourists. The temple town is famous for its temple dedicated to the feminine incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Mohini, and Shiva.

The place is believed to be the best for prayers. This devoted temple is situated amidst the Periyar Tiger Reserve Forest, surrounded by the hills. The nearest airport being Kochi, 110 km away, and railway station at a distance of 90 km, the temple is never missed by visitors coming in and around Kochi or Trivandrum.

Other Attractions in Kerala

All the above areas and more can be enlisted under the column of tourist places in Kerala. The exotic nature, with its perfect beauty, green vegetation, coffee fields, tea estates, misty and cloudy hill stations, enthralling sea beaches, everything completes the abode of God.

The beauty offered here in all its variety truly makes Kerala the most beautiful place for tourism, offering a vast range of scenic spots. One can plan for a visit to this southern state of India anytime through the year. It is kept beautiful and clean by the people of this state, Kerala tourism, who appreciate the gift of nature and are hugely respected for their taste of culture and heritage.

Specific activities that mustn’t be missed while visiting Kerala are parasailing, backwater houseboat sail, rowing, or boat race at Alappuzha. Also, do not miss to bask in the aroma of the coffee, teak, and tea plantations in addition to collecting spices exclusive to Kerala.

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