Best Places To Visit in Dubai For First Time Travellers

Best Places To Visit in Dubai For First Time Travellers

Dubai, a city and emirate in the United Arab Emirates, is known for its opulent lifestyle, immensely enriched culture, and modern architecture. As vibrant as it is in the light of the day, it is equally lively at night. Dubai is said to be the latter-day vacation place. We are here not just to tell you about the awe-inspiring scenic beauty of the place but also to tell you about things you can do when given the leisure to experience a tour. So, hold on to the screen and enjoy strolling through some of the best places to visit in Dubai.  

Here Are The Best Places To Visit in Dubai

1. Burj Khalifa, the iconic world’s tallest skyscraper

Best places to visit in dubai
Burj Khalifa

You do not wanna miss the chance to witness the extravagance of the tallest skyscraper in the world. With a height of 828 meters (2,217 ft) the building proudly stands and gives millions of tourists a mighty picturesque backdrop worthy for memorable trip pictures. Having a peak height of 830 meters to tip the skyline touching tower not just being a pleasing sight; it also allows you to see spellbound views from its rooftop arrangement. One of the best places to visit in Dubai for sure. 

2. Kitesurfing at the Kite beach

Best Places to visit in dubai
Kite Beach

A beautiful white sand beach where you can choose to jog as the day starts to break. You can even relax in the afternoon, and soak into the sunshine or go kitesurfing to have an exciting experience of fun-packed watersport. Kite beach is also a family-friendly spot where you can play with your kids or have a big family holiday brunch. 

3. Water dance gala at Dubai Fountain

Best Places to visit in dubai
Dubai Fountain

Seated at the foot of Burj Khalifa, the water fountain is intriguingly designed with the jet water scheme, which gushes the water to a height of 150 meters. Ornamented in lights, each jet streams the water along with a musical pitch of a song. The water dance happening in your sight will only make you feel whimsically magical. It makes for one of the best places to visit in Dubai, a mesmerising experience. 

4. Dubai Creek to make you soak in Souks

Best Places to visit in dubai
Dubai Creek

A paradise for shopaholics and people looking for the opportunity to learn about the trading heart of the city, to fulfill their priced possessions, and to purchase perfect souvenirs; Dubai Creek is the right spot, to begin with. Waterways are the essential ways to route the trade of the bazaar. People who look to discover the art of looming the costly textile of and precious relishing spices of Dubai will have a gala time here.

5. Meet the dolphins at Dubai Dolphinarium

Best Places to visit in dubai
Dolphinarium Dubai

The Dubai Dolphinarium is famous for being the best family destination. An indoor aquarium of dolphins, actively working to protect their habitat, also attracting a vast number of tourists to watch friendly creatures perform with the trainers and interact with the crowd of people who come to watch them. Taking kids to this place would be a fun treat. Best places to visit in Dubai for Dolphin admirers. 

6. Sight the mystical Burj Al Arab

Best Places to visit in dubai
Burj Al Arab

Situated at the bay of the Jumeirah beach, the Seven-star hotel will give the sight of stunning sunset. What is better than sailing in the ocean water, and enjoying a scenic dusky sky. The terrain of Jumeirah Beach is famous for having world-class restaurants and luxurious Spas to help you rejuvenate from a tiring day. 

7. Desert safari, a complete thrill

Best Places to visit in dubai
Desert Safari

A trip to Dubai can never be completed without the desert safari! If you want to feel the adrenaline rush, then you have to go on an insane rollercoaster ride on the dunes of the desert. The magnificent scene of the dunes is fascinatingly captivating. Not just the safari in the desert stands as the only attraction to it. Entertaining shows featuring belly dancing and night camping in the desert is also something you should keep in your bucket list. 

8. Dubai Frame, an architectural landmark

Best Places to visit in dubai
Dubai Frame

Situated in Zabeel Park, known as “the biggest picture frame on the planet.” The magnificent piece of architecture which is 150 meters high in its length and 93 meters long bridge connecting the two main pillars of the frame. It is said to be the window to the new Dubai. Giving the tourists a swaying panoramic view, the frame narrates the story of touching the sky-high fortune and development of the city. Dubai Frame is certainly on our list of best places to visit in Dubai. 

9. Come to Downtown, Dubai Marina

Best Places to visit in dubai
Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is famous be a cityscape, as this place is significantly populated and runs on a concept of a hectic lifestyle; It also has a sandy stretch where people can go to relax. The place is a considerable forum of fashion brands and expensive hotels. Take a walk along the marina bay or stroll around the sensation lit building of the city at night. Being a combination of both city life and composed oceanic sights, the place is an absolute spot to land your dart at Dubai’s map! 

10. Explore the fascinating underwater restaurant ambiance

Best Places to visit in dubai

Dubai is a fascinating city and is synonymously luxurious. When it comes to having the experience of your lifetime, this place has a never-ending list of things that you will be interesting to do. One of them is definitely dining at an underwater aquarium restaurant in Dubai. You not only just only dine but also get to see an awe-inspiring life of the aquatic population. The interesting fact that the world of the ocean will surround you with its creature; even if you eat or drink alone, you will always a very charming inhabitant to look at. We hope our list of best places to visit in Dubai helps you in your tour to the city. 

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